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Published on Jul 27, 2016 in App Development
Ravi Apte

Ravi Apte is the Founder and CEO of Left Right Mind. This top mobile app development company wasfounded in 2013 and it is located in Bay Area, California, United States. The mobile app development company employs 40 people.

Ravi Apte is a creative technologist at heart and passionate about bringing value to people and businesses in a simple, useful and empowering way. He takes an intuitive approach to building capability and improving efficiency using technology and design on mobile devices with an emphasis on user experience. Ravi's interest in software, design, user experience or psychology culminated in the creation of Left Right Mind,­ a mobility solutions design and development consulting firm. Having graduated with honors with a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Computer Science from University of Texas, he is a full stack software engineer with hands on expertise in distributed computing in Java and iOS mobile app development. Ravi Apte has held several engineering positions and he has been exposed to a broad range of technologies and systems prior to leading Left Right Mind.

Here’s what Ravi Apte had to say about his mobile app development company and the mobile world:

What does your mobile app development company do?

Left Right Mind is a digital strategy, design and development studio providing end-to-end solutions for mobile and web platforms. Our key differentiation is our ability to connect the dots: from idea to the requirements, from human centered design thinking to scalable technological feasibility, from investment to business objectives, and ultimately from customer to you.

Left Right Mind believes in human­-centered design thinking and as the Internet of Things redefine how we live, play and work, a design led engineering team can deliver seamless solutions that are crafted for the best user experience & engagement.

We are extremely passionate about leveraging the power of digital to create valuable, intuitive and empowering solutions for our customers.

Which would you say are the best apps you have developed and why?

As it turns out, every project we have taken so far is dramatically different from any of the previous ones. We have a diverse portfolio spanning several industry verticals across both consumer and enterprise space. We have mobile app development case studies of our work for healthcare, enterprise systems, e­commerce and startups.

Which apps would you have loved to develop and why?

Any app that is on the very first home screen of your mobile device. Those are the apps we rely on and enjoy using the most. Take Uber for example, it has changed the way I commute. I love the experience not just in the app but the experience it creates outside of the app. We strive to work on apps that deliver unquestionable value.

Which are the 5 apps you use the most on a daily basis?

  • Facebook
  • Uber
  • Apple News
  • Spotify
  • OmniFocus
  • Shazam

I personally use these apps for one simple reason. They do what they do extremely well.

Which mobile device is the best in the market right now?

I do not think there is a straight forward answer to that. Devices come in various price points and capabilities. There is a good performing device in every segment. While Apple and Samsung may dominate the upper end of the market, I believe that a plethora of companies will dominate the mid and lower ends.

The mobile revolution will come from the mid and lower ends!

What kind of device/platform will be the next big thing?

I believe wearables and TV will be the next big thing and we are already beginning to see this. Wearables make technology even more ergonomically accessible and also allow for a personal intersection with health applications. TV is important as it may fundamentally change our interaction with the TV from a lean back to a lean forward experience. It is unchartered territory and that in itself makes it worth the exploration for us.

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