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by AppFutura on Jun 01, 2016 / App Development
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Sofia Melnychuk, Business Development Manager at TechMagic is our new interviewee of our mobile app development company video interview series. Check what Sofia had to say about TechMagic, native development and VR.

TechMagic is a software development company that helps serial entrepreneurs and first time founders build remote development teams and launch their great ideas.

The company has the focus on native mobile development for iOS and Android and web development using MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js).

TechMagic has developed a number of amazing products like Good&Co, a revolutionary discovery engine and social network built for those who are looking for greater happiness and meaning in their career, relationships and personal lives. Through the series of personality quizzes, individuals can learn about their personality and unlock their Archetype blend. This process, steeped in hard science, examines thousands of data points to find the best cultural fit between job seekers and job openings.

The mobile app development company is always open to develop interesting applications that will help people around the world to live better life and make every­day routine easier. They treat each client individually and try to build not just a good product but an amazing one!

The next big platform can be chat bots. Users will slowly get accustomed to use bots, their interface, but bots won’t fully replace applications. As TechMagic has developed bots for their customers, it can be an additional channel to communicate with end users. Bots are completely different channel then mobile applications are, therefore companies can develop both, bots and mobile apps.

The next big thing in mobile will be VR. Mobile VR holds a lot of potential as it is easy to use, is not that expensive, and is quite portable. Major mobile app developers will integrate a VR ­mode into their existing mobile apps instead of deploying a new VR app.

Watch the interview to know all the details about TechMagic's mobile app development company. If you want to discuss about mobile app development projects or any other interesting topic for developers, you can post it in our forum.

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