Types of Web Application Architecture: Components, Models, etc

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on May 24, 2019 in Mobile App Marketing
Types of Web Application Architecture: Components, Models, etc


In the era of digitalization, the internet plays a huge role in the life of mankind. With the advancement of technologies, the internet no longer takes time to load pages. The Internet engages users in various activities and functional ability with new web applications. Web applications are a new trend in the business world.

Enterprise companies tend to develop web applications for their business. The web applications are a hybrid of websites and applications. It does not take up much space in the device. According to a survey conducted by the custom website development services, it is observed that 80% of the applications flop because people do not want to download them. The web applications are very different from native applications. It can be added to the home page of the device which does not take up any space in the device and can be done easily without downloading. The web applications are famous in the market today and have only received a positive response.

What is web application architecture?

When a company chooses to develop a website application from a website development company, it must keep the requirements of the users for the application in the account. The web application architecture explains and defines the relationship between the user and the application, its database and systems on the web. A website is searched by the user in the URL in different ways. The browser then browses and opens the website that was requested by the user. The code that is developed by the professional website developer is very important. The components and the sub-components required to in-built in the web application by the developer is crucial. The reliability, security, and scalability of any business deeply depend on web applications. These are used worldwide for communication purposes and therefore very crucial.

Components of Web Application

  • The user interface or user experience web application components- the user interface design, dashboard, notifications, statistics are all included under this component. However, it has no action in the purpose of web application architecture. The plan of the layout of the user interface includes the following.
  • Structure components- the two sides of the structural component of the web application architecture are the client side and the server side.
  • Client component- JavaScript, HTML, CSS are the programming languages usually used to develop a client component. The need for device or operating system adjustments is not required as it functions on the user's web browser. The client component is usually utilized by the end user and represents the functions of the web applications.
  • Server component- there are various programming languages on which a server component can be developed. PHP, JavaScript, Python, NET, NodeJS, etc are the various platforms and frameworks on which the server components are usually developed by the hire web developer. The two basic parts of server components are database and app logic. The database is where all the important data is stored and the app logic is the epicenter of the website application.

Models of web application architecture

According to the custom website development services, the models of the web application architecture depend on the number of web servers and databases that are used to develop the application. There can be only three types of models of the web application. They are as follows.

  • One database, one web server- the most simple web application component model among the three types is the one web server and one database model. It is the least reliable model among others. Judged by its name, the model is made up of a single server and a single database. As per the hire web developer, such a web application goes down along with the web server and therefore it is the least reliable model. However, web application developers do not use the model for the development of any web applications. These are usually used for testing of applications and the purpose of learning of various web application fundamentals.
  • One database, multiple web servers- the web applications in this kind of model do not save any kind of data. The information provided to the web server by the client is processed and stored in the database which is later managed outside of the server. Minimum two web servers are required to develop such a web application. This process was usually made to develop an error-free application and is mostly used by the hire PHP developer. If one of the web servers flops, the other one will still work. The redirection of the requests is automatically transferred to the other server to continue the functions of the application. This model is way more reliable than the one with a single server and database.
  • Multiple databases, multiple web server- I am the most reliable and efficient models of the three, as the web servers or the databases, none have a chance of failing the web application. There are two options to store data in such a model. One is to store identical data in all databases or evenly distribute it among the employee databases. However, there is a possibility of data crash which will lead to the destruction of the data. The load balancers are often used by the hire PHP developers while using more than 5 servers for web application development.


In the era of digitalization, web application architecture is changing every day. With the growth of technology, web application development is gradually increasing. The companies that website development company for their company website development were not aware of the process of the web application architecture. However, with the widespread knowledge, the companies choose their developers wisely to incorporate the right components and codes in their web applications. The security, scalability, and reliability of a web application largely depend on the structure and the components used by the developer in the process. Therefore, it is very important to discuss the requirements of web applications for the company with the developer.

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