Voice is the next big thing in mobile apps

Voice is the next big thing in mobile apps

It is imperative for mobile app development companies to keep up with technology. One of the compelling reasons to embrace new technology is that it is amazing and opens up new business frontiers or ways to interact with the customer. It can be said comfortably that the age of voice-based mobile apps is near and it is expected to step up your mobile app experience.


A decade earlier, it would look crazy to talk to your phone, but with the arrival of digital assistants (digital assistants will be the center of the battle on the next CES), it became too natural to control your phone with voice commands. The mobile app development has taken a serious step in that direction and voice is expected to get critical importance when it comes to developing your next mobile app. By integrating voice recognition capabilities, you can make the mobile app less dependent on keyboard, which is cumbersome for many.

The voice integration in the mobile app will enhance the overall user experience and it is also a step towards making mobile app interaction a hands free experience. For example, if you have a fitness app, the users can actually say what they actually ate in the meal instead of typing name of dishes using the keyboard. This will also increase the mobile app interaction as the users will not have an excuse like “don’t have enough time”. Just by adopting speech technology, the app developers will be able to increase the user interaction and enhance the user experience. The technology is so ripe that it is possible to give voice to any app. So don’t limit the application of voice technology to particular categories.


The voice recognition technology is not new. Before the advent of the integration of Siri and Google Now, there were many voice recognition systems that were popular in the desktop era. Microsoft also came up with its own digital assistant, Cortana, that makes working on desktop a bit more simple. Let’s look at some of the modern voice technologies that have made their presence felt.


The two voice assistants that are being widely used and acclaimed by users are Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Both voice assistants are able to differentiate voices and you will see brands incorporating their advanced voice recognition skills to create more personalized user experiences on their apps. The possibilities are endless, what can your voice app do if it knows the person with whom it is talking?

Voice is the next big thing in mobile apps


Voice commerce is already a reality and according to a leading survey, 80% of Americans support some form of voice payments in recent years. For example, some have used Amazon Alexa to buy while some have used voice controlled bill payments while many have used voice initiated person to person payments. Whatever the case, the concept of using voice to make payments is not new and it is more likely to get a good response from the mobile users.Voice payments are a secure and easy way to make payments for purchases and also to send money to family and friends. You will see it becoming the everyday norm as the voice payment gets integrated into apps by mobile app developers worldwide.


Google voice assistant, Siri, and Cortana have been tied down to specific devices but Amazon Alexa is tapping new frontiers with its voice recognition technology. Since Amazon does not have a smartphone or computer to link their voice assistant to, they can take Alexa everywhere and tapping possibilities to integrate voice recognition technology in cars, refrigerators, thermostats and every physical device that needs to interact with humans. This holds huge potential for app developers like Promatics. Maybe tomorrow all products will have the ability to talk and listen to your instructions.


Until now, we have only seen push notifications in form of text messages that generally do not disturb the current activity of the user. The voice push notification is a radical shift as it will attract the app users attention and also distract them from their current activity. There are advantages and disadvantages attached to it. You need to be sure the voice push notification is of relative importance or interesting and needs to be timely to not irk the user.

Amazon Alexa is already using the voice push notifications in awide range of devices in which it is integrated. Based on the device design, it alerts the user about the voice notification through a new on-screen message or flashing light. The voice notifications on mobile apps open a wide range of possibilities in communication with the user where the brands need to tread cautiously.


The wireless earphones are already here and widely used. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa have taken steps to integrate their digital voice assistants with the leading hearables. There is an advantage in using hearables and digital assistants, the app user is not required to pull the smartphone from the pocket to listen to the notification as it is directly delivered to the hearable.


Voice notifications can be integrated into a wide range of multimodal ecosystems where the screen is not an integral part of the mobile device. But the combination of voice assistant and the screen brings us an amazing user experience that cannot be compared to anything else. Imagine a scenario where you ask the Google Assistant to book tickets for a specific movie show. The result of this voice command would be Google Assistant booking the tickets and showing the details of the ticket on the screen. The activity would not require any user intervention but still, it makes efficient uses of two ecosystems-voice and visuals that lead to a richer user experience. Amazon has already integrated Alexa in devices with screens and people are enjoying the experience the ease of using voice commands and enjoying the clarity of the results of such commands.


Start experimenting

If you own an app, the time is just right to consider the integration of voice into your mobile application. For many app development companies, the chance to make your app more perfect is already there. If app developers delay the adoption of this new trend, your competitor or anyone who adopts it first will reap the major advantages. The story will be similar to the Internet where the advantages went to the early adopters. The voice technology is waiting to be adopted and mobile app developers still have time to embrace the technology and take it to your consumers.

Google and Amazon have already started promoting companies that are showing interest in their technologies. In such early adoption becomes important as these companies have a big user base and in terms of voice search, only the first search result would take it all.

Look for new opportunities for voice interaction

If you own a brand, look for opportunities where your customer will want to interact with your brand. For example, if your company manufacturer’s refrigerators think of use cases or scenarios where the user wants some more information or like to give feedback. Your mobile app needs to be ready to initiate an interaction and provide the information the user needs.

Support experiences across devices and channels

Today, users are not confined to use just one device for purchases or any other work. They seamlessly change the mobile devices and expect the infrastructure to follow, allowing them to pick from the point they left. For example, they may start looking for products on a laptop using Amazon Alexa and end up buying on the smartphone. They will feel frustrated if they have to do the whole process all over again. Hence it is necessary to support the app experience across different channels and devices. This calls mobile app developers to build an infrastructure that will recognize the customers and the state of the last activity they were doing.

Revising your content strategy

With voice recognition becoming prominent in the future, you need to come with different forms of information as the user might not be on the computer. The user might be requesting information from an autonomous car, smartphone or any other device with voice recognition integrated. It is necessary that app developers make an app capable to deliver the information in the most consumer-friendly format and easy to understand.


The era of “Don’t type, Speak” is already knocking on our doors. Today there is a handful of apps with the integration of voice recognition technology and if you make an early move, it will be definitely good for your business.

Voice recognition is the next hot technology as it provides the highest level of convenience and hassle-free operation to the users. You can make your app stand out by mentioning the voice recognition feature in the app description in the app stores. Any progressive and professional mobile app development company can tell you that voice is the next big thing. In fact a lot of them are taking steps to include this technology in their existing apps or new apps that will soon be launched. Do keep in mind that you will lose the exclusivity of the technology if you wait for 1 or 2 years from now. So act now.

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