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by AppFutura on Jun 13, 2017 / App Development
Yudiz Solutions

Kalyan Acharya, Business Development Head of Yudiz is our last interviewee of our mobile app development company video interview series recorded at the Mobile World Congress 2017.

Check out what Kalyan had to say about Yudiz Solutions, Virtual Reality or smartwatch apps.

Kalyan Acharya introduces Yudiz Solutions as a mobile app development company that focuses its activity on enterprise apps, game apps and web development. The company has its mobile app development office in India. Yudiz has representatives in the United States and Australia. 140 employees are working at Yudiz.

Yudiz Solutions helps clients understand the right approach for their mobile app projects, concentrating their efforts on Native iOS and Android, while using Unity for mobile game development. Yudiz's clients are from United Kingdom, Australia and Canada as well as the Middle East.

I understand there is a lot of competition doing similar stuff, that's why we are partnering with different agencies across the globe.

MoneyControl, a smartwatch app, is one of the best apps Yudiz Solutions has developed. A part from that, the mobile app development company also works on Virtual Reality apps (focused on mobile games) and developers are also interested in the Augmented Reality space. As Kalyan says, there is a lot happening in the VR and AR world, also in the Internet of Things. This is why Yudiz Solutions is into home automation and they are very confident that their developers will be able to provide a good app project related to this sector.

Watch the video interview to know all the details about the mobile app development company Yudiz Solutions.

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