Top mobile app development companies report: tips to outsource the app development successfully

Published on May 25, 2017 in App Development
Outsource the app development

Generating a mobile app idea is more difficult than one may think. For some it may seem like a magic trick, like plucking a coin out of thin air. With so many mobile apps already out in the marketplace, it may seem impossible to come up with a unique app idea.

However, there are those that soldier on and find something tangible, valuable and exciting. But, the truth is that coming up with a great app idea is only a fraction of the equation. The following steps (the creation and the manifestation) are the most difficult. In these steps, the mobile app developer’s aim is turn an idea into reality. While some may have the technical prowess to code out their own mobile app project, others may need to turn to professionals with the knowledge and ability to accomplish their app creation goals.

Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing a mobile app development project

Like almost all things in life, there are positives and negatives when looking to outsource a mobile app development project. What exactly those specific pros and cons are depend entirely on the various factors that surround the task at hand, the client’s request and the mobile app development company’s capabilities. However, that is not to say that there are certain commonalities found in almost every scenario. Affordability or cost is one such factor whose importance and impact is undeniable. Then there’s the technical abilities and deliverables of the mobile app developer. Not to be forgotten is the client’s own technical aptitude, resources and infrastructure on-hand. These and other factors may fall in either category depending on the case.

PrismetricPrismetricMobile app development company in India

Outsourcing a mobile app development project will help the companies to get cost effective access to a very large pool of technically skilled and profound app developers, designers and strategists. The app development companies will keep a track on the process so that the mobile app runs skillfully on both mobile devices and tablets as per the requirement. The set of expert developers at the app development companies will test the application to the core many times and fix the issues to refine the app performance. This is in addition to an authentic phase of app testing that each app has to go through before it hits the market at large.

One of the main benefits of outsourcing a mobile app development project to an app development company is that you save loads of time and money while employing a team of experts. The experienced app development enterprise will know all the knits and bits about choosing the app platform and the perfect time to launch it. They can also be the strong support system even after the delivery and launch of the app with their 24x7 service support system if required as a tech-partner.

The only disadvantage one can see is working in a different timezone, as most of the companies will prefer to outsource to the companies in similar timezones. But at Prismetric, we provide the best possible service irrespective of the timezone our clients are from.

ProexeProexeMobile app development company in Poland

Mobile apps are the type of projects that can be easily outsourced. Let me explain why. At the moment we see two type of projects among our clients:

Type 1) Making a mobile app as an extension for existing business

In this scenario our clients have already a working business and they want to enhance their existing systems with mobile apps. For instance:

  • Building an app which extends their current sales channel
  • A company with 100 employees which are on the move constantly and the client wants to give them a tool to do regular tasks from mobile instead of desktop

In such scenario the clients know very well what they want to make. Usually they also have existing backend systems. It’s quite easy to write down all requirements and make an app for a fixed price.The risk of outsourcing mobile app in this case is very low. It’s better to outsource the mobile app in this scenario, because:

  • It will be cheaper than in-house development
  • The risk is very small
  • Better quality

Type 2) Making a mobile app for startups

In this scenario we must define the mobile app and backend for a new business. Selecting a software provider in such case can be compared to taking a marriage. It will be hard to change it later and also almost the whole business relays on the provider. This makes the outsourcing more risky, but still it has pros.

The biggest advantage to outsource the job in this scenario is the cost and the quality, but because of the bigger risk it’s important to select the right mobile app development agency.

We recommend to check the software company very carefully. The most important things to check are:

  • Who will be personally doing the app. Please ask the company for names and CVs to check the experience of the team. It’s important, as some of the companies might outsource the job to some smaller companies and this makes no sense in long run.
  • Check who is in fact doing the app. When the company gives you the source code, track who has made each part of the code. It’s important as some companies will tell you they will make it with the senior, but at the end juniors will be working on your app. Even if the app will be finished on time, the problem of lack of junior experience will be revealed in the most critical moment - on heavy workload.
  • Try to have weekly Skype calls with the team, ask them about progress and details.

If you select your team carefully you will make a better app at better price.

AlgoworksAlgoworksMobile app development company in India

The main advantage of outsourcing a mobile app development project is that it reduces the cost. This cost includes recruitment, supervision, employees' salary, etc. The cost of equipment obsolescence and depreciation is also reduced. The company saves a lot by not building infrastructure and hiring people, which eventually reduces the workload. Outsourcing a mobile app development project also offers stable pricing and helps to avert unnecessary expenses.Last but not least hiring new employees might be a risky job as the employee can lack skills and efficiency. Outsourcing the project assures timely delivery of work, using equipped and qualified resources.

Disadvantages of outsourcing a mobile app development project involve communication gap, limited communication or hurdles due to different time zones. All these make the process challenging. At the same time, there could be a risk of confidential information being leaked if not taken care of. The struggle also magnifies when the developers of the outsourcing company do not have the correct experience for your needs.

Guarantees offered by the mobile app development companies

There are a growing number of mobile app developers popping up all over the landscape these days. And, while the products and services they offer vary greatly, there are overarching themes that unite all of them.

The ability to produce a clean and functioning product is on the list of guarantees, but above it all lies the customer and making sure that above all else they are made to feel like their money was well spent and their trust well placed. In layman’s terms this is known as providing exceptional customer service.

Businesses should endeavor to treat the clients with respect and that app developers hold up their end of the bargain by producing a functioning deliverable within the agreed upon timeframe. Sounds easy enough, but you would be surprised at how many mobile app development companies torpedo their own businesses by simply disregarding the respect for their clients. Developers who only see their clients as cash machines should be avoided post-haste.

AlgoworksAlgoworksMobile app development company in India

We guarantee delivering superior quality applications which will be at par with the requirements put forward by the client to the highest resolution possible.

The transparency in each activity we undertake is of utmost importance to us. They will be well informed of what is happening and what the next step will be.

We will be sticking to the deadlines as promised in the agreement. Each phase of the app development will be completed within the timeframe as clearly agreed upon.

Effective communication is another perk of associating with us where we make sure our developers are on the same page with the client on their requirements. There is no scope of communication gap as each stage is advanced upon getting a clean chit from the client.

We guarantee on working on the project until and unless our clients are satisfied with the end product because without their satisfaction we don’t consider closing it.

PrismetricPrismetricMobile app development company in India

Client satisfaction is the top most priority for Prismetric as we offer some of the most unique yet app guarantees that work wonders for our clients. As a competent mobile app development company we offer bug free products, absolute mobile app performance guarantee irrespective of the platform or the device. In addition to this, we offer proper app development project management and assure our clients to deliver the developed apps on time.

ProexeProexeMobile app development company in Poland

First of all each app we make has 1 year guarantee for bug fixes. Second we charge a small amount initially for the project and after that we divide it on milestones. The client can see the progress and pays for the progress we deliver. In this scenario the risk on the client side is minimized, as they pay for the result. We are also keen to use AppFutura escrow system to minimize the risk on the client side.

The mobile app development process

Beyond app idea generation, the contracting of an outsourced mobile app developer is the easiest part of the whole thing. For it is what comes next in which the real work takes place. Yes, there are all the technical aspects that need to happen; the wireframing, the coding, the iterations and the fine tuning. Then there’s also the non-technical, yet vitally important parts of the operation, such as creating milestones, setting up the payment system, writing policies and covenants that deal with things like source code ownership and access.

Before any coding can begin, indeed before a client should even sign with a mobile app development company, they should be thoroughly familiar with the process and scheduling that surrounds the creation of their app. For developers, revealing the mobile app development process and planned schedule to the client tells them that you are that you have a plan, and that this project is being managed in a professional manner.

PrismetricPrismetricMobile app development company in India

We prefer to work on the fixed price budget where the scope and the cost of the project are fixed. The first stage will be collecting the requirements from you. We will get them analyzed and let you know the estimation. Once you are fine with the time/cost the next step would be preparing a proposal. Our business analyst will prepare this and send it to the client for reviewing. Once you sign off the proposal we can push the project into the development stage.

We will allocate a Project Manager and a technical expert for each project so that the client can have a timely conversation about the status and progress in addition to the timely status report we send at regular intervals. We can also have a meeting with them online as and when required during the various stages of development.

For us, mobile app development is a very niche process and when done with precision, it provides the best results. Our app development process works in a simple lucid manner so that there are no hiccups or reduced to a minimal number. We prefer to breakdown the work into certain time bound milestones and set deadlines, so that the intensity of work never drops down during the whole process of app development. We take our clients consideration during each step and include their thoughts and inputs along with our insights before concluding or starting any new process.

We request some percentage of upfront payment and the rest will be divided into milestones according to the project cost. After successful completion of each milestone and the client’s approval on each of them, we request the payment. We tend to keep our process of app development very much clear as our clients will be able to see and relate to the milestones as mentioned in the proposal. Once the application is completed, tested and approved by the client, we will request the last milestone payment and send you the source code after the payment is received.

AlgoworksAlgoworksMobile app development company in India

The app development process that is carried forward usually goes like this:

  • We understand the whole project and gather requirements for the same.
  • Then the proposal and the quotation is pitched.
  • For payments we define milestones and every milestone has certain deliverables associated to it. Once the milestone is complete and approved from the client's end, we ask for the payment related to that specific milestone.
  • After the completion of the project and entire payment procedure is executed, we share the source code with the client.
ProexeProexeMobile app development company in Poland

Step 1 - initial payment
Usually we require 15% upfront payment of Milestone 1 to start the job. It can be paid with escrow system to secure the client side. We require this initial payment, because over the years we have noticed that good clients require good quality, not the cheapest cost. For us this 15% secures the projects and we can be fully committed to it. We are a very skilled team and we simply like to commit to projects where the client is also serious.

Step 2 - project progress
Before we start the development we divide the project into milestones. Usually 2-5 milestones. At each milestone the client can check the progress and pay if they are happy with it. We usually send the working app before the end of each milestone. After the payment is released, we also send the source code to the client.

Step 3 - guarantee period
As stated earlier, we give 12 month of guarantee. Besides that, also after the project is finished we ask for final payment not just after we have released the project, but usually we give 1 month of “go live” time for the client to play with the app and report some problems, if any.

Useful tools for the project management

Depending on the scale and complexity of the mobile app, the development process can quickly turn sideways for both the developer and the client. Parts of the app may need to be worked on in parallel, while some can be put off to a later time.

Some say that trust or respect are the keys to a great relationship, but good communication should be included in this list as well. Both parties will need to be on the same page all the time in order to avoid misunderstandings and decrease errors. The whole project will need to be managed meticulously on both sides, but for mobile app developer’s mismanagement of such a task can lead to loss of reputation, loss of revenue and a general loss of valuable resources. Fortunately, there are a plethora of tools, services, products and resources that can help with both project management and communication. The key is not to just purchase and implement them (as this is something anyone can do), but in the relentless enforcement and insistence of their use.

ProexeProexeMobile app development company in Poland

We use several tools depending on the requirements:

  • JIRA, Trello to coordinate the project
  • Hours tracking systems to show the client what is the hourly effort of making an app (only if billed per hour).
  • Invision for defining the look and feel of the app with the client.
  • We use also Google Docs heavily to write very detailed plans of each project and using the Google Docs comment we communicate with the client to define all the project details.
PrismetricPrismetricMobile app development company in India

We use BaseCamp and JIRA software as our project management tools in order to efficiently communicate the tasks with our developers while keeping the clients in loop about the progress. We bifurcate our tasks in proper hierarchical order to avoid any last minute fuss and provide the product that adds to the convenience for our client.

We use Skype, Gtalk, softwares like Gotomeeting and phone calls for the meeting. If there is some other communication or tracking tool that a client is more comfortable with, we do welcome it provided it would not require deviating a lot from our core process of app development and delivery.

AlgoworksAlgoworksMobile app development company in India

For project management we use “Basecamp”. This is the tool that we’ve been successfully using for most of our project execution until and unless there is an alternative preference from the clients’ end. We mainly use Skype, Slack, GoToMeeting(GTM), e-mails or calls to carry out communication effectively. Apart from the above mentioned tools, we use any other type that the client feels comfortable with to continue the communication.


The ability to outsource a mobile app development project is a godsend to many app creators. Just a decade ago it was hard enough to find someone, anyone really, to code a mobile app for you. These days there are entire networks of app developers that are eager to help people turn their mobile app dreams into a reality.

Yes, you will have to pay for the majority of these services, but having access to some of the most tried and true app developers is worth every penny, especially if you lack the technical proficiency to make the mobile app a reality through your own hands. By implementing the tips that these generous mobile app development companies have described above, it is possible for many businesses or app owners to navigate through the often-uncharted waters of outsourced mobile app development.

ProexeProexeMobile app development company in Poland

Just to summarize in my opinion the most important factors are:

  • Your time is most important. Spend some time searching for the right agency. Select the right people. Escrow system, guarantees will secure your money, but the right people secure your time as well.
  • Always check who (namely) will be doing your project. Don’t rely on the company name, but the people inside the company who will be implementing your project.

Thanks and I hope you will find the right team for your project!

PrismetricPrismetricMobile app development company in India

Mobile app development over the years of constant evolution has become an important aspect in the scheme of things for an organization. Prismetric keeps track of all the relative things during the app development process so that the clients and the customers are at ease with the end product. We keep all the technical aspects in our frame of work and give each of them equal importance while developing the app.

Testing comprises a major part of our app development process as the credibility of the app is it’s most sought after aspect. We carry out in-depth testing with various criterions to ensure the app developed and catered to is what our clients can be proud of.

We create a brighter horizon as a solution that helps our client to redefine their branding and escalate the level of customer engagement. We believe in developing apps that add more meaning and perfectly cater to the purpose of our clients.

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