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Published on Sep 21, 2016 in App Development
Yash Sharma, Dev technosys

Yash Sharma is the Business Head at Dev technosys. This top mobile app development company was founded in 2010 by Tarun Nagar and it is located in India. The mobile app development company employs more than 70 developers and professionals.

Yash Sharma has experienced with various information technology terminologies like business development, project management, work distribution, sales management, people management and high level of documentation. He is also responsible to provide digital marketing solution to the mobile app development company, prepares strategic plans for business promotion and branding, assigns task to respective people who are responsible for documentation and initial communication with clients.

Here’s what Yash Sharma has to say about his mobile app development company and the mobile world:

What does your mobile app development company do?

Our expertise at creating cutting-edge mobile applications is unrivaled. Dev technosys developers are experts in creating applications in the following platforms: iPhone Apps Development, iPad Apps Development, Android Apps Development, Hybrid mobile App Development, HTML5 Apps Development, Mobile UI/UX Development and Enterprise Mobility Solutions

DevTechnosys offers comprehensive mobile app development services on above mentioned platforms. We take care of everything from conception, creation, testing, marketing and implementation of your mobile app. In true style, our apps are aesthetically gorgeous yet also very functional. With an emphasis on UX & UI, our mobile apps are user-friendly and conform to the daily processes of our clients organizations, enabling them to integrate our software seamlessly into their current system.

What clients have you worked for?

We have a very vast clientele and our mobile app development company has worked with a number of major conglomerates around the globe. Some of them are:

  • MyWindfit: app with a bigger concept than a run keeper application. The Project scope involved to develop a fitness tracking website and mobile applications (iOS and Android) along with e-commerce capabilities. This system uses a hardware device that connects with mobile application via Bluetooth and capture calories burnt, wind and weather impact on exercise, it also includes wearable, micro-weather meter that continuously records wind speed, air temperature, humidity and pressure. Streams weather data, along with GPS positioning and heart rate monitoring to give user a 360º view of their performance.
  • Sidejobster: a very vast service marketplace application under Real estate domain. The premier mobile app that connects home owners to service providers to initiate and manage home repair and improvement projects. This app does offer escrow amount functionality that allow consumer to put their money on the system and release after work completion by the contractor.
  • Dimadimaraja: very popular soccer mobile application. Users will get media updates on soccer league with a focus point of the RCA team through this site and app. This website and app will unite the RCA team fans and provide them a platform to share updates on social community through this site.

Other clients are: Africa Wide, Favnation, The dhobi, BMT surveyors, SPNA and many more.

If you had to choose one category, what kind of app do you think is your mobile app development company’s specialty?

We have expertise in all the major categories of various domains such as m-commerce and shopping, chatting, service marketplace, on-demand applications, health and medical domain, taxi and transportation domain, advertising and publishing, customization tools, automobile, events and ticketing, banking and insurance, media and entertainment, real-estate, education etc.

What is the average budget of the mobile apps you develop?

Average budget lies between $5000 and $15000.

Do you develop all mobile apps in-house or do you outsource some parts of the process?

We do not outsource any work and do all the work in-house. We have a very comprehensive project management methodology here to manage the project through out all the product development phases, everything from documentation to development to implementation by our team (70+ members that comprises BAs, UI/UX designers, web developers, app developers -Native and Hybrid-, QAs and SEO professionals) thus all the services are done under one roof.

We never outsource our client projects beacuse we undersatnd the importance of a product from client's prespective and we never want to hamper the quality of work by giving it to the freelancers, also client's satisfaction is our first and foremost priority thus we develop complete project in-house.

Which would you say are the best mobile apps that your company has developed?

Actually it is very hard to say which one is best but still I would like to say that "MyWindFit" and "Sidejobster" are the best apps ever developed by us. Here I would like to explain few basic things that make MyWindFind project stand out of the crowd, because this is the bigger concept then very famous "runkeeper" application because it is connected with hardware device using IoT technology to track wind speed, weather impact on exercise. This is also connected with wearable devices (watches) to track heart rate, calories burn etc.

Do you prefer to build mobile apps with native, hybrid or web languages?

We believe that every platform has its own significance and we cannot reduce the importance of one because of other and thus with this mindset we work on all the major technologies available whether it be in mobile domain or web domain. We have created numerous websites and mobile apps for our clients based on their needs and requirements. We always work for our client with the best suited platform based on their business domain and target market.

Let’s focus on iOS and Android mobile app development. Which are the Pros and Cons of each platform?

Both technologies are excellent and we cannot choose any as both platforms are equally liked by the users. Also, as mobile app developers point of view both the platforms are equally beneficial for business growth as iOS and Android are widely used devices around the globe.

Which one will evolve more within the next 5 years?

As we all know, the two biggest players in the smartphone market are Android operating system by Google, and iOS by Apple. Non of the operating systems were originally as user friendly as they are today thus both platforms are growing at the same pace. As a mobile app development company, we always get requests for developing both applications rather than developing for a single platform.

Which device is the best in the market right now?

t is obvious that Android dominates the smartphone market share worldwide by virtue of its presence across wider price brackets, and being offered by a variety of phone makers. Apple has consistently maintained a healthy share of the global market despite having only about a relative minuscule number of devices on sale each year.

For the past few years, September has been the month when Apple unveils its new iPhone. While a new Android phone is launched almost daily these days, Google also usually introduces one Nexus phone a year, typically in October. Along with new hardware, this is also the time when both companies release the latest versions of their mobile operating systems.

Both companies have, over the years, made strong cases for why a user should choose them. This means that a typical iOS versus Android debate could run on for hours. Over the years, both operating systems have been filling the gaps and Android has become more polished over time, while iOS has become more flexible.

And which device do you feel more comfortable developing an app for?

Honestly speaking we are comfortable in both, iOS and Android. As already said we always get request for developing applications for both rather than developing for a single platform. Also, we have senior experienced mobile app developers for both technologies having more than 5+ years of expertise therefore we are comfortable in both.

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We also do know that there are various platforms that allow app development companies to promote their business to generate potential leads over their website but as per my experience with AppFutura, I can say that there is no other platform that can compete with AppFutura in terms of reliability, security and adaptability.

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