What do you do when companies like Facebook or Google launch your mobile app idea?

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Published on Apr 05, 2016 in App Development

Do you think you’ve an app idea that can make a lot of money?

Sounds interesting!

But, have you started working on it? No. But, why? Do you know if there is someone else who knows how to actualize it? Read this post from Space-O Technologies to see how to publish your mobile app.

Appreneurs (App Entrepreneurs) do some basic research like exploring the app stores, Google and asking for the feedback from their friends and family to prove that their idea is unique and worth implementing.

Remarkable outcomes rarely result from the modest risk. So, test your idea for $100 instead of $1000. It's always a nerve-wrecking experience when you are investing in your first application. Even spending $2,000 (a significant amount of money) needs gut intuition to tell that the idea is good and will be successful in the future.

Other mobile app developers like you are confident about their great ideas. They are even working hard on it by investing a big amount. When the idea is almost ready to become an app and it is ready to launch, suddenly, mobile app developers find out that some big company (not exactly Facebook or Google) has built something similar and it has been launched at the App Stores.

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Tough situation, right? What to do the next?

Most of the Appreneurs “give up” because they don’t even think they can go against the big company. Some of them will think twice to polish their idea and beat a billion-dollar company, which is not a good idea. However, they're right!

It’s okay if you are not the first one in the market, but be the last one offering the best solution

Accept it. The world has changed. Earlier, you had to be the first to stay on the top, but now, you have to be innovative to grow and compete with the worldwide mobile app development companies.

You might have heard the story of Nokia.


The company has gone from being an all-time best-seller and controlling almost half of the world’s mobile telecommunication industry (Nokia supplied 40% of the world's mobile phones at its top in the early 2000s) when they started to relax in its innovative strength and slowly, it lost its innovative strategy and now Nokia has gotten stuck in bureaucracy, extreme structure, and hierarchy. Nokia has totally lost its swiftness in making decisions and market leadership.

On the other side, if you check Google, which is the most popular search engine around the globe, you'll find that there are many other search engines, but those other browsers don’t stay in the users’ mind. What’s the reason?

Unlike Google, they are not providing the best search experience neither try to improve their search results.

Every individual is different. If mobile app developers trust themselves as well as in their idea, no one can beat them. Let’s see an example of one of our clients:

Recently, we have been developing a photo and video mobile application with unique features like photo editing, filters, instant sharing with multiple storage capacities, ... When we were finishing the development stage and were ready to launch the mobile application, we were surprised to find the same features in the top-chart application: Google Photos.

We discussed the same thing with our client and came up with some of the best filter ideas to revise the scope at the end of developing phase to make an application even better than before.

Our client is very passionate about her idea and wanted to do something great. If you have passion to do something unique, no one can beat you from being disruptive.

How to make your app idea a disruptive business model?

Have you ever traveled with big airlines? You may or may not have an idea that big airlines are making money through the long distance flights by offering premium services to the long-distance travelers.

They are restricted to earn through the short hold, i.e. 30 -45 minutes of traveling, as the margin is thin. And thus, they are optimizing their business for the long distance flights to make the most of it.

This is an earning opportunity for companies like SpiceJet India that took over the short-haul flights where a traveler could reach their destination inexpensively. The overhead of some bigger airlines couldn’t get paid and they became disrupted to those business model.


Be disruptive by offering what the big companies are not. Startups are relying on such concept and finding business partners who develop their ideas. We are one of those partners, Space-O Technologies works with startups as an entrepreneur and with entrepreneurs.

Don’t get upset, if your idea has been launched by someone. Be disruptive and different by polishing it in the right way.

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