Top mobile app development companies report: designing mobile apps

Published on Jun 30, 2016 in App Development
Top mobile app development companies Report: Designing mobile apps

Users rank the look and feel of a product among the deciding factors to purchasing or using that product. Products across various industries must not only be visually appealing but customers must also enjoy interacting with them.

The goal of the manufacturers, producers, fabricators and developers of these products is not just to get the customer to buy their product, but to use it, consume it and maybe spread it to their friends and families. But does that same sentiment transfer into the mobile app world? Sure the notion of good looking, functional and shareable apps is fairly common, but is it actually important for mobile app development companies to have good design when developing an app?

How important is the design in the mobile app development process?

Much like when it comes to people, visually attraction is the primary reason why customers would stop scrolling through the list of mobile apps in the store and click on an app to see what it does, and then test it out. The visual layout and design of any app is perhaps one of the first steps for mobile app development companies towards designing any app, however it is also an important step in defining the user experience.

A users first interaction with an app is not with their fingers, but with their eyes. Due to this, particular attention should be paid by developers with regards to how a user may perceive the app interface and what will motivate them to keep paying attention.

No matter how sophisticated or complicated the app actually is, there should be no mistaking its intent or purpose from the very first page. The app should be intuitive and easy-to-use right from the jump, as this will not only increase adoption rates but attention retention as well. The overall design of the app, from a UI/UX perspective, should be near the top of the priority list when developing a mobile app.

Mobulous TechnologiesMobulous TechnologiesMobile app development company in India

The best standout methods for getting an application to emerge as an obvious self-evident is Creative Design. How an application is actually looking the main viewpoint that people used to observe about it, even before downloading it. The visual of any application is the main factor that a user notices positively before they test it out the functionality of the application.That primary visual impression influences the whole user experience and will probably decide a definitive achievement of an application. Designing ought to be faultless in all aspect whether it is for the perfect user experience or for a crystal-clear interface.

If we discuss about the user interface plan, the designer must guarantee that the interface seems easy-to-use right from the first run. So that user can interact with the application in a better way. So to design an easy to understand application interface the designer need a detailed comprehension of all the components that concerned with the general execution of a mobile application. Everything should be overseen appropriately right from the design to the UI/UX in order to bring out an absolutely perfect user-friendly business application.

AppInventivAppInventivMobile app development company in India

One of the most effective ways of getting an app to stand is App design. How an app looks is the first and foremost aspect that people look for.

Users look for the app’s look and feel even before they download it and certainly before they test it out to see how it functions or works. And, design is the element that provides the initial visual impression and is something impacts the entire user experience. Design majorly determines the ultimate success of a mobile app. However, many app developers don’t spend enough time on it or bring in creativity, which may result in bad UI/UX design and may impact the success of an app.

It definitely impacts users’ reaction towards the mobile app because effective user experience and design into the app development is critical in engaging the end-users’ emotional or transactional response.

Seasia Infotech Pvt. Ltd.Seasia Infotech Pvt. Ltd.Mobile app development company in India

Design holds high importance in the app development process. It provides the interface between the users and the backend. It is the face of the application.

Design is as important for a good application as functionality. A good app design balances appearances with functionality. Any great application without a good design might not appeal to the users. A good design enables users to interact with the application in an easier and more efficient way and hence provides a better user experience. Appearance has a great impact on popularity as well as usability.

Ready4SReady4SMobile app development company in Poland

The way to a user's heart is through graphics, says one of the most successful rules in the mobile industry. It may be enticing or discouraging. That’s why it is so important to consider design as one of the priority elements of an app development process.

The design in not only a ‘cover’ of the application – it creates natural connection between the app engine and its usability. It determines how your target group will react to the app and whether they just install and abandon it or it becomes really useful tool for them.

Design may also be the key attracting factor for acquiring users to use the app.

Which are the different elements in the design process of a mobile app for a top company?

There are various design elements to consider when developing an app. UI specs, wireframing, navigation and identification, are but a few of the elements deemed important in the app development process. However, there are only a handful which are deemed mission critical. Without these elements, the app simply doesn’t get off the ground. And if it does by some miracle see the light of day, its lifespan is will surely be a short one.

Information gathering, wireframing, and testing. The holy trinity of design in the mobile app development world. So long as you have these three elements covered your app has a fighting chance. However, like a three-legged stool, should one of these factors be neglected then the app will fall sooner or later, but likely sooner.

While the “holy trinity” of design can be considered the foundation of an app, several other elements need be considered to make sure that it is a user-centered app. These elements are: UI specification, identification of users and contexts, structural and navigational outline of interface, compositional design of interface, visual config, design of product model and usability testing. These elements build upon the foundation of the trinity to make a well-developed, well-designed and well-rounded app.

Ready4SReady4SMobile app development company in Poland

Design process has many stages. They are: deep analysis, getting insights, building prototypes, testing, implementing and improving.

For us, the most crucial element is analysis. Firstly, at this stage we do research on the target group of our application and build personas. It is important to know who the users of the app are going to be to precisely adapt functionalities and design of the app to their behaviours and preferences.

On the other side, we take communication with clients very seriously at this stage and we have to be sure that we know the app idea and its must-have features very well. When we accomplish those 2 things, we start doing big research on the best solutions and trends on the market.

We must not only respond to the needs of users but we also want to provide them with the solutions they will simply love. In our opinion, building an app without very carefully taken analysis doesn’t give great results and it’s shortcut in app devepment process that can be really damaging for the final result.

Mobulous TechnologiesMobulous TechnologiesMobile app development company in India

The goal of an app design is to envision what clients may want to do and guaranteeing that the interface has components that are easy to get to and understandable, and use to ease those actions.

Different elements are used to create the user-centred design. These are the important elements comprises in-app designing: Identification of Users and Contexts, Structural and Navigational outline of Interface, Compositional Design of Interface, Visual configuration, Design of Product model, Usability testing and UI Specification.

The most crucial elements that are used for app designing are info gathering, wireframing and testing. The whole process that synthesizes these classic elements of good design creates perfect application.

Seasia Infotech Pvt. Ltd.Seasia Infotech Pvt. Ltd.Mobile app development company in India

Visual design elements include: color scheme, fonts, usability, theme consistency, navigation, call to action etc. We consider usability to be the most important element of all.

AppInventivAppInventivMobile app development company in India

There is a set of process we follow for a mobile app design:

  • Wireframing: Navigational flow and Structural Layout
  • Branding: It helps a developer to select the overall color preferences to choose the theme of an app
  • Moodboarding: It’s basically a collection board, which is used as a reference for a designer to define a mood. It requires participation of the client.
  • Digital Design: Interface design as per wireframes. This element includes the implementation of the above three processes i.e wireframing, branding and Moodboarding
  • Feedback: Understanding all the interpretations
  • Back to design board: Applying all the feedbacks and finalizing the design

For us each and every design element is important.

Mobulous TechnologiesMobulous TechnologiesMobile app development company in India

To improve the user experience and create a user-friendly app, the designers use different tools like Photoshop, Illustrator or CorelDRAW. These tools allow the designer to quickly change their thoughts into a creation with fully intuitive models. These designing tools help the designer to make a simple-to-follow and understanding board for the application and its capacities.

Seasia Infotech Pvt. Ltd.Seasia Infotech Pvt. Ltd.Mobile app development company in India

Sketch3 and Zeplin are the tools that have bridged the gap between design and the development process to a great extent. Hence making it easier for the developers to implement the designs in a much better way.

seasia app
Ready4SReady4SMobile app development company in Poland

We use:

  • Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to create graphics and ilustrations
  • UXPin and Adobe XD to create prototypes and empower our UX/UI design
  • InVision to create wirefraes
AppInventivAppInventivMobile app development company in India

We leverage many groundbreaking tools and techniques to make our designs user-centric. Two of them are:

  • Style Guide (for web)
  • Design Specs (for mobile app)

The above tools enable developers to understand the design related metrics including color codes, size and font etc.

How long does it take to create good design?

While the concept of “billable hours” is certainly a real thing, the fact of the matter is that quality just cannot be rushed. To release an app without solidifying its design would be comparable to skydiving with only your goggles and helmet on. It’s just not going to end well. A strong user interface requires time, and developers (even season developers) should be aware of this. Ideas must be manifested, tested, feedback received and changes made. This process is repeated as many times as it takes to refine the experience into a flawless one.

Before ideas of the app are even discussed, the client must be told and constantly reminded of this small, yet crucial reality. The client must be made aware of the refinement cycle and even though it may take longer than they initially thought it is well worth the resources that they can commit to it.

Ready4SReady4SMobile app development company in Poland

Time needed for creating a good design depends on how big the app is. Usually it takes 1-2 weeks. At this stage it is important to keep in touch with the client and to work in iterative scrums. It boosts the speed of the process and helps to gain synergy effect while working on design.

The good practise is to create something, then have a break from that task and come back to see if your ideas still seem intuitive and if you still like your job. That insight from a different perspective can be really helpful.

Seasia Infotech Pvt. Ltd.Seasia Infotech Pvt. Ltd.Mobile app development company in India

Time to create a good design depends a lot on the functionality and understanding of the requirements. If we are clear about the aim of the application and the target audience then it is easier to come up with the design that is just right for the application in lesser iterations. Communication with client holds great importance. Discussions with client help us understand the aim of the application and target audience. Inputs from client at each step help us come up with design that meets client’s expectations.

AppInventivAppInventivMobile app development company in India

We leverage many groundbreaking tools and techniques to make our designs user-centric. Two of them are:

  • Style Guide (for web)
  • Design Specs (for mobile app)

Well, design takes time. Time required to get a creative design done depends on many factors including project requirements, timelines of the project and type of the project. One of the common myths is that it only takes a few minutes. It’s being expected that designers are adept and have a skill-set that allow for things to be done quicker.

But it isn’t an exact rocket science and inspiration that strikes at the most random times. Often times a designer just needs more time to spend on a project to experiment with color, space and ideas to come up with just the right concept before presenting the layout to a client.

Client communication is one of the most important aspects of designing a user-centric app. As focusing on customer communication is the important aspects in the long-term success of design. In every stage of the project, effective client communication ensures your design meets the customer's immediate needs. As time goes on, regular communication with your client base allows you to adapt and grow so you can continue to meet its design requirements.

Mobulous TechnologiesMobulous TechnologiesMobile app development company in India

Numerous designers, and as it should be, aren't actually aware of the sheer measure of time and exertion that goes into making a strong user interface application. Well, everything relies on the quality, one needs to put in a design that may take an entire week or more than that. To make a configuration for a whole application is truly conceptualizing process as one needs to look into every concise depiction of the clients.

It is vital in each progression to discuss straightforward with the potential clients and solicit them a ton from top to bottom questions regarding their business, their industry, their group of onlookers, their competitor, and their objectives. The designers must have to research and take a look into the desired users to provide the best solution for the Client business.

mobulous app

What is the next step for your company after you've got the mobile app design done?

LLD, the Low-Level Design Document should only be issued once the initial design has been refined and the UI tested. In order for the LLD to be issued, not only must the desired design be implemented, but the entire app must also be fully functional.

Seasia Infotech Pvt. Ltd.Seasia Infotech Pvt. Ltd.Mobile app development company in India

After getting the designs approved, we create notes and annotations for the developers. These help developers understand and implement the design in the exact way that they have been created.

Mobulous TechnologiesMobulous TechnologiesMobile app development company in India

After designing, designers use to analyze the entire configuration of the application. UI plan testing are done to ensure that the application serves its functionality. This process is required to complete the designing phase in a proper way. Once testing is completed, LLD (Low-level Design Document) gets prepared for the final design.

Ready4SReady4SMobile app development company in Poland

Simultaneously to the prototype, we create specifications of the app. When everything is ready and accepted, we put it into wireframes to give our clients a better possibility to check if they like our design ideas. If yes, we start programming the app.

ready4s app
AppInventivAppInventivMobile app development company in India

If clients and users love the design and want to play with it on the phone, it’s time to write code. Then we continue with the app coding part. The client will be frequently updated about the progress made by our team. This is because, coding is an expensive process and efforts should be taken in order to minimize the possibility of mistakes.

The tools and SDKs used will depend upon factors such as the platform for development and programmers’ skills.

How does your mobile app company test your designs?

Would you ever jump into some unknown body of water without first testing it with your toes? So why would anyone ever release an app without first testing it thoroughly. The design, the look and feel, of the app may be on point, but it is not the “be all and end all” of the app. At the end of the day, the app must still function as needed. The client may have their views on what the app needs, the developer and designer may have their own thoughts on this, but at the end of the day it is the users who will be downloading and using this app, and it is their needs which ring the loudest.

Getting direct user input, or at the very least their thoughts or ideas, are crucial to the apps success. This information will supplement the information given by the client to create a more balanced product.

Ready4SReady4SMobile app development company in Poland

We have many app testers who also test our app designs. Our employees from non-tech departments are also valuable source of insights so we always ask them to tell us if they like our ideas or not. Showing the design to the potential random users is usually not posible, because of keeping the app idea safe, but when the client is willing to do it. We test the design also on the random group.

Seasia Infotech Pvt. Ltd.Seasia Infotech Pvt. Ltd.Mobile app development company in India

Our designs go through a thorough testing process. Our quality assurance team test our designs to make sure that all design goals are met in the most efficient way. After the QA members client is the most potential user for us to guide if there is any room for improvement.

AppInventivAppInventivMobile app development company in India

We identify the target audience at every phase of the design process and ask them to do the user testing to ensure the design is as per the requirements and compatible on all the devices and screen size.

We show our designs to the potential users and get real user feedback on everything including wireframe sketches, hi-fidelity prototypes, unreleased beta apps, unreleased versions, app store pages, and the current release. Then we closely watch the real user experience on the wireframe or prototype before ever committing code. And, if we find a design disagreement with users, or within our team, we run a test and let the users settle.

Mobulous TechnologiesMobulous TechnologiesMobile app development company in India

Testing an app design on the premise of what they look like is not the only thing to judge about it. Testing additionally depends on read-through the ease of use of any design as according to the potential users and Clients viewpoint. The ordinary route to solve the functionality issue is to concentrate on what the user needs, instead of what the client or designer believes.

We use to show the configuration to potential users and take their input additionally to keep up the balance between both usefulness and visual components. This testing strategy let the design reflect the great vision of the organization it represents.

exousia app

How many developers and designers are needed in a mobile app development company for a good design?

Usually it takes a team of talented and skilled individuals to bring an app from a clients idea to a full blown published app. The designer is a key component in this team as they will tackle the all-important duty of crafting a UI/UX interface that will both please the client and will give the users the interactions that they crave. While designers must possess a host of skills, they must possess above all the ability think creatively.

Mobulous TechnologiesMobulous TechnologiesMobile app development company in India

Making a successful application requires expertise in a variety of skills and the designer is essentially responsible for creating the application's user interface. Well, it can't be considered precisely the quantity of specialists that one requires for making an application interface design. It all relies on the creativity and thoughts. An app interface plan works with the speed of creative ideas only.

Ready4SReady4SMobile app development company in Poland

Basically, there are 3 people involved in a team for a good desing:

  • Graphic and UX designer to give creative ideas and sulutions and then design them
  • Specification specialist to help with designing UX/UI, analyse and create functionality solutions for the app and keep an eye on it in the design process
  • Skilled developer to advice on good solutions and tech possibilites of developing some functionalities

Practically, the design process often involves much people from all the company’s departments.

AppInventivAppInventivMobile app development company in India

Well, it solely depends on the project and timelines assigned to the project.

Seasia Infotech Pvt. Ltd.Seasia Infotech Pvt. Ltd.Mobile app development company in India

The number of people depends upon the size of the mobile application. However, we do assign people with the following roles for each app which helps us create great design:

  • User Experience Designer: The responsibility of the UX designer is to create a wireframe of the application according to the functionality keeping in mind the best possible user experience
  • User Interface Designer: The UI designer takes the wireframes create by the UX designer and creates a graphical interface for the application
  • Design Tester: The design tester tests the design and provides us the inputs to make the UI/UX better


A client can have the best app idea the world has ever known, and a developer could even put that idea into code, but without an equally great design, this app will be glazed over by users. Creative design is not only a fancy arts term, but is a method in which the users interactions with the app are taken into account to form a design interface that will not only catch their attention but will retain it. Good design, proper design, professional design, do not only make apps visually pleasing, indeed the very lives of these apps depend on them.

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