Top Trends in Enterprise Mobility to Watch Out in 2019

Vipin Jain
Vipin Jain, Co-Founder & CEO at Konstant Infosolutions
Published on Dec 12, 2018 in Enterprise App Developers Resources
Top Trends in Enterprise Mobility to Watch Out in 2019

Today’s business strategy is a balance between upward mobility and downward servility, stuffing the conventional work model with the cloud, internet, and social media.

With the increasing trend of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work or work from anywhere with devices and applications of your choice, business organizations have embraced variable working and greater flexibility. People can now make use of smartphones, tablets, and laptops to work from anywhere, anytime which gives essential job satisfaction and also helps in improving productivity. BYOD is just one of the enterprise mobility strategy option, in some other government (finance) organizations, they buy devices for their employees and lock them strictly to be used for the corporate purpose.

Mobile device management (MDM) was a way to secure data and information while employees made use of wireless devices or worked from a remote location. This enabled wiping devices remotely, enforce the use of passcodes, blacklisting and whitelisting of applications and control what users can do and cannot do on their mobile devices. Gradually mobile application management (MAM) and identity and access management are also been given great priority these days to secure applications and devices from mobile usage.

If enterprise mobility solutions are the trend of doing business, they must be applied strategically to keep the style up and going. Here are some of the latest trends to watch out in 2019:

Artificial Intelligence Will Reign in the Coming Years

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be the backbone of burgeoning technologies in the coming years and these are going to impact the development in a big way. AI will be affecting development of cross-platform apps, devices, and user experience but the biggest impact will be in the security domain. This technology is really going to secure the data being transmitted across all the mobile devices with help of advanced user interfaces with speech and visual gesture recognition.

IoT Will Continue to Grow and Bring About New Changes

Enterprise mobility and Internet of Things are closely interconnected with the involvement of various mobile devices interconnected in place that eases the communication. This helps in driving productivity and growth for companies that are ready to imbibe new technologies. Usage of interconnected devices used by users at various locations helps in tracing out patterns from their daily interactions and shape behavior pattern.

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Increased Use of Emerging Cloud Computing Services

Devices located at various locations make use of information saved on the cloud that acts as a virtual server, without the need to have servers at physical locations. This helps businesses in saving a lot of time and cost with 24x7 access to data. As security still remains a concern for large enterprises, critical applications are saved on local servers while less privileged ones are saved on cloud systems.

Being Less Dependent on Physical Computers is Always Good

With people working on remote devices from different locations, dependency on physical computers is reduced. This experience is going to bring greater interaction, greater flexibility, improved communication, increased workflow efficiency, and enhance decision making.

Enterprise Mobility Promotes Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Culture

Number of devices within an organization increases with an increase in the number of employees. This workforce has reached 2.5 million by the end of 2018. With reduced dependency on hardware maintenance cost and more on dynamic enterprise mobility. The complexity of work, an adaptation of new technologies, communication with the client on a frequent basis, making amendments, periodic support and maintenance and more such requirements have to be treated with care. Bringing own devices to work and carrying them to different locations for remote support has enhanced productivity and increased work satisfaction. This even helps in retaining employees in long-term as they stay happy with flexible working hours.

More Focus on Functionality

It has become even more important to increase the functionality of mobile applications with more emphasis on user experience and digital interactions. Enterprise market requires the mobile apps to be more responsive, loaded with rich features, must load fast and be compact in size in order to be popular among the users.

Increased Use of Location-Based Services

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Mobile devices are being increasingly used for navigation and GPS, therefore mobile phones are preferable in spotting nearby places like theaters, coffee shops, schools, hospitals, restaurants, salons etc.

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