What are the Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Jun 14, 2019 in Enterprise App Developers Resources
What are the Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Solutions


In today’s information age, every enterprise sincerely aims to augment the productivity of a business by integrating upgraded technologies. Mobility is how organizations are actively operating and representing a robust channel for interacting with customers and employees. However, mobility also represents a series of compromises with the performance of the application, the mobile device, but the successful innovation of Artificial intelligence; IoT, high tech smart systems and machine learning have transformed the functioning and management of enterprises. It can't be denied that the development of service-based model and digitization of current technologies have dominated the flow of information across the businesses.

Additionally, mobile technology came up with a new platform to conduct the business together with the Internet of Things (IoT), which kept it as a prime source of carrying business work. The mobility trend has now entered in its second phase where enterprises are making mobile strategies to get benefitted from the latest mobile technologies. Here, in the same manner, Enterprise Mobility solutions have revolutionized the IT industry by facilitating portability, sharing, and availability. Streamlined user-experience, the user of interactive maps, etc. It is a modernized approach which permits employees of an enterprise to work by using cloud services on their mobile, whether they are outside or inside of office premises without any delay or difficulties. The researchers also estimate that about the global market of enterprise mobility would hit more than $201.6billion by 2019 and by 2020, 90% of IT industry growth will be driven by mobility, big data, social technologies, and cloud.

Top 4 key benefits of enterprise mobility solutions

1. Improvement in the Productivity of the employees: It assists the employees/users/resources working remotely to keep updated with every relevant information to collaborate in well allocated active or proposed projects. As a result, they are equipped for efficient and effective task management with optimized work model with real-time communication Furthermore, the potential flexibility of mobile app improves the employee's producing along with better time management and efficient visibility of enterprises. Employees want to choose the most convenient devices to get their work done. Today most of the people depend on multiple smart devices including smartphones, laptops, and tablets to manage work and delegated tasks outside of conventional office hours.

In this race, iOS App Development Company and Android app developers profoundly offer it exclusively with the objective of productive employees’ hours with their relevant and secured mobile applications Seamless Workflow with Field Employees Usually field employees have encountered the challenges with the attendance management and the real-time communication, because of their multiple working locations. It improves the mutual communication between staff and management and permits staff workers to collaborate remotely with constant communication and real-time insights. The probability of miscommunication mitigates with seamless workflow with the personalization the process of time management and the attendance. It ultimately eradicates the traveling cost and the time of routine work activities.

2. Use of Real-time Data Evidentially, data is an imperative aspect of the current business world where obtained data is used to analyze and get inferences out of it. In a similar manner, it is invariably used to ensure the abundant goods’ stock by sales employees of the company. Additionally, data offers real-time insights which eradicate wastages/loopholes to leverage organization with low costs. It connects sales personnel and marketing personnel through consistent coordination and effective communication which undoubtedly assures better quality and control of work.

Enterprise mobility solution plays a multi-faceted role like enhancing customer satisfaction, streamlining supply chain management, optimizing logistics, improving organizational productivity, and enabling mobility in the workforce. The immense existence and extensibility of mobile app development services ensure the optimum uses of real-time data. Enterprises allow secured access to data on any device, including their own devices, from anywhere provided by integrated mobile productivity apps to get it done more easily to make mobility a seamless segment of the usual work experience.

3. Augmented Customer Support and Service The mobility trend in enterprises has matured and it is seen as a business enabler for exceeded customers’ expectations on business productivity and software usability. Further, Due to the expeditious and exponential growth of mobile app development services, technology and simultaneous transformation in consumers decisions, online shopping through websites have been superseded by mobile applications. Now they become capable to access comprehensive and relevant information and offered customer support for their queries. It encompasses the much-required flexibility with smoothen workflow for customer service and high level of satisfaction with prioritizing customer conversations, Filtration of data flow, and social interaction patterns and accelerate decisions based on unheard insights.

4. Cost Effective Enterprise mobility solution allows easy and uninterrupted access to relevant data, synchronization of the storage and data retrieval with complete access of systems. The organization can seamlessly measure about actual consumption of material on a project, cots, and length of the project, actual work hours and employee shits /time breaks. It helps in the management of workforce by mitigating the requirement of the hire app developer for in house web applications.

Basically, the cost of developing enterprise mobile applications is significantly less than web applications. Apart from bringing downfield employees’ operational cost, it also extensively improves the productivity of employees. Furthermore, Enterprises look for secured solutions and offer ease of deployment. About 78% of the Chief Information Officers consider the cost of the solution as a deciding factor for enterprises.


The emergence of enterprise mobility has successfully resulted in a paradigm shift of how business should be conducted now and in the future. Business professionals, field staff, and mobile workers can remain as productive outside the office as they are within the office. It provides workers the sources to utilize and access critical data and information wherever and whenever needed. These benefits represent only the tip of the iceberg as enterprise mobility so fundamentally transforming organizations, supply chains, and markets reaping out the long-term, strategic benefits with efficiencies, cost savings, new competitive advantages.

The fundamental requisite for iOS App Development Company is to establish an interface as a tool for collaborative solutions, other types of communications, and for pushing information to mobile workers. Mobility enterprise will be a potential game-changer in the near future. As time goes by, it will become mandatory for enterprises to improve productivity, eradicate costs, to have professionally satisfied employees, and improve customer service.

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