UX plays a vital role in SEO

Ojus Sharma
Ojus Sharma, Co-founder and CEO at APPLIFY
Published on Dec 04, 2017 in SEO Companies Resources
UX play a vital role in SEO

A few years back, SEO was very easy. All you had to do was to stuff your website or blog with relevant keywords and wait. Within a month or two, it ranked no. 1 in Google search. Many app development companies in UK followed this technique and appeared in top search rankings.

Doing SEO these days, however, is no easier than digging an elephant’s grave with a spoon. A lot of research, careful planning and untired efforts are required. Hundreds of factors are needed to be kept in mind. It takes years to climb a website on top search rankings of Google. Increasing competition is another major concern.

The modern-day Search Engine Optimization approach is to combine SEO strategies with the user experience. The rule is very simple: no matter what technique you’re implementing to improve your website’s or app’s SEO score, the UX must not be affected. In fact, the modern-day SEO is all about offering the best user experience.

The interesting fact is that SEO and UX were arch nemeses at some point. Many times we’ve encountered situations to choose between the two, which is a tough task because you want both to improve your app or website’s SEO ranking and offer a remarkable user experience.

However, as the technology evolved and consumers became more aware, the approach to SEO has also changed. Experts have realised that they can’t ignore UX if they want to see their website in top rankings. Perhaps, that’s the reason, UX is an integral part of modern-day SEO approach.


We had this query while researching for an article on improving the SEO of an app or website. The point was that if the ultimate goal is to bring traffic on our website, why do we need to focus on UX? However, this is not the fact. UX matters in SEO. Let’s understand in detail:

Common goal of SEO and UX

Both UX and SEO share a common purpose: to engage users and persuade them to purchase your products and services. However, their approach is different. While SEO works outside the website and brings traffic on the webpage, UX focuses on offering a remarkable user experience.

UX play a vital role in SEO

How can UX benefit a SEO strategy

It’s a good UX that engages a user. If the UX design is not good, the user will not stay long and there’s no benefit of bringing all the traffic on the webpage. Not only this, the search engine will not rank you on top unless they believe that your website is offering a remarkable user experience.

In simple words, a good UX offers remarkable experience to visitors, which in turns benefits in SEO ranking.

How can SEO benefit a good UX

Without SEO, a website or an app offering a good UX is just like a good novel that’s not marketed properly. Despite having great matter, nobody knows about it.

According to mobile app development companies in UK, a good UX offers an incredible experience and convinces the user to invest in your products or services. However, who will you persuade if there’s no visitor on your webpage? You’ll definitely need people who visit your website and share their experience with others, which is not possible unless you do the SEO of your app or website.


Both UX and SEO play equally important parts in a project success. You can’t survive without either. Moreover, the technology has advanced and consumers have become smarter. Even Google has started giving value to user experience in its SEO algorithm. Having said that, it’s time both SEO and UX start working together. UX with a SEO approach is the future and we need to accept that.

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