Top app development companies video interview: Mobi lab (II)

by AppFutura on Apr 19, 2017 / App Development
This is our second time interviewing the mobile app development company Mobi Lab. We have learnt more about the apps that they have developed since the Mobile World Congress 2016 video interview and we have also met new employees, like Andrés Gallardo, Marketing and Sales Executive at Mobi Lab.

Mobi Lab apps

Andrés Gallardo presents Mobi Lab as a design studio with its focus on User Experience for mobile projects. They have been developing apps for national TV in Estonia and for Cleveron, a smartcity/smart robot sector. Mobi Lab's main goal right now is to find and validate different markets like the Spanish or UK markets. Mobi Lab is trying to become strong in UK with events to bring closer the designing community in London. Part of Mobi Lab's team is very motivated and into new technologies like Augmented Reality, this is where they keep their focus on nowadays. They believel AR is going to change the future. Andrés' recommendation for people with an app idea is to make sure they are ready, because developing and building a mobile app takes time, investment and a lot of energy. To succeed with a mobile app, it needs to be done accurately and without bugs or errors.

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