Want to create a compelling app? 3 bootstrapping tips

Sourav Sinha
Published on Aug 02, 2017 in App Development
Want to create a compelling app? 3 bootstrapping tips

We live in the era of digital revolution. Now, people prefer to do everything when they are on the go. That is why we have already bid adieu to our dear desktops to welcome the smartphone that is making our lives even easier. So, when you are using your smartphone from morning till night, from reading the newspaper to video calling your business associates, why are you not thinking that your potential consumers would like to do the same?

Yes, no matter in which industry you are in, when you are thinking of reaching a wider section of consumers in today’s market, you need to find a way to remain accessible for them while they are on the move. That is why you need to have a compelling mobile app that will not only attract your consumers but also, ensure they get many facilities that are not available from the desktop version of your website.

What are the things that you must keep in mind for developing a successful mobile app? Well, here I am going to tell you about three of the most important factors to keep in mind while developing an app. Take a look.

Conveying the value quickly

Do you know, what is the most unfortunate side effect of the internet in this era? No matter how smoother and faster our lives are becoming, the internet is also taking a toll on our attention span. Our attention span is becoming disturbingly shorter. Surveys say, now an average human being has an attention span of around eight seconds. In such a situation, it is becoming difficult to appeal to people for any brand.

So, if you want to reach out to those consumers who have a relatively shorter attention span, then it is necessary for you to put across a strong, crisp, concise and unique message through your app. No matter what type of app you are developing, make sure it conveys the message that it is going to make the users’ lives better.

Connect with people

Your goal in this digital world is to connect more with people. By that, you will be able to make people believe in you. As a brand, it is necessary that you become credible to them. For that, you can use your app. How? Within your app, you can create your own ads, coupons and loyalty programs to attract customers. You can also integrate social media in your app so that if the consumer wants to share anything, they can do that directly from the app itself.

Keep it simple

Let’s go back to the aforementioned brutal truth again. We are dealing with a consumer base with shorter attention span. So, it is necessary to offer them something simple so that it can take less time and efforts to navigate through the app. If you are opting for a quite complex interface while developing the app, rest assured your consumers won’t stay in your mobile app. Hence, the chances of uninstalling will increase. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why many apps get uninstalled just after a few days of the download. Make sure that navigating through your app becomes a cakewalk for your potential consumers.

So now, as you know about the three main things that you must keep in mind, I am sure you will be able to develop a compelling mobile app that will not only let your consumers enjoy a great experience, but also take your business to a new height of success.

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