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by AppFutura on Mar 28, 2017 / App Development
Mobiloitte Apps

Jagdish Harsh, CMD at Mobiloitte Technologies, is our new interviewee of our mobile app development company video interview series.

Check out what he had to say about Mobiloitte Technologies, AI and IoT.

Jagdish Harsh represents Mobiloitte, an expanding company with offices in Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, India and now in the United Arab Emirates.

A lot of Mobiloitte's clients are in the Middle East as well as in America. Bots, IoT or Artificial Intelligence are some of the technologies they have expertise on.

Mobiloitte's mobile app development company is based in New Delhi and a lot of the employees are specialized in IoT and Healthcare. Mobiloitte's developers work in the manufacturing sector, retailing and smart cities apps. Mobiloitte has a strong focus on security and performance of the mobile apps to stay ahead of the competition.

There are more than 500 IT and developer employees, and Mobiloitte has plans to increase in 100 employees each quarter to achieve the 2k by the end of 2017, as there is a growing demand of mobile app development in India and the Middle East.

And what makes Mobiloitte different than the rest? Everybody develops mobile apps, but Mobiloitte does more than that. They offer app secutirty on their latest developments. Including Artificial Intelligence and bots, it adds some value to their works. Mobiloitte's mobile app development company works with all types of platforms, from Android to Titanium or cloud server.

Mobiloitte has worked on more than 3k mobile apps last year, in small and big projects. Actually, Jagdish believes that there is a lot to learn from the startup ecosystem. They have great ideas and Mobiloitte wants to learn from them.

Finally, what trends to follow in 2017? IoT, AI, machine learning,... Mobile apps are here to stay, and in the near future, all businesses will have one app for their customers.

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