What is the best way to explain your ideas to a mobile app development team?

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Published on Oct 05, 2017 in App Development
What is the best way to explain your ideas to a mobile app development team?

Coming up with a perfect app idea is difficult. Even if you have been successful in it, you have a long way to go. The biggest battle for an entrepreneur is explaining their app idea to the mobile app development team to get a quote. In order to go from app concept to tangible creation, you have to be skillful enough to explain how your app idea should come into life.

The initial description of the concept of the app idea is the key to success. If you fail in explaining your app idea in the right way, it will only lead to a lot of rework sessions and a waste of time and money. Here are few tips to transfer your app idea to a mobile app development team.


For perfect app development, mobile app development companies like Promatics need precise specifications. Since it is difficult for a non-technical person to give perfect technical specifications, user stories can be of great help. User stories are part of agile software development process and it is the easiest and also the best way to tell your app idea to the app developers.

The user stories need not be too technical and you can describe the app idea in sentence formats like - As a , I want to achieve so that ”. Such sentences can help the mobile app developers to understand what to include in the app even when you don’t have an idea about the feature in mind. For example, as an owner of the online store, you would like to see the number of new users of the app on a line graph so that you can determine the number of leads conversion and the analytical information is easy to understand.


The user stories are ineffective unless the app developers know the target customers and the demographics in detail. Demographic information such as gender, race, age, interest, and even finances can have a profound effect on the final version of your app. For example, if you tell the development team that the mobile app is targeted towards would-be parents, then features such as baby shower planning or discount coupons for purchases for the newborn and mother can be prioritized.

Demographics play an important role in overall design, layout, and interface of the app. For example, if the targeted user is not tech savvy, the mobile app developer can plan a layout that is simple and easy to use to ensure there is no steep learning curve.


Use wireframes and flow diagrams

Wireframing is an important step in the app development process. It is like an architectural blueprint that gives more clarity to the development process. Similarly, the flow diagrams show how each task needs to be done. For example, if you are developing a mobile app for your online store, you need to clearly show how the user will go to the purchase that will lead to the completion of the sale.

These things may sound technical but you should not hold the information back because you lack the technical knowledge. There are several online portals where you can create wireframes that can be useful to explain your app idea to the app development team.

Passing this information to the development team will help the developers to get clarity about the functionalities and the right flow or sequence of the actions that will lead to better user experience. Remember, you know your customers and competitors well, so you should do everything to help the development team to remove unnecessary steps or add few steps to bring clarity to the functionalities.

Give the development team in-depth explanation of your business

Give the development team in-depth explanation of your business

When you are presenting your app idea to the development team, imagine yourself explaining the idea to the investors for the first time. You need to explain the background of your business in the simplest terms. Tell them-

  • What do you do?
  • How you do it?
  • What product or services you sell?
  • Your unique sales proposition
  • Who will/would use your services/products?
  • Whywould a user use your services/products?
  • What type of people would benefit from the product/services?

Telling them everything about your business is important else how they would build a mobile app that fits the needs of your target customers perfectly. This will ensure the development will build a mobile app which offers best possible outcome to the users and will also allow the users to understand your business better.

Get clarity about the essential features of the app

For any app idea that comes to your mind, you need to have clarity about the viability and main functionality of the app. The development may suggest you some features but at the end, you are the one who will call the shots. For example, if you are building an apparel store app, you would like the mobile app to have membership feature that will allow your business to capture key information about the user and help you in customizing the offer next time.

If you are providing membership feature, do you want to offer premium membership or free membership? Also, do you want the member to upload photos, videos through the app? You can check your competitor’s app for the features you would want to include in your mobile app. Such information need to be shared with the development team.

Integrated services

Today’s mobile app is an extended interface of your online portal. Every entrepreneur building a mobile app wants some kind of online service integrated into the mobile app. Social media integration has become an essential tool to spread theword about your business. If you want social media integration in your app, you need to specify the requirements when explaining your app idea to the development team.

If you want the user to tweet information through your mobile app, you can go for Twitter integration. If you want the user to share his accomplishments on social media, you can ask the developer for Facebook integration. If you want any customer service integrated into your app, you need to inform the development team beforehand.


You may be surprised to see the financials included in the process of transferring the idea to the development team but that is one of the essentials. There is no doubt the almighty budget will have an impact on the final version of your app. The price of mobile app development depends on various factors such as the complexity of the features, the platform, and many other things. If you have allocated a fixed budget for mobile app development, you need to ensure the development costs allow for allfunctionalities to be included in the app.

If the price factor is hitting the functionalities aspect at a certain point, are you ready to increase the budget or are you willing to sacrifice some functionality to keep costs in control?

Wrapping up

Your app idea is like a precious raw diamond but it has a long way to go to be successful and achieve thepeak of glory.You may have heard “Silence is Golden” but that does not hold true in mobile app development. At Promatics Technologies, India’s top mobile app development company we actively encourage our clients to pass on as much information as they can so we can craft an app that mirrors their imagination. You need to speak up your idea to the developers following the tips above to ensure the development team creates an app that has all essential features to make it viral.

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