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Published on Jul 29, 2016 in App Development
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Our Forum has been visited by more than 2.000 users (mobile app developers and mobile app project owners) this month. Check our list of our most talked about topics in our Forum to find out what's going on within the mobile app world.


Konstant Infosolutions have shared with us a big achievement, they are developing Android's app for NASSCOM, congrats! Android beginners have been discussing about how to develop a custom keyboard for Android, let's help them out!

And what about Lollipop 5.0? Appsquadz offers a guide to learn all you need to know about the OS. Mobulous have shared a list with the best news apps worldwide. Share other apps on the post if you know more News apps.



New rumours about iPhone 7 keep appearing every day. Our thread about iPhone 7 has been followed by almost 500 users already. You can share there all you know about the upcoming device.

Are you having trouble with Siri? Here you have a list of 11 Siri tricks. Let's hope iOS offers Siri to third party apps so developers can use the full potential of Apple's personal assistant! We've also got good news for all iPhone and iPad users, Prisma app has new filters.

And finally, which are the best 5 iOS apps fo july.


Facebook is one of the greatest and largest tech companies right now. The brand is constantly updating its tools. Now Facebook Live will provide users with the feature of Masks, very similar to Snapchat.

Our Forum about what steps to follow before you hire a mobile app developer is still On. We recommend this thread to all the clients who have doubts about what mobile app development company should hire depending on the budget, type of project, wireframes...

Wearables and Ready4S are the big winners this month. The mobile app development company from Poland has written a lot about wearables this month. For example, in this post about wearable circuits that you can put under your skin. They've also given a lot of information to compare mobile apps and mobile bots.

pokemon go

And, of course, we cannot miss the Pokemania that has invaded our Forum. Here you have a discussion where we even ask if this whole Pokémon Go success will las or if it is just a one month thing.

Your mobile app development company,yourself as a developer or any mobile app project owner can also share interesting mobile app topics in our Forum. Our mobile app development community welcomes you!

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