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There is no doubt that Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most successful innovations for the past few months. Nowadays, all devices (from the fridge to the lights, car or even the gate of your house) are connected with your phone (or between them). You can download an app on your phone so you can schedule the heater to start before you get home.

But Internet of Things does not only improve your life, it also helps developers and product owners to improve their services with all the data they gather from IoT. A study by Cisco stated that 73% of the business owners use IoT data to improve their services. It is also important the partnership ecosystem that IoT has created to become successful or even for support.

The truth is that a lot of app ideators believe in IoT as the next big thing, though things can get more difficult once you start the development process of the project (60% of the companies surveyed by Cisco think so). This is why we have decided to share with all the readers of AppFutura’s blog a list with the most promising IoT developers in our directory. We have interviewed them in order to learn more about their IoT projects and how they can help any client with an IoT project idea to become the leader on the app stores.

DigiMarkDigiMarkBright mobile appsIn AppFutura since April 2015Mobile app development company in Bulgaria

IoT projects

DigiMark has developed different IoT projects from the idea to the development, testing and launch. They also have different IT professionals that can help with analytics, cloud technologies, VR, AR or wearables. The IoT projects you can find in their portfolio are:

Kamenitza Refresher

Kamenitza Refresher is an interactive installation. It is directly connected and activated through the Facebook application. People on the internet can press the button "Fresh". The generated clicks on it activate the installation in the park. Each 100th click on the button, triggers Kamenitza Refresher. It activates a sprayer that refreshes with water the park visitors, and, at the same time, a vending machine, built in the installation gives away beers.

Orbit Smile Machine

Orbit was the first company to introduce a glowing smile as a payment method in the country. The only condition to get a pack of Orbit was to stand in front of the machine and smile broadly. All the smiles of the campaign appeared in a specially designed Facebook application and they also could be shared by users. The machine has been in more than nine major cities in Bulgaria.


E-walls takes climbing to a whole new level. Users can customise their own routes, share them with other users in the application and, the coolest part, the routes will be visualised with lights on the climbing wall! The climbers will have to follow the route that appears on the wall and this way they will have a more fun and different experience.

ExaudExaudPrecise Software SolutionsIn AppFutura since October 2015Mobile app development company in Portugal

IoT projects

Exaud caters the app project needs of companies from startups to medium-sized and large companies. Mobile apps, embedded systems and Internet of Things are their main areas of expertise. In this third area, Exaud worked with Brandibble, a company that provides platforms for online ordering and point of sale (POS) automation.

Exaud’s challenge with this project came with the POS equipment, stripe card readers and thermal printers have a significant price gap between traditional wired and IoT-style equipment that can operate wirelessly in a more autonomous way. Therefore, POS software providers often have a dilemma whether to provide traditional or wireless equipment, especially when dealing with SMEs players which are often interested in the most cost-efficient solutions. Consequently the challenge was to come up with a combined software and hardware platform that would allow usage of traditional POS equipment while maintaining most of the IoT features for distributed POS setups.

Finally, the solution Exaud developed was a low-level software platform that powers up micro PCs running Linux that handle all communication with the legacy wired equipment over USB and Ethernet and then relay it wirelessly thus effectively turning it into modern IoT-grade equipment.

Various kinds of hardware devices such as pinpads, stripe card readers, scanners and cash registers can be effortlessly upgraded to the latest IoT connectivity standards using this Brandibble hub software solution. The technologies used were Linux, C, Java, Tomcat and REST API.

BrainMobiBrainMobiCreating Next Gen Mobile AppsIn AppFutura since November 2015Mobile app development company in India

IoT projects

"Having already developed IoT-ready solutions for table bookings at restaurants, navigation based apps, connected workplaces as well as innovative uses of wearable technology, our team is an expert in IoT. Fitness apps built for wearables are something we excel at, and take great pride in. Apps based on technologies which we believe will be the main technologies in the future, such as AR and VR are something we work on extensively.

At BrainMobi, we believe that learning never ends and hence we are exploring various fields in which Internet of Things can be used but isn’t being used to it’s full extent, and in the process, we learn. We have already learnt a lot, and we believe we still have a long way to go. IoT is as scalable as it gets, so we are parallely researching about how we can make roads and entire cities safer with the help of IoT. Since our team is highly innovative, our team likes to work on IoT app projects and has come up with out-of-the-box and challenging ideas for solving critical problems using IoT. While the hardware aspect of Internet of Things is something way out of our bounds, we do our best in keeping the software aspect in check."

OCDLabOCDLabObsessed with perfectionIn AppFutura since January 2016Mobile app development company in United States

IoT projects

OCDLab has a team of mobile app development innovators. Their IT professionals think different than the rest with an innovative approach. This is what motivated OCDLab to start their adventure on IoT project development.

“Over the past few years, the world of Internet-connected products has outgrown its loyal group of tech hobbyists looking to automate their homes, to an industry that is at the genesis of seismic growth.

While the consumer space is where IoT is the most prominent, with products such as connected thermostats and lightbulbs lovingly commanded by everyone’s AI personality – Alexa, it is the B2B sector where Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) is causing significant disruptions and breakthroughs. Industrial IoT is bringing tremendous value to businesses as it allows them to build upon existing assets, devices and data. By tapping into existing sensor data, businesses are provided with abundant analytics that are solving problems in logistics, manufacturing, customer service and the supply chain which were once thought to be impossible.

Internet of Things is still in its infancy but has already proven to be a formidable disruptor and is primed to be a catalyst for innovation for years to come. Companies of all sizes have the opportunity to potentially revolutionize the way they conduct their businesses and boast a sizeable advantage in their respective fields.”

Some examples of the IoT app projects that OCDLab has developed are:

SunSmart Cloud 2.0

ProLink Remote Monitoring

Noritz Connect

Ready4SReady4SMobile Apps for Start-UpsIn AppFutura since March 2013Mobile app development company in Poland

IoT projects

Ready4S has experience developing mobile apps that have have more than 1 million downloads. Their fast and smart app development techniques allow clients to save time and money. Their IoT projects are also successful. Let’s check some of them.

Terma froup

Terma BlueLine allows you to manage your home electric and coil heaters temperature and other functionalities remotely. The app works only with devices manufactured by Terma. The app connects with all the home electric and coil heaters to allow you to control them easily using your smartphone.

Ready4S has developed this app for iOS and Android platforms. It is exclusively destined for Terma Group devices owners. The app basic functionalities include: adding and managing Terma BlueLine devices, controlling various heating devices at the same time and creating your own scenarios and an ability to activate them at any time. To make using the app as much battery sparing as possible, during the development process we have used the Bluetooth Low Energy technology. The whole project wasn’t much challenging, as Ready4S already had experience with creating similar apps.


ExtaFree is an advanced smart home system. It allows to wirelessly control a great number of electrical appliances in an easy and user-friendly way. You can manage all of your smart home devices like lightning, blinds or garage gates using your smartphone as the app connects with them remotely.

Exta Free is an IoT based app for Zamel - a smart home devices manufacturer, available for iOS and Android using agile methodology. The main app functionalities are wireless navigation system, a quick and easy configuration of receivers and high reach control over multiple devices. While making the app, Ready4S needed to take an effort to elaborate its wireless navigation system and to make its interfaces extremely user-friendly. ExtaFree was the first IoT app for Ready4S.


ExtaLife is a more advanced version of the ExtaFree application. The main difference between ExtaFree and ExtaLife is that the upgraded version enables two-sided communication. For example not only you can close your entrance door using the app, but the app will also remind you to do so, in case you forgot. ExtaLife is a perfect example of IoT technology as all of the smart home devices communicate with the app, keeping the app owner always up-to-date about what’s going on at home.

ExtaLife is available for iOS and Android devices.The biggest challenge during the development was to integrate hardware with the software -with so many smart home devices, it wasn’t an easy task to achieve. Especially, as the communication between the devices needed to be two-sided now. Luckily Ready4S managed to overcome those difficulties and delivered a smoothly-working and developed product.

SiDLY Care

Sidly Care is a medical app connected with the Sidly Care Band which helps doctors and senior care assistants to monitor their patients' health. The band measures all important data about patients and the app makes it possible to monitor it in a user-friendly way. The mobile app connects with the SiDLY Care Band to make the app owner available to view all the data gathered by the device.

SiDLY Care is an app available for Android and iOS devices that makes taking care of your elderly close ones possible, despite the distance. Working on this app was a great challenge for Ready4S - after all, when it comes to human lives, there is no place for bugs and errors. The main functionalities of the app include: connecting with the wearable Sidly Care Band, remote checking the patient's health, sending an immediate notification when a patient presses the SOS button on the band or falls. Ready4S worked really hard to make the interface of the app extra user-friendly and not over complicated as the stake was too high for users to get confused by our app. The app became a big success and the SiDLY Care company received many prizes for its product.

AmvTekAmvTekComplex web systemsIn AppFutura since September 2017Mobile app development company in Romania

IoT projects

AmvTek is a mobile and web development company founded more than 10 years ago. Their internal process offers the best development for clients. AmvTek can help with different types of apps and mobile projects, including those integrating Internet of Things.

Internet Of Things is a large category but one thing that all the IoT projects have in common is that they require developers to work at hardware level to create an object that can be accessed over the network. So in ‘normal’ app development, you work hard to create a software (an app that you can use on mobile or in browser). In Internet of Things development, you will create the software but also design the hardware (the computer if you want) that will run the software.

One of AmvTek’s Internet of Things project is Lift Control. At first, AmvTek was required to help developing an electronic controller to control an in building lift. To achieve this, the developers built an electronic card that simulates the lift to be controlled electro mechanically. That card (the IO board) is connected on one side to the Lift Controller and on the other side to an app AmvTek developed that run in browser and allows developers to see how the lift is moving and simulates floor calls or system malfunctions.

This browser app is now being adapted to allow companies maintaining lifts to visualize the operation of the lift they are supervising over the web.

Synergo GroupSynergo GroupMobile and Web Application Development Company in TorontoIn AppFutura since August 2015Mobile app development company in Canada

IoT projects

Synergo has helped worlwide organizations of different sectors. Their innovative software and the value of their work have made them one of the top developers to consider for an Internet of Things project.

“While the concept behind IoT is not new, sensors have been around for a very long time, IoT networks and devices play a crucial role in our global transition to a digital economy.

From Consumer IoT (such as smart TVs, watches and connected appliances) to Commercial IoT (inventory controls, device trackers and connected medical devices) and Industrial IoT (connected electric meters, manufacturing robots and other types of connected industrial controls) we will see more and more integration of these technologies in our daily life, whether it is for smart cities, home automation, industrial automation or health monitoring.

The growth of Internet of Things will lead to increased communication, especially machine to machine communication, a higher degree of automation and control, the increase in the ability to better monitor complex processes which in turn will lead to the generation of large amounts of data.

However, the technology is still somewhat heterogenous, there are still a lot of compatibility issues between different platforms and devices, which increases the complexity of an IoT project. Privacy and security are also big concerns. Due to the sheer amount of information being generated by the Internet of Things systems we see a big impact on Big Data as well as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.”


As seen on this article about the most promising Internet of Things developers, the new trend is to connect all the devices available to improve users lives. It can be either in the Health sector, smart homes or even vending machines, IoT is all around us. All the feedback received from developers and IoT app users is positive. Having the possibility to control everything at home from the office or making it easier for doctors to follow your health history is nothing but useful for everyone.

Here you can find the mobile app development companies that have developed more IoT projects. If you want to check other companies, you can visit our Internet of Things app developers directory.

You can also comment and discuss Internet of Things on our Forum.

You can also check an IoT academic research survey or learn more about the integration of Android Things.
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