Top Apple Announcement in March Event that you Need to Know

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Apr 14, 2019 in iOS Developers Resources
Top Apple Announcement in March Event that you Need to Know


Customers have always being fanatic about tech giants and Apple is not far away from the list. On 25th March 2019, Apple announced some of the most amazing products that took a lot on the parts of iPhone app developers and hardware. The latest addition of subscription has made it reach a new height for video games, television, and news. Other than this, the business venture is taking over the daily deals in the form of credit cards. The main motive behind these latest additions is to work upon user experience and share market targets to get the best possible service.

However, Apple came up with some of the major announcement that took everyone by surprise.

1. Payment Experience – As mentioned above, this latest announcement by Apple took everyone by surprise when they added to credit card services for the users. They found out a secure and handy payment option that is in the iPhone. In addition to this, Apple joined hands with Goldman Sachs to launch Wallen app. The custom iPhone app development is done to make the digital card available for everyone that uses iOS devices. The best thing about this digital payment mode is that it allows keeping a track on statements, payments, cash back, etc. that makes it ideal for the users. Even the confidentiality of data has maintained the commitments of Apple standards.

2. Apple News+ - Another of its announcement that was added to enhance the user experience in terms of magazines is News lineups. In addition to this, just like any other magazine, they have added a monthly subscription through which the person can avail the services for the news. The key attraction is the presentation of live cover that gives an amazing look and feels to the application. In addition to this, it also has an animations setup that makes it even more amazing to look at. There is so much that will fall into place with blubs that highlights the value of the overall process. Also, the readers can work upon the stores recommended as per the magazines preferred by them. In addition to this, even searching option is easy when it comes to the subscribed magazine so that fresh issues can get auto-download. So, one can enjoy it in offline mode as well that increases the overall value of with targeted ads.

3. Apple Arcade – The game-makers has managed to make Apple a potential target to everything. Apple Arcade was launched that makes the overall announcement reach a new level. in addition to this, the interactive games along with amazing strategy make it even more valuable to subscribe. There are 100+ games that can be availed exclusively in this collection that is available for offline mode as well. On top of that, every single Apple device can use the service of Apple Arcade that makes it valuable to work upon. Apart from this, there are no additional purchase, advertisement, etc. in the software that might be required. Even the parents can keep tabs on kids and their usage of the device with features present. There are no announcements made on free for a subscription but 150+ countries can enjoy it. However, the Mac, iPad, Apple TV, and iPhone users can enjoy 100+ games easily.

4. Apple TV+ - The mobile app development company was thrilled to learn about the Apple TV+ that becomes one of the major Apple additions. Through this application, one can enjoy premium content all across the world. However, no service details are out yet by Apple or any employee in regards to the system and its service. In the application aspect, one can enjoy it in offline as well as online mode. However, no updates on its nature with subscribers are known yet. It is possible that documentaries might be available for subscribers that focuses on immigrant life. Then there are children program as well that is based on science fiction and sesame street characters. Other than this, there are a number of other programs that can be enjoyed on Apple+. Some of them are mental health highlights, documentaries, workplace harassments, etc. In addition to this, there are Netflix and HBO as well that falls in as external programs by iPhone app developers.

5. Apple TV App – There is also an announcement on the Apple TV that has some amazing feature. This application worked on the machine learning that has made it easy to obtain suggestions and recommend channels to the customers. The best feature that is incorporated by the custom iPhone app development is that the user can continue from the point they left to enjoy the show or movie. Even the score will be displayed on the screen with the number of personalized options. A person can enjoy every single day with the latest updates and get things done in the right order. The main goal of Apple was that every single feature is right at the fingertip without any complex format to understand it. It will have all the channels including sports, news, movies, shows, etc. that makes it easy for the users to work upon. There is also no requirement for the users to keep the track of shows by any help of the third-party application. On top of that, the subscription option has made it even more easy to work with when it comes to large packages and data flow.


Apple has opened up so many doors for the users to explore that has made it easy for the know about domains. The main goal of this announcement is the entertainment with some amazing ways. However, even after the announcement by the top mobile app development company, it will be amazing to see what new we will be able to witness. This will add a new experience to users and make them go to a new height. Especially, subscription and urge to give personalized experience to the users has managed to take it to a new level with refined structure.

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