Top 10 Mobile Apps You Can't Live Without in Brazil

Anshul Sharma
Anshul Sharma, CEO & Business Head at Fluper Limited
Published on May 30, 2018 in App Development
Top 10 Mobile Apps you cannot live without in Brazil

The vast South African terrain stretches right from the Amazon Basin in the north to vineyards and massive Iguaçu Falls in the south and is worldwide famous for the 38m Christ the Redeemer statue on Mount Corcovado, Rio De Janeiro. This sprawling landscape houses one of the best cricket international teams and top mobile application development companies. However, such a vast country definitely needs proper guidance in the shape of helpful mobile apps to help those who visit the place for the first time.

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This particular blog, therefore, lists out the top 10 mobile apps for Brazil residents divided into different categories, which actually serve as the most helpful assistant for those who visit the country for the first time, and even those who live there permanently.

Public Services


Public service is a particular genre that must have specific apps designed to meet the different needs of the public. Colab is an app especially designed to encourage citizens to share their suggestions to improve the cities they live in. Such an app offers a feeling of oneness and allows citizens partake in crucial decisions concerning the cities where they reside. Either a hole in the sidewalk or garbage scattered on the streets etc. are easily informed to the authorities. This definitely raises a sense of responsibility amongst the citizens in beautifying the place they call ‘HOME'.


This particular app has been designed only for iOS users and it’s a part of the Public Service genre, so is somewhat similar to ‘Colab’. This app is for making citizens aware of the selective collection points or containers for the disposal of waste in the city. Search for waste collection points near a location along with other information such as telephone numbers, opening hours and addresses.

Transportation Services

99 Taxis

It is one of the largest e-hailing apps in Brazil and has been designed with the purpose of transforming the lives of modern commuters. With a few taps on the smartphone screen, one can easily hail any cab within a matter of minutes and pay for the ride directly through the app. The drivers are rigorously scanned and processed before being appointed with the responsibility to take the riders safely from their locations and drop them at their pre-decided destinations. The estimated rate is offered even before booking the ride, which is affordable when compared to the market rate. An easy-to-use app that also feeds coupons and discounts from time-to-time.


This is definitely the most popular taxi mobile app, which is always ready to service commuters on demand instantly. Uber has already gained worldwide fame for their years’ long service in dropping and picking commuters to and from their locations. They have even ventured into other sectors gradually to derive the maximum benefits from the on-demand service sector.

Navigation and City Guides


A perfect Android app which is designed especially for the tourists and first-time visitors. Using the iBeacon technology, one can see details of various places of interest such as sculptures, paintings, art galleries, museums and other places for tourist attraction etc. The content of the information is provided in the native language itself.


Yet another travel and tourism app designed for Android lovers. Tourists can easily scan through the lists to search for nearby locations and make hotel/restaurant reservation. The list is pretty long with varied rates suited to any budget constraint. Places like cinemas, restaurants, hotels, gyms, banks, bars and nightclubs, parks, theater, libraries and museums, ATMs, pizzerias, hamburgers, snack bars, clubs, amusements, schools, colleges pharmacies and drugstores, hospitals and health centers, inns, parking lots, taxi points, buses, subways, trains, gas stations, pet shops, malls etc. are all listed right here for users and first-time visitors.

Food and Delivery Services


This free food delivery app is popular amongst 20 Brazilian cities specifically designed for Android, iOS and Windows smartphone users. The food delivery apps have come as a respite for guests waiting long hours to get a seat in their choicest restaurants during rush hours else wasting minutes for the order to be taken and food served. Now the same lists can be easily scanned right on the smartphone app across different restaurants and place orders instantly to get it delivered hot right to your doorstep.


This is a free mobile app available for both Android and iOS users widely accessed across 15 Brazilian cities. On-demand food delivery app has always been in high demand amongst app users and mobile app developers since this is one such sector that will never fall short of customers. Their service is fast and offers easy food delivery services from local restaurants in and around the buyer’s location.

Shopping Services


Mainly designed to help the buyers list out their groceries and other items needed for immediate purchase and estimate the amount would be paid on each based on the previous purchase expense. This app aids users with organizing their shopping lists and visits to the local market. Also, the app helps further in searching for products at affordable market rates by turning on the GPS of the phone and using the ‘Search Product’ option.

Banking and Payment Services


Brazil has its own set of financial and banking services unique to their land. The supportive app is designed for both Android as well as iOS users. When digitization is practically in trend, banks and financial services must concentrate more on apps to offer a convenient approach to banking and monetary exchange. NuBank is simple and easy-to-use even for the non-tech savvy generation.

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Time to wrap up

Mobile app development has displayed to the world the most convenient method to approach different tasks in-hand. This has opened new opportunities for startups and top-rated mobile app development companies.

Few developers concentrate on designing applications specifically for a particular location. The Public Service and Government apps fall into this category. This particular posts can help a Brazil resident move about and harness different public services there.

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