Top app development companies interview: SoftProdigy

Published on Sep 04, 2018 in App Development
Top app development companies interview: SoftProdigy

Rahul Joshi is Principal Business Analyst at SoftProdigy. The company, founded in 2006 by Soumyajit Chakraborty is located in India and has 120 employees. Rahul initially worked as a software developer before moving to Business Analysis and was worked mainly on mobile projects.

Here’s what Rahul has to say about his company and the mobile world:

What does your mobile app development company do?

We are primarily a web development, and internet marketing focused organization. We have been operating in this industry for the past 12 years now and of late the focus has majorly shifted towards mobile app development. We have a very large portfolio of clients and some of them have effectively moulded into our partners during our journey of the past 12 years. Where we stand out as opposed to other organizations is the blend of rich experience plus relevant industry exposure our very talented workforce possesses.

What clients have you worked for?

These are some of the major clients we have worked with: Deloitte, Vodafone, TechMahindra, Infosys, Hindustan Unilever, Cliff Keen Athletic, WebCreation UK, Planet Water Foundation, NextCredit etc.

If you had to choose one category, what kind of app do you think is your mobile app development company’s specialty?

Our forte when it comes to mobile app development has been E-commerce apps. These are some examples of E-commerce apps we have developed of late along with their links on the app store: Ethnic Smart, Proaudiostar, PerfectSecret, Biomart and Rakbshop.

What is the average budget of the mobile apps you develop?

In the $10,000-$15,000 range.

Do you develop all mobile apps in-house or do you outsource some parts of the process?

We do all the development work in-house. Why we choose to work in this fashion is that we believe that it’s better to have the control in your hand as far as the commitments and deliveries and timelines are concerned. We can closely monitor the quality of work we are doing in this manner and also we believe that this is less time consuming as outsourcing work leads to unnecessary back and forth with our potential vendor which is in the end is always passed down to the customer unnecessarily.

Which would you say are the best mobile apps that your company has developed and why?

There are 3 major examples I would like to share here:

InfoCare App - This app offers emergency aid and other services on a pretty large scale and basically impacts peoples live in such a way that it arms them with tools and info to deal with any unforeseen situation in a very effective manner.

OnGoBuyo - This is a unique platform that allows users to create both iOS and Android apps in a very cost effective and time bound manner with apps being developed in a matter of days and weeks and not months. This allows people who could not have afforded apps earlier due to cost and time issues, have an app of their own without burning a hole in their pocket.

Next Credit App - A micro-financing solution for people who are looking for small amounts of loans. The application is available on Web and Mobile, developed by our team at SoftProdigy. We were also involved in the digital marketing activities for this platform.

Do you prefer to build mobile apps with native, hybrid or web languages?

We prefer to build apps primarily with native technologies. This is done primarily to provide a smooth and cutting edge user experience to the end users and also performance of a native app is head and shoulders above a hybrid app or apps developed using web languages.

Let’s focus on iOS and Android mobile app development. Which are the Pros and Cons of each platform?

iOS Pros

  • Percentage of users running latest iOS version higher
  • iOS platform has a much higher rate of user loyalty as opposed to Android
  • Has human interface guidelines
  • Less costs

iOS Cons

  • Specifically requires a mac to develop because of closed system
  • Longer and complex approval process on iTunes store
  • Ever new coding language version (such as swift) differs a lot from the last version
  • Limited user demography

Android Pros

  • Very large market share
  • Hardware independent
  • Not a closed system
  • Approval process on play store is very quick and less time consuming

Android Cons

  • Less number of users running on latest version
  • Less loyalty amongst the user base
  • Lots of device fragmentation

Which one will evolve more within the next 5 years?

Android is the one with the more presence as of now and with a larger market share in emerging and developing economies. Also it is an open system so that is one more major reason for evolution over the coming months and years. So all things points towards more evolution on the Android platform.

Also, Android is no more limited to smartphones and tablets, but can now be found on Smart TVs and Automobile dashboards.

Which device is the best in the market right now?

I believe iPhone X is a must have device. This is because in our recent experience with mobile app development, we have seen several issues with layout and functionality that are specific to iPhone X and not other iOS devices. Having a device in-house makes it easy to debug such issues.

And which device do you feel more comfortable developing an app for?

At the moment there is more comfort in developing app for Android platform just because of some of the reasons developed in the Pros and Cons section. It is much less time consuming and less hardware dependent and also there is a less drastic change in Android from one version of coding language to another so that in effect allows for more reusability.

Why is AppFutura useful to you?

Whatever research we have done till date we have found that with AppFutura the focus a lot more is on doing quality work rather than being focused on quantity. So the kind of clients, the kind of work which is listed is much more in sync with the kind of clients we are looking to target. At the moment the focus is on acquiring some big ticket projects and I feel AppFutura can help us in realizing these goals.

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