Transform Your Real Estate Business with a High-Quality App

Richa Sharma
Richa Sharma, Chief Operating Officer at Fluper Limited
Published on Mar 28, 2019 in Enterprise App Developers Resources
Transform Your Real Estate Business with a High-Quality App

Gone are the days, when running a business without a digital presence was a cakewalk. Yes, no matter how small or big your business is, a perfect app can make it prosper throughout the world. Having websites for business without mobile optimization may have a negative impact on sales.

According to a few researchers, 57% of smartphones don’t want to use those sites that take over 4 seconds to load. Organizations, such as Real Estate works entirely online nowadays, with the increasing popularity of the apps. Mobile app development companies are getting so much attention because users are using mobile technology for making different processes convenient.

Cell phones are used for internet access, better communication, and more. Moreover, these apps help business to showcase their services, as well as products online. Therefore, with such a developed environment, developing an app for your Real Estate business is inevitably a good decision.

In this blog, I am going to share some advantages of mobile apps for your real estate business. However, prior to that, I would like to mention some tips to develop these apps. So, let’s get started without any further delay.

What are the Features to Make Your App Popular?

Use Appealing App Designs

If you hire mobile app developers with enough skills, then they will surely take care of this point while building an app for your business. You should develop a real estate app considering the point that they are looking for properties. As buying a property is a matter of spending millions, one of the important factors that matter a lot is its appearance.

Hence, Real Estate apps should be designed with rich and spontaneous user-interface. The app should be capable of providing high-quality property videos and photographs. This feature will help the users to know how actually the property is. On the basis of how attractive your property is displayed on the app, users decide to take ahead the transaction talks.

Use Push Notifications

The apps should have a push notification feature that permits realtors to promote their latest discounts or schemes on the properties. Once you include this option, the app users will get an alert message of new schemes introduced directly on their smartphones without opening the app. These notifications will assist the realtors to display the news they wish to promote and spread sales. In addition, it is reasonable in the comparison of other mediums, such as TV commercials, radio, or newspaper.

However, if you really wish to achieve even better user engagement, you need to deploy additional filter types, along with map functionality.

Search and Filter Option

The availability of a broad database of the property is always an advantage. So, what do you think the challenge is? One of the biggest questions to mull over how to create an effectual searching feature that will allow users to get the desired results quickly. Renting or buying a house is an essential decision so there are multiple aspects that need to be considered, as mentioned below:

  • Price range
  • Year built
  • Location
  • Lot size
  • Property type
  • Square foot Range
  • Listing type, etc.

Easy Signup Process

iOS or Android app developers are aware of the fact that the welcoming screen is one of the common elements of every mobile app. Therefore, it should be implemented in your real estate app as well.

Onboarding is a walkthrough, which guides users about the basics of your app, such as:

  • What features it offers
  • Key navigation patterns, etc.

A good onboarding screen will enhance the probability that the users will stay in your real estate app. Now, let’s move on to the advantages of building a mobile app for real estate.

Benefits an App Can Offer in Your Real Estate Business

Transform Your Real Estate Business with a High-Quality App

The advantages are many, but I have listed three key advantages:

Simple Search for Property

Listing a property is one of the main functions of a website for a real estate owner. A mobile app makes these features effortless and permits users to search under different categories. Moreover, with essential information, apps enable the prize details, floor type, size, property photos, along with the other features in fingertips.

Easy Process of Buying or Selling

For those, who are buying or selling things for the first time, it is a tough process for them. By giving a few tools, such as commonly asked questions, a mobile app assists the uses in finding their property. These features create trust with the customers, as well as the agent’s expertise.

Smooth Sales Process

Android or iOS app development companies know that for a real estate process, it is crucial to know Mortage payment of property. But, for customers, these procedures can be time-consuming and sometimes, slow down the selling process. A delay in the process may end up on a loss. An app with a mortgage calculator offers instant information about the prospect.

Instant Decision Making

Connecting your buyers with sellers on a single platform pushes for better and faster decision making process. Buyers can make rapid use to the things they are searching for. From market trends to listings, sellers can get access to the entire information of buyers, interested in their listings.

Additional Benefits

  • Mobile apps act as a marketing utility to help in the listings
  • Display innovation to the new landlords and vendors
  • Promote your brand to a broader audience
  • Allow seeing current properties for rental and sale
  • Improve your branding on users devices and in the App Stores 24/7
  • Promote the staff profiles and new listings


Mobile Apps are the key factors to increase interaction with your buyers and vendors. This is why mobile app development companies are getting attention in the real estate industry. Hope, by now all your doubts associated with the importance of mobile apps for your real estate business have been sorted out. If you have an idea, then Fluper is here to assist you in the best possible ways.

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