What are the main reasons for failing hospital apps

Hemendra Singh
Hemendra Singh, Managing Director at The NineHertz
Published on Oct 11, 2018 in Health & Wellness App Developers Resources
What are the main reasons for failing hospital apps

Healthcare applications are significantly growing in the market. The numbers are only going to increment in the coming years. In fact of late, there has been a remarkable change in health app development.

However, they are not free from errors. There are issues which are quite regular in the improvement of these applications. The case is the same with different classes of apps too. The questions may be technical related or regarding any other things.

These problems are quite unconventional. Here is a basic outline of those problematic reasons for application failures. They are the ones that can cause hindrances to success for healthcare apps.

The inspiration towards the application improvement can be quite confusing. Your app may have the style, convenience, pleasant experience. It may have the looks of an ideal wellbeing application.

However, if it does not solve a user's specific purpose, then people can abandon it. An apps job should not be limited to only checking physiologic parameters. It's not just about understanding a man's inclination or gathering information. These are the possible reasons why an app can turn out to be disappointing.

Do remember that individuals are hunting down wellbeing applications specifically for some reasons. That reason is most likely doing it due to a medical issue. You must gather reasonable information and implement them in your app. Always remember that all your app data must be useful to both patients and doctors.

There is a serious concern regarding building healthcare apps. It is the absence of input from doctors. Doctors need not be the Chiefs of mHealth organisations. However, there should be significant contributions from doctors regarding the advancement of these apps.

They should be the guide as to what to include and what not. Such a vital aspect goes missing while building these apps.

Technologies are readily available, and one must make the most out of it. There are several procedures that you can include in your healthcare app. It may vary from doctor's diagnosis to maintenance of health records. You cannot expect any application to be automatically successful after its release.

The chances of success are quite slim if it does not contain thorough research inputs. Health apps are a network or a channel between a patient and clinician. Hence, it's good for medical app developers to consult any doctor before developing these apps.

Not much thought is put behind about how good your app is to users. Consider a small exercise. Put yourself in the shoes of a user looking for healthcare information. Now think, if your app is handy to them. An active medical app must have the adequacy, proficiency, and promptness. They are the qualities through which clients can accomplish particular tasks in a specific situation. The success of a mobile healthcare app comes with a sound user experience.

To some group of people, the vast dimensions of healthcare are still unknown. You must know as to what extent the prospect of healthcare lies? It will help you to be adaptable and flexible during the development of your app.

Think that what are the accessible innovations that can meet your present application's objective? In what capacity such technology will be able to enhance or make additions? Is this innovation good for approval by other partners of a company? You might also think that how good is your technology when merged with others.

Last but not the least; think if your innovation is good for patients and doctors alike. Consider if it's worth spending money to buy such technology.

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Few app developers do not abide by the regulations laid down by health regulatory bodies. It is a principal cause of their app turning into a disaster. You may have several unique attributes in your app.

However, it does not matter if you are not complying with healthcare guidelines. There are certain regulatory bodies like HIPAA. They have set some standards to follow. Make sure that your healthcare app developers have a clear understanding of it. Include them before launching your app if you want to be successful. If you don't, then your app can be rejected. In such a scenario you may have to rebuild it which can be quite costly.

The other important aspect is promptness in offering information. Consider a case of an aged patient. It is quite tricky for old users to remain focused on a modest mobile screen. Hence it would be nice if he/she gets all the information in one place without navigating. Most health apps fail because they ignore such a simplicity factor.

Another most important point is building a less complicated app. You must understand that users will love simple things. Make sure that your app is as fundamental as possible. Highly complicated stuff has a massive chance of rejection.

It's essential that patients get the most effective medical care. They must understand the most accurate treatment for their specific disease. Healthcare is evolving to become a critical part of our life. It is becoming quite a trend in today's era. Like many different industries, healthcare needs redesigning. It is one of the few industries where the user is willing to use your application.

However, for a few developers, an app is just a tool. They feel that they are just completing their work and nothing else. Sadly, a great deal of medical software out there requires thinking out of the box. The reason is that they've stopped progressing over time. Health systems may also enter risk-based contracts with a higher degree of financial risks.

When developing your mHealth app, don't forget that it should be comfortable to the user. Keep a close eye on the security aspect. Your app must allow accessing information to only those who have a user's permission. For instance, their doctors can view their private info, clinical tools, and wellness records.


Simply put, coding is just the stepping stone in building up a wellbeing application. However, that is not all if you are looking to succeed in health app development. You must view it as a procedure with numerous layers requiring consideration. Offering an application does not necessarily mean that people are adopting it. Providing a decent application enhances its acceptance significantly.

Learning from failure is something which you'd rather not speak about in healthcare. You must be highly responsive. For service to work, it should deal with the requirements of the critical stakeholders, patients. However, you need to consider others that are impacted, like caregivers, nurses, and doctors. Many are issues linked to UX. The majority of them relate to fitness (i.e., not necessarily health). However, it doesn't diminish their value.

App development is demanding and challenging. An individual would have to smart enough to locate the challenges and improve.

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