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Published on Mar 15, 2017 in App Development
Rupinder Pal Singh Seasia Infotech

Almost a year after their mobile app development company follow up interview, we got back in touch with Seasia Infotech and its CEO, Rupinder Pal Singh, based in India. 2016 was a great year for mobile app developers, and we are sure 2017 will be even better.

Let’s see if things have changed for Seasia Infotech’s app development company.

Will the way Seasia Infotech's mobile app development company works change in any way in 2017?

The mobile world has been evolving really fast and numerous new technologies have seen light of day. A few new technologies and change in work we have been handling are the VR and AR game development, Beacon based IoT solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise apps, app security and wearable device software’s. These are not new to us but nowadays have secured more space in our work environment.

What’s the newest technology you have started using to develop your mobile apps?

We have started working on Xamarin, Ionic and React. There is no change in the development process as much, apart from the fact that these technologies have web based frameworks.

In few of the projects we have started implementing DevOps where by more automation process has been added to further enhance development process.

And which are your newest clients?

With all the previous work we have done on multiple domains, some of the new products we have developed are based on Beacon based technology, healthcare, e-service app, commence apps and utility apps using (Open CV - Face tracking, object detection and 3D rendering).

The recent work (which is an in-house product) is an IoT based productivity, team management and planning solution. The name is iSOS.

Have you developed a mobile app with the 3D Touch feature?

Yes we have developed apps which use 3D Touch making the multi-touch multi-dimensional, launching different actions based on the Touch.

How is the 5G going to change the use of mobile apps?

We know for a fact that internet plays a huge role in mobile apps these days. With 3G/4G currently in the market, it has already made life a lot easier for all the users, be it seamless use of mobile app or browsing through internet on the go. With 5G, the boundaries will be pushed further.

Do you usually provide the clients with some basic guidelines if they are not mobile app experts?

Yes, we make consistent efforts in communicating with clients about which technology suits best their product requirements. We update them through the various stages of mobile app development and what things would be required to make the application Live. There are some cases when we have suggested clients to go for Ionic or Xamarin instead of Native technology like iOS or Android and viceversa. When under development, we are always in contact with clients to suggest them the best/ideal solution for their product. We hand-hold each client to make them easier to do business in this competitive world.

As part of our consultation process, we suggest start-ups and small to medium business about the right start and technology to go with.

Which are the top 3 industries in the mobile app markets right now?

Based on the requirements we get from client nowadays, the top 3 industries are:

  • Retail and services: it covers e-commerce business and the service provider industry
  • Financial services: it’s mostly the e-payment industry
  • IoT and smart devices: this is a strong industry with tons of innovative ideas coming through

We have been working in these verticals and have created applications in these categories. Few of them are:

  • Smarthome: we have worked on Beacon based technology. Set Beacon is one of the reference, iSOS is actively using IoT and is smart office based
  • Healthcare: Herbpathy and DrugBee
  • Retail: Buy the way

Do you have mobile app marketing experts in-house?

Yes, we have a dedicated marketing management team. To start with, we build one page teaser website for the mobile app to collect email IDs (pre-launch marketing strategy) and then we build a micro site having 1 or 2 pages about the mobile app with download links for web audience and social media channels.

We do email campaigns, news releases, listing in app review sites, video promotion and influencer marketing to attract more visitors to our application page/website. We also run contests on social media to increase awareness and engagement about our application.

Which is the best mobile app store optimization strategy?

I think the mobile app title, description, keywords and reviews/rating in app store attracts users to download the app and it also helps the application to rank higher for relevant search queries. As marketing strategy we can do App Store Marketing by Search Ads for iTunes and AdWords for Play Store.

Have you received any prize or certification within the last year?

We always have Scrum certified project owners and Scrum Masters in our company to handle Agile development process. Recently we have added a few more certified Scrum Masters and product owners’ last year. Our quality assurance team has been certified by ISTQB. Apart from this our requirement engineers and Business Analysts got CSPO certifications.

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