What are agile methodologies for software development?

Amit Agrawal
Published on Jan 02, 2019 in App Development
What are agile methodologies for software development?

In order to deliver good digital experiences, enterprises are required to have competent software developed by Custom Software Development Company. The Agile method is the approach which is utilized in software development by Software Design Company. It helps the team to provide a quick and unpredictable response to the feedback that they receive. It allows them to assess the direction of the project in the development cycle.

What is an agile methodology?

Agile methodology is a powerful process by which a Software Design Company can build and design the right software. The process is highly beneficial for the companies as this allow them to improve and analyze their work during the development process. This way the Custom Software Development Company can produce a valuable product which is highly competitive in the market. In agile methodology, the team assesses the project by conducting regular meetings which are called iterations or sprints. Sprint is the time allocated to a particular phase of the project. Sprints are complete when a particular phase of the project is finished.

History of agile methodology

Most of the ideas of the agile methodology surfaced in the 1970s. Studies were conducted on this methodology to prove it better against the traditional approaches to software development.

Dr. William Royce in 1970 published a paper which talked about the development and management of the large software. The paper particularly highlighted the idea of sequential development of the project. The idea stated that the project is needed to develop like an assembly line product. Each phase needs to be completed before the beginning of the next phase. It requires all the developers to put all the requirements of the project together. Then the next step should be to complete the designs and the architecture of the project. Then the codes are written. As these steps are followed, there remains no to little contact between the specialized teams working on each phase of the project.

Supporters of the agile methodologies believe that if Software development services providers pay proper attention to all the steps, they will find it the most useful and logical solution in the development of the software.

The agile methodology has four principles that should be followed by the developers:

  1. The focus should not be on process and tools rather it should be on individuals and interactions.
  2. Comprehensive documentation is not as significant as working software.
  3. The focus should be more on customer collaboration than on contract negotiation.
  4. The process should be to respond to change instead of following a plan.

Agile and waterfall models are two different models of software developments. Depending on the requirement, both can be useful at times. There are many differences between both the models. Let’s look at them one by one:

  1. The agile method focuses on incremental and iterative approach in software development while in waterfall model the software development happens sequentially from start to finish.
  2. The development process is broken in individual models in agile methodology while in waterfall model the design process is not broken.
  3. The customer can look at the product in early phases and can make decisions and changes in the project whereas in waterfall model the customer can only see the product in the end.
  4. Agile methodology is not plan oriented like the waterfall model. Therefore, they are considered unstructured.
  5. Agile methodology gives the opportunity to the developers to fix the errors in the middle of the project while in waterfall model the whole product is tested in the end and if there are any errors, the changes are needed to be made from the start.
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  7. In the agile model, the product is developed in a short week’s iterations while in waterfall model the development process is phased and each phase is bigger than the iterations in the agile model.
  8. Less priority is given to the documentation in agile models whereas in waterfall models documentation is given the highest priority.
  9. In an agile model, iteration has its own testing phase. A regression testing is implemented every time the developers release new logic or function. In the waterfall model, the testing phase is only started once the development process is completed.
  10. The agile model allows the testers and developers to work together while in waterfall model the testers work separately.
  11. At the end of every sprint, user acceptance is performed whereas in waterfall model it is performed at the end.
  12. The agile model requires close association of developers to plan and analyze the requirement while waterfall model doesn’t require developers for planning and requirement process.

Criticism of the agile method

  1. It is less user-centric and more developer-centric.
  2. It doesn’t focus on product designs and only focuses on the processes for developing codes and getting requirements.
  3. It can be inefficient in certain types of projects and with large enterprise

Benefits of Agile methodologies:

The agile method was discovered by leading software professionals in the past who analyzed their experience with real-life projects. It is considered a better solution to develop a project as the challenges of traditional development were addressed in an agile methodology. Now almost every Software development services providers have used the agile model in some way or the other.

This method allows the team to maintain focus on quick delivery. This reduces the risks associated with the process of software development services.

With the agile model, there is value optimization throughout the development process. The iterative planning and feedbacks allow the team to align with the clients need so that the end product is valuable to the clients. It adapts to the changes that are needed in the project. It allows evaluating and measuring the status of the project which provides early and accurate visibility of the progress of the project.

Agile model is helpful in building the right product. With the agile model, the software is not marketed before it’s written, but it empowers the team to optimize the release of the product while it’s still developing. This makes the product highly competitive in the market. It also ensures that the teamwork doesn’t go waste by preserving the relevance of the critical market. Agile method of development is therefore useful for both developers and stakeholders alike.

Though there are many critics of the method, there is no denying of the fact that it produces the results that clients like. Even if the project doesn’t turn out as it should, the product is delivered on time. Throughout the development process, the clients and the team can keep on changing the requirements to produce the results that are needed. Sometimes this change can produce more than the clients and the team has expected. Agile method is certainly a better solution in software development.

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