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Marc Coll, owner and CTO of Sixtemia. This top mobile app development company from Spain is our interviewee today for our app development companies video interview series. Check what Marc had to say about Sixtemia and mobile app development projects. We talked about marketing, mHealth and more!

Marc Coll (yes, it's the same name as our Project Manager! But this is another Marc Coll), from Sixtemia Mobile Studio, tells us they are located in Girona, Catalonia, Spain. The app development company builds mobile apps with iOS and Android. The team of this top catalan company has 8 developers, so it's a small studio. All the mobile apps are native, Sixtemia doesn't use hybrid technologies like HTML.

The company's focus is on quality. developers put all their efforts there, and the team is aligned to provide the highest quality possible for each mobile app project.

Sixtemia has two lines of mobile app projects: on one hand the company has small projects (basically for marketing companies) that take 1-2 months But there is another line where the app development company focuses on, the mHealth apps and B2B mobile apps.

One of the best mobile apps is an mHealth app with a control panel for osteopathic clinics where the user can find the historical of a patient and the osteopathic physician can draw directly in the device. It is available for iOS iPad and the mobile is very helpful to manage daily work at clinics instead of using papers or a PC.

And when does a company decide to outsource a mobile app project? Usually it is because they don't know how to build apps because their expertise is in another area, like some marketing companies don't have developers in house, that's why they outsource the development work to achieve the best quality.

As per what the futur will bring, Marc Coll, CTO of the top mobile app development company Sixtemia, says this: "I've seen a lot of Virtual Reality glasses, maybe this is the next big thing in hardware. In software we think it's mHealth apps". A lot of developers are following this trend and Sixtemia thinks there is a bunch of things to do in that industry.

Watch the interview to know all the details about Sixtemia's app development company and their experienced developers. If you want to discuss about mobile app development projects, VR glasses, mHealth or any other interesting topic for developers, you can collaborate in our forum.

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