Top things to consider when creating a website in 2019

Published on Aug 05, 2019 in Web Developers Resources
Top things to consider when creating a website in 2019

The internet has transformed so many things in life - including how people shop for things, whether it is a daily-use product or expensive furniture and gadgets. Even, service providers are searched online nowadays.

It is rather hard to find anyone who does not use the web for some need or the other - including your elderly neighbor or a kid who is into his fifth grade. Present generation buyers are much more knowledgeable than the past and they have plenty of choices.

From everything written above this line, it is clear that having a website is a must for all businesses – whether you are selling things online or not. Without a well developed and functional website, your brand is going to be left behind in the rat race. So, as a business owner, you need to know the priorities while getting a website designed.

Well, we’ve created a quick list of the top things to consider when creating a website. Take it into consideration.

Things to consider when getting a website designed for your brand

You can definitely hire a reputed web developer or web design firm to get your company website created. However, you need to know certain nuances of website creation and check whether these will be deployed to your brand website or not.

Here are the prior things we would suggest you do –

What does your website will offer

You can get a website designed for your brand to sell products and services online. This is what most brands do – in any segment. However, you are not limited to just selling product online through the brand website. You can use the website for many other needs too. For example, the website can have a blog section for the target buyers. They can learn about products and services by reading such blogs. These can be helpful in bringing in more potential buyers to the site. The site can also have embedded live chat for offering support to the customers.

The framework or tool that will be used

Websites can be developed using myriads of tools and frameworks nowadays. Now, this is the onus of the web designer or agency, but you also need to know which platform will be used. This is essential because you will need to modify site content and expand the site in the future. It will be easier for you if the site is developed using user-friendly tools or platforms such as a CMS platform like WordPress. Of course, a seasoned web designer/developer can guide you in choosing the right web design platform.

Color scheme and design coherence

It is important that your website’s visual design reflects the theme of your brand. You can give the designers some idea about the brand’s motto, theme and your ideologies for developing an apt site styling.

The color scheme is very important in this regard. For example - healthcare agencies typically use soothing colors and pastel shades like light blue and green in their sites. Fast food brands, however, use vibrant and deep shades like red and blue in their sites.

Too much visual clutter is not desirable

Definitely; you want the brand’s website to look enticing to the target buyers. However, it will not be prudent to design the site in a way that it looks cluttered and makes viewers feel bored. As always, ace web designers take care of this aspect, but as the client - this is something you should be mindful about.

The site, especially the home page should be devoid of visual clutter. It should not have too many bright colors, excess animations and fonts that are difficult to read. These are sure shot elements in a website to scare away the viewers. If at the design stage, you feel the site’s UI is looking cluttered, let the designer team knows your opinion.

Mobile friendly and responsive web design

With time, the number of people using mobile devices to access the web rather than typical computers is only growing. Unlike what it was even a decade back, the number of Smartphone and tablet users outshine the number of PC users. This is a global trend now. So, your brand website should be compatible with myriads of mobile devices. This is something you have to clarify when selecting a web design agency.

Your brand website will be viewed by users using mobile devices running various operating systems and having varying screen sizes. The site should render seamlessly across all those devices. Or else, the target buyers will flock to rival brand websites.

Security cannot be overlooked

Web users are now more conscious about online security loopholes. So, you should ensure your brand website is not only designed well, but it has embedded security features to instill faith in the target users. If you want to sell from the site directly, the online transaction safety mechanism should be in place- for example.

Most brands use the latest encryption protocols to ensure customer data is secured while making transactions on their sites. It is also prudent to mention the used online security protocols like an SSL certificate on the site.

SEO is a prerequisite

With hundreds of sites vying for the attention of the target buyers online, your site risks getting lost in the crowd without SEO deployment. Regardless of the sector, your brand website requires the apt SEO strategies to survive and race ahead of the rivals. You may be able to find web design firms that also offer SEO packages for their clients.

Ease of usage and navigation

These are aspects that the ace web designers take care of. However, as the client, you need to keep your eyes open. The brand website should have easy navigation. The readers should be able to locate what they want, including FAQ, contact information or a specific product without many hardships. The links and buttons in the UI should be easy to use and you have to think about the age and mindset of target visitors. While the site design is in progress, you may check for these aspects.

Robust integration of social media

Social media is very powerful today and businesses have realized that - for sure. Your brand definitely has a presence in platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter - for example. However, ensure your website has direct links to the profiles in those platforms. This serves two purposes at the same time. The viewers can explore the social media profiles from the sire directly and avid social media users can get to your website from those profiles. The website viewers should be able to locate the links to the brand’s social media profiles easily.

Study of rival brand websites

The iconic Michael Corleone quote, ‘Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer’ is applicable for web design too. You should study the design of top rival websites in your niche while getting your brand site designed. Ensure the site looks unique and does not remind you of the design scheme of those sites.

Summing it up

Having a website to represent your business online is important, while building and showcasing content in a way that amuses your customers is mandatory nowadays. This is the best way to stand out in the crowd and attract more prospects. For e-commerce businesses, having a well-built shop is even more vital. A eye-catchy, clean, responsive, usable and secure website works the best for all. So, always take care of the things mentioned above if you want to present your brand as a trustable and unique business or organization.

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