Top app development companies video interview: Aequilibrium

Published on Apr 29, 2016 in App Development

Adrian Moise, Founder of CEO of Aequilibrium. This top mobile app development company from Canada is the protagonist of today's video interview. Check what Adrian had to say about Aequilibrium and mobile app development projects. We talked about Iot, mobile payments and more!

Aequilibrium Software app development company is based in Vancouver, Canada. The company conducts business in North America with local consultants and they also outsource the development to Eastern Europe. The top app development company has 20 employees inhouse and they can scale up and down by hiring developers in Eastern Europe when they have big mobile app projects.

Aequilibrium focuses on product designing development: a great product based on a strategy with immersive user experiences and a well crafted software development. The top app development company builds mobile apps and has also experience in internet and IoT.

Part of Aequilibrium's company playbook is a combination of agile development with predictible results and incrementing a good experience and speed it to themarket. The result? A successful mobile app or digital product.

The most rewarding for one fo the best mobile app development companies in Canada is when they create a win-win solution: customers are happy with the results and also the users of the mobile app. Aequilibrium stands in the balance between user experience and technology, being thoughtful and also quick.

Aequilibrium's customers are from startups in wearables space to companies with ecommerce solutions. The company has also worked with financial services insititutions, mobile payments and creating mobile banking experiences with new services offerings.

At the CES 2016 the canadian app development company learnt that large companies such as Samsung or Mastercard that have thousands of developers inhouse, yet they couldn't do everything so these companies have some specialized partners. There is no organization that can do everything well, so partnering with companies with expertise and complement the inhouse resources will leverage a unique skill set that only a focus organization can provide.

For the top canadian app development company, mobile represents ihealth, IoT, wearables... For example mobile payments have started to take off a lot, by the end of 2015 1 billion NCS smartphones were sold and in 2016 the number will double.

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