Web development trends going to rule 2018

Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta, Director Mobility at Techugo
Published on Feb 15, 2018 in Web Developers Resources
Web development trends going to rule 2018

Technology has taken a big leap from the day it started and where it is today. As expected, this year technology will change for something better and will help us experience some of the most exciting features and convenience at our fingertips.

Undeniably now user-expectations have risen so wildly that bringing innovation in technology is now more a need to offer convenience to users. Considering this we have brought this article for you so you can take a glimpse of the new things cooking in the web development broth. Let’s take a look.

Chatbots Will Be A Major Hit

Yes, the chatbots technology is going to make a huge impact on the latest web development trends. With the chatbots technology, websites can stay connected with their users.

Staying available for the users 24/7 had been a genuine problem for the website owners and chatbots bring a solution to this issue, whether it comes in written or oral form.

The ever-emerging technology has beaten the concept of chatbots with new capabilities, wherein they can answer some of the most common questions or redirect to a pertinent web page.

Website Notifications

Mobile apps are popular for bringing the notifications as a tool to send information, which indeed has brought a series of benefits from increasing the traffic to sales. Now, website notifications would also play in the same league.

Website notifications would help a website to pop-out a notification to its users, which won’t just increase the customer engagement, but also help the users to keep track on the ongoing offers in your services.

Integration of User Interfaces In Motion

Since with a poor interface users never identify what a website is all about, creating interfaces within a website has always been a great source of trouble for most web designers.

With the current wave of technology websites can have an engaging interface, which can include a series of animations or transitions to reflect certain actions.

Web designers get a huge range of customization, such as cloning, superposition, deletion, obscure, match, and scrolling - to name a few. This allows the developer to try a variety of options so a functional and attractive website can take place.

Flash Will Bid Adieu

Flash is nothing new, but had remained of interest while developing a website. Web designers used it for years, but now it is the time to bid goodbye to Flash.

Adobe has made an announcement that Flash will no longer be updated or released after 2020. Also, for a compatible mobile responsive website, Flash must be replaced with HTML 5 for a better result.

Progressive Web Apps Will Sizzle

As we all prefer to spend more hours on mobile apps, it is equally important to make websites utilizing the format of mobile applications that fit the requirements and expectations of our targeted users.

To combat this issue, the progressive web apps are the solution to help users use a website with a mobile application interface. With the progressive web apps technology, users have the advantage to work offline, virtually no load time, better reliability, and to receive notifications.

Another great part of the progressive web apps suggests that they are less time-consuming, easy to be deployed and maintain, and can surprisingly be designed faster than regular mobile apps.

Entry of Angular 5 JavaScript Framework

The recently launched Angular 5 JavaScript Framework is filled with improvements and features, which help websites be faster than ever before.

Also, the Material Design has improved drastically, which has made the unnecessary codes and small applications to be completely eradicated to make the end product much more useful to users.

Along with the above-mentioned trends, there are more that are going to be a hit in the year 2018 for the web development, including:

  • Static website will be back
  • Single Page website will be widely used
  • Introduction of PHP 7
  • Advanced technology for SSL and https
  • Google AMP

These are going to create a stir in the market and will help you access the best possible web development services from a top mobile app development company in USA. Don’t wait any longer and help your business to get a sizzling website by integrating the above-mentioned trends in the web development process.

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