Welcome to the desert of the real: AI predictions for 2018

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Published on Mar 06, 2018 in App Development
Welcome to the desert of the real: AI predictions for 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic that is not going to cool down in the nearest future. Although AI adoption in business is still in its infancy, new inspiring use scenarios are emerging every day.

With 8 years of experience in web and mobile app development and over 200 successfully launched projects, Umbrella company proved that in our industry keeping up-to-date is not enough to stay on top. The ability to predict in advance which technologies will be relevant and what trends are going to shape the business in the future is even more important. Check out their blog for more predictions and other hot technologies. And now let’s sort out how AI will dominate headlines in 2018.

Less Hype - More Action

The technology that started as “an ancient wish to forge the gods” and has been exploiting in sci-fi movies for decades is finally here. No wonder that everybody was all hype about it. But the time of hero worshipping is over.

We have already seen how AI can beat a human at chess and poker. Now it’s a high time to switch to AI implementation that would be of a greater help to humanity. At the present day, only 10% of organizations have applied AI technology in their business. We expect that 2018 is going to be the year when more and more enterprises will venture upon it. After years of fun, and games and prototypes, AI technologies and software will finally dominate the worldwide business agenda and change the way we live and work for the better.

AI + Blockchain = Powerful Combination

All the signs are that the integration between AI and blockchain is the next big thing.

This convergence creates a whole new paradigm: AI will move to a new level of deep learning where it becomes smarter and learns faster than ever before. Blockchain, in its turn, will use the enormous capability of AI to accelerate the data analysis of huge blocks of data. The most obvious benefit of this powerful combination will be the enhanced security of data. The less obvious ones - we’ll see soon.

Aren’t sure about its business benefits? Look at SingularityNET, the 1st decentralized marketplace for AI and Blockchain, whose ISO was sold out for $36+ million in just 66 seconds. Definitely, It seems like something that is worth special attention.

Cyberattacks vs. Cyberdefense

Welcome to the desert of the real: AI predictions for 2018

The more advanced AI technology gets the more menacing AI cyber attack seems. Beware: we won’t have to wait long.

Even today AI malware and ransomware are able not only to infiltrate an IT infrastructure but also to stay unnoticed for months or longer. In 2018 it will learn and adapt quickly as it spreads.

Obviously, humans won’t emerge the winner in this cyberbattle solo. But you don’t take a knife to a gunfight, do you? Clearly, AI will fight with AI.

Welcome to the desert of the real: AI predictions for 2018

Google has already created an “AI Fight Club” that will train systems to defend against future cyberattacks and this is just the beginning.

Intelligent Fake News

Neural networks are becoming increasingly refined and sophisticated. They learned not only to generate lifelike fake human faces but to create realistic videos from audio files and mimic any human voice. Tech gurus and investors are betting that this technology will bring enormous commercial value due to its wide implications: from personal AI assistant to people with speech disorders.

But this technology also will bring huge risks having made it possible to put any words in the mouths of any public personas. If someone fakes a video of an all-powerful political leader and goes viral, the consequences could be fatal. AI will create conditions where we will be able to rely neither on the media nor on our own senses as well.

AI has a huge potential for the various industries and it makes rapid progress. Engineers continue to improve it and find even more exciting and practical use patterns for it. But the key question is “how far will it go?”

In this article, Umbrella has noted the duality of AI nature which will be able to improve our life notably or do much damage if it gets into the hands of the wrong people.

Don’t let the others define your future for you. Create it today with the AI technology and Umbrella.

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