Top mobile app development companies report: before outsourcing your mobile app development

Bernat Guitart
Published on Apr 20, 2017 in App Development
before outsourcing mobile app development report

It seems that everyone these days has some great idea for a mobile app. Some writers believe that there is a novel in everyone, likewise some believe that there is an app within everyone. Whether it be an entertainment mobile app, a useful tool, an addictive game or something to boost one’s productivity, people have an idea that they want to bring to digital life.

Now people can plan all they want and some jump straight into marketing strategies, monetization tactics and hammering out fine details about their mobile app. But like waves crashing upon beach boulders, their hopes, plans and excitement often come to a grinding halt when faced with the seemingly impassable wall of technical know-how. There are those who have taken the time to learn how to code and how to go through the process of developing a mobile app from scratch, but for the other hopeful app creators, the technical proficiency just simply isn’t there so they have the option of outsourcing the project to an app development company.

Before hiring a mobile app development company, those looking to build their apps must first acquire key and even crucial pieces of information and practices. To help discern these properties, we have engaged a handful of top mobile app developers from our directory.

Outsourcing the mobile app development successfully

There are numerous reasons why the solution for many out looking to get an app off the ground would be to work with a mobile app developer. The rewards of the hard work will be many, but before a single line of code is even written there are things that must be addressed beforehand, and it is good for a client to familiarize themselves with these parameters to ensure success.

Take the simple yet critical act of communication. It seems such an easy and logical thing for most, but mobile apps can die right before your very eyes due to lack of proper communication. For mobile app development companies, it is essential to establish rules, parameters and methods of contact with the client to ensure that information is being shared effectively and that conversations are done efficiently. Creating standards, setting thresholds and guidelines are a good way to ensure the success of an app build. The same goes for the other points included in the terms of service, such as securing safe payment methods, guarantees and access to code.

Synergo GroupSynergo GroupMobile app development company in Canada

It is critical for clients to ensure that the provider understands and is ready to align themselves with their business goals. It is also crucial that communication with the provider is smooth and easy. The only way a distributed team can be successful is if they can communicate efficiently.

Another important aspect is the clarity of the client’s product vision as well as the client’s focus on delivery, their ability to avoid the temptation of “gold plating”. The Agile methodology has to be more tan a buzzword, it has to be a way of life, a philosophy that all the team members, including the client, live by.

When evaluating the potential provider, rather than focusing on rates, the client should focus on the value the selected provider brings to the table, beyond their execution capability, i.e. experience, creativity, problem solving skills, etc.

Eastern Peak SoftwareEastern Peak SoftwareMobile app development company in Ukraine

A well-established communication with the developers is a must. This is the first piece of advice that we can give to those who have decided to outsource their mobile app development.

Create your software specification properly in close cooperation with the development team in order to avoid future misunderstandings: how were they supposed to have known that you wanted to have an online order feature if you didn’t document it initially?

One of the most important pieces of advice is to choose a trusted development agency with a proven track record and portfolio expertise in building products similar to yours.

Eastern Peak Software apps
Ready4SReady4SMobile app development company in Poland

From our experience, the most important things when outsourcing a mobile app project are:

  • Communication: mobile app development is a very absorbing and complex process, needing thorough explanation, so from the client perspective, efficient communication (with Project Manager primarily) and fast time of reaction are really crucial.
  • Safety and reliability: there is a reason why clients outsource software development services. They simply need to have their apps done right. That’s why, from the very first contact, clients want to feel safe and convinced that they are talking to a company that truly delivers, not only claims that they do. For clients, it often means proof of some previous works (including clients reviews), idea safety, technical advisory, team members experience, sometimes examples of task/sprint for developers, legal issues or payment methods.
  • Approach and complexity: it’s not only about delivering great code but also your approach and devotion to the project. Clients want to feel safe and comfortable with the cooperation and they often need not only developers but some kind of external CTO. It’s the job of the software house to provide them not only with the product but also with good advisory, the best possible technical solutions, user and business analysis.
  • Guarantee: every serious development company should give you the sense that they won’t forget about you the second they deliver you the last iteration. We believe that 3 months guarantee is a must.
AppInventivAppInventivMobile app development company in India

If you are interested in having a well-developed mobile app for your business, then you can give consideration to outsourcing app development project because of its myriad advantages. It is believed that when outsourcing you should inspect all the aspects of the project and at the same time several other important things like:

  • Communication: this is one of the key factors that plays a vital role in meeting the desired benefits. Thus, the outsourcing partner should speak a common language in order to avoid any kind of miscommunication. In addition, the company should be able to understand and respond appropriately as per the preference of customers. This way you know that you can easily connect with the right technical partner to discuss all your queries.In this regard, Basecamp and Slack are the most effective project management tools because the communication between company and client is done in a streamlined manner as all messages are addressed to the right person and messages are never lost. They give an easy way to handle task management as each work is assigned to the appropriate person and all the communication is there under that particular task. Their efficiency is based on several communication technologies, allowing you to have access to communication from anywhere and at anytime.
  • Safe payment methods: most of the companies accept payment in a number of ways such as escrow or milestone payment plan. Under escrow payment plan, payment is kept in a secure escrow account which is released when all the terms of the contract are met and this is inspected by its service provider. AppFutura offers this facility and reduces the risk of fraud or the risk of losing money.On the other hand, milestone payment contracts are very easy to control as well as payments are made according to achieved results. It is said that the success of such contract lies in the wisdom and the skill of defining the milestone.

The reputation of mobile app development companies

Mobile app development companies are essentially businesses, some are big firms that can employ hundreds of developers and other IT professionals, while others are small yet highly agile two to five-man teams, but in all cases, they must abide by certain universal rules of business. One of the most important of which is attaining and maintaining a good reputation. Remember that reputation cannot be bought or paid for, especially in this day and age where everything is being reviewed, upvoted, thumbs downed, like or unfollowed in real time.

App development companies need to take a long term approach when it comes to reputation and cultivate a loyal following by doing high quality work and consistently over delivering. With that being said, solutions do exist in the marketplace to help manage and mitigate damage to a company’s reputation. And, since no amount of money can buy reputation, it is essential that a company willing to be hired by a client looking for outsourcing spends time building an online reputation.

Eastern Peak SoftwareEastern Peak SoftwareMobile app development company in Ukraine

Our company is listed on several online app development directories. Our clients can find the references and overall information about us. We consider our clients’ feedback to be one of our most valued assets. It is a powerful tool that we use to prove our reputation and to show that we are not ashamed to display them.

AppInventivAppInventivMobile app development company in India

When it comes to building business and attracting a large number of customers, nothing is more important than the reputation of the business. Creating a good reputation not only takes time, but requires a lot of effort also. There is nothing wrong in saying that if an organization has a good reputation in the marketplace, then consumers prefer that company over other options. The reputation of a company in the market enables it to differentiate its offerings from others in this highly competitive market. Hence, reputation should not be overlooked at any cost.

  • Website: this is the most important aspect as it is the face of the company to the world. Thus, we ensure that every web page has a unique page title that comprises of all those keywords that you expect to use while searching for the page or product. You have to make sure that your website is dynamic, contain updated company information so that someone can know you better. In addition, you should post testimonials from happy customers as this build trust, which automatically leads to a better image. Moreover, there should be a section that includes an accurate description of your work environment, culture, benefits and some perks. You should also consider offering a look into your company's past projects that will help assure clients that your company hold immense potential for their success.
  • Blogs: blogs are very important in not only giving some exposure to the brand, but play a vital role in value to your customers. It is believed that the key to attract people to come to your blog is by offering quality and relevant content and we make sure that we provide well-written as well as insightful content. We also keep our customers up to date about about our company through blogs by posting content that are newsworthy.
  • Online directories: by listing your business in an online business directory you can definitely gain a lot of exposure for your business and this could increase traffic to your website. Apart from this, directories allow you to look like a professional business. It is believed that when an online visitor sees the link of your website in an online directory then by clicking on it they will be redirected to your website. This is considered as a great way to improve your position in the eyes of search engine crawlers.
AppInventiv apps
Ready4SReady4SMobile app development company in Poland

A good reputation is not something that you earn within a day, it requires years of hard work! With 6 years on the market and more than 60 apps developed, we think, that we deserve the place that we are now. We think that reputation is very important, without being perceived as a quality, reliable and trustworthy company, we wouldn’t be able to access such clients as Coca-Cola, Credit Agricole and Roche.

Our presence in Social Media (blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others) has three main goals:

  • We want to educate our clients in the areas of mobile technologies and development. Thanks to the thorough understanding of those issues, they can make better decisions in regards to their businesses and have a better knowledge about the processes that they will encounter while cooperating with us.
  • Another one of our goals is to give our clients a chance to get to know us better. Through our social media channels, they can find out about our philosophy, values, team and the approach we take when it comes to software development.
  • We also aim to promote the usage of high technology in everyday life. Mobile apps and other technologies are not only about earning money, but also about making your life as easy and comfortable as possible.
Synergo GroupSynergo GroupMobile app development company in Canada

Other than our own website we use third party directories such as AppFutura to showcase our portfolio and provide a venue for our customers to provide verified feedback

Synergo apps

Marketing strategies

While app development companies may be tempted to stick to their wheel house and only focus on coding, wireframing, and other technical matters, it is essential for the success of their business to also focus on attracting clients. After all, what is a business without clients? There are numerous ways to get eyeballs looking towards a business, and as times change so too does the marketing and advertisement tactics employed by businesses. In this context, the focus falls on two categories of gaining customers attentions; online and offline.

Most people are familiar with online strategies such as the use of Adwords and the use of digital marketing, posting on blogs and of course providing material through a company website. Offline, however, is a totally different story. In this scenario mobile app development companies must leverage personal relationships, be willing to get uncomfortable and press the flesh to build new bridges between themselves and their peers.

AppInventivAppInventivMobile app development company in India

Building a good client list can seem like an overwhelming task. A stream of new customers are very important to grow a business in a streamlined manner. Below are some fruitful ways that can bring in more customers:

  • Business website: there is a need to have a functional website where customers are able to find the content they're looking for. This means that you need to have relevant and useful information about your business and work, which you should update on a regular basis so as to make visitor's time worth it.
  • Blog posts: it is believed that displaying what you know is a wonderful way to prove your knowledge. A blog is the way to provide answers and once a potential customer sees you as a resource, then they are much more likely to consider you at the time of considering services which you are engaged in providing. Moreover, it improves your visibility on Google, which is also called SEO and when you have fresh and relevant content on your website, you can keep a good ranking. There is no denying that if you are ranked well, then you can be a part of the buying decision research.
  • Digital marketing: it makes it possible for your business to reach out to your potential customers and it also helps in building long term relationships with them. Results can be immediately measured as soon as the customer provides contact information, makes a purchase or simply subscribes to a newsletter.
  • Leverage your network: it is believed that your existing network is the best place to reach out to your potential customers, but there is always a need to grow your customer base and for this you may need to expand your network. In this regard, attending networking events or joining organizations are some of the best ways to increase your network.
  • Develop partnerships in events: if you think that you have plenty of expertise in your field, then without further ado, get involved in the community. There is no exaggeration in saying that joining hands with businesses that offer complementary services enable you to take advantage of teamwork and this is considered very effective in building a business.
  • Word of mouth publicity: this is considered as the most effective and the oldest form of marketing. It generally revolves around engage, equip, empower and encourage. In order to engage them, you need to start talking to them and pay attention on what they are saying. In addition, you should equip your business with all the topics that customers cannot resist talking about. Lastly, there is a need to provide avenues so that they can become your brand advocates.

Customers are not only considered core to your business, but they are your business. So, there is a need to acquire new consumers. Here are some profitable ways which plays a vital role in growing your customer base:

  • Work culture: a great culture is a pivotal aspect of any successful business as it defines the way in which your company interacts with employees and with the outside world, specifically clients which, in turn, create success. People will look forward to do business with you because of what you believe in, instead of solely on your offerings. Thus, it is important to get brief insight into organizational culture. It is believed that company's social networking profiles, especially its pages on LinkedIn and Facebook reveal a lot of information about its work culture and its past as well as present work. If a user finds that this particular corporate culture suits them then you are definitely at a higher chance to attract the client towards your business. On the other hand, by visiting other directories, an individual can know about a company's reviews, which generally covers culture and values, career opportunities and many more. In this regard, you should invite developers and employees to spread the work about the excellent work-life balance and you should customize the profile with some photos showing what it's exactly like to work at your company.
  • Case study: there is nothing wrong in saying that if you visit a website, you wil likely see some testimonials either on its homepage or on a dedicated section of the site. However, you can also think of the case study as an expansion of that testimonial. This means that you can show a customer's problem and explain how your business provided a wonderful solution. You have to make sure that it follows a narrative that your potential customers can follow while also learning about the value of your business. In addition, take your reader through your customer's good experience and end with a strong recommendation so as to make them believe that your business is the answer to the client's problem.
  • Linkedin: it is believed that Linkedin plays a very important role in growing your customer base. The most common practice is to direct your LinkedIn traffic to landing pages. This way your brand will get more exposure and surely more traffic. In addition, you should welcome your new connections and try to uncover new opportunities of working with them on a project.
  • Networking and referrals: it is believed that referrals from networking or past business associations is not just an inexpensive way to pick up new business, but a great way to acquire new customers with the highest retention rates. By having a clear understanding of your target customers, you can talk about them in your network and then you can ask for referrals from satisfied customers, but don't forget to thank your valuable sources for their valuable support.
  • Visit industry conferences: attending meetings or conferences is a great option to attract customers, but you should also try speaking about your expertise, experience and skills to name a few. There is no exaggeration in saying that this is a great way to build up your personal brand and form a strong relationship with live audience.
  • Offer work sample: there is no denying that having a strong online presence as a whole is of utmost importance, but there is a need to always make sure that some meaningful or useful information about your work is always there on your website. This will help them in understanding your potential and your competency in handling the app development project and hence, you are at a higher chance to attract your target audience.
Ready4SReady4SMobile app development company in Poland

We use both offline and online marketing strategies. On one hand, we love meeting with our clients in person. Our founders travel all over the world and meet with other software houses and start-up hubs. Our office is very much alive as well. We host our clients very often as they love visiting our beautiful city, Cracow, and meeting with our team. We also attend different kinds of conferences and meet with students on job fairs. We definitely don’t sit locked in our office all the time!

We also have a very strong online presence with our website, blog and social media channels we are trying to be as approachable to our potential clients as we can. You can also find us on various mobile app developer rankings such as AppFutura, where we constantly maintain a very high position.

The references we receive from our former clients are also one of our best sources for getting new ones. Their trust in us is so high that they often come back to us with new app ideas and recommend us to their closest friends! If you try to google us you will find dozens of positive reviews about us, spread across the Internet. This is something that we are very proud of because we really take good care of our customers and we are glad that they appreciate that.

The Internet is a very powerful tool and we are happy, that with the proper use of it, you don’t need to waste your time and money for TV commercials or newspaper ads. Our strategy is to provide our customers the most unique and useful content they can find. And to show them that we are an ambitious and hardworking team of people who enjoy their job, which is especially shown on our Instagram account.

Ready4S apps
Eastern Peak SoftwareEastern Peak SoftwareMobile app development company in Ukraine

Many clients come to us based on the recommendation that they received from someone they know, while others just find us online, searching through references and use cases.

Synergo GroupSynergo GroupMobile app development company in Canada

Most of our customers come through word of mouth, but we also get leads through participating in meetups in the various parts of the World where we have a local presence.


The fact is that there are a myriad of variables when outsourcing the mobile app development, topics and actions to consider when working with a client. There are the things that need to be done to attract business, things that need to be done to secure business and things that need to be done to execute the task to the best of the company’s abilities.

Just like how one may view the construction of the house as a monumental task (and indeed it is), it is actually the setting of the foundation soundly and correctly that will dictate whether the house stands strong and true in the long run. As such, a mobile app development company should endeavor to work with and inform their client thoroughly before a single wireframe is sketched or a line of code typed in. Setting a strong foundation, laying down the rules of how the whole project will be conducted will be essential to its success.

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