Top app development companies interview: Prismetric – Follow up (II)

Published on Mar 29, 2017 in App Development
Ashish Parmar, Prismetric

More than a year after their mobile app development company follow up interview, we got back in touch with Prismetric and its CEO, Ashish Parmar, based in India. 2016 was a great year for mobile app developers, and we are sure 2017 will be even better.

Ashish believes in making customer satisfaction as the topmost priority and takes care of the Business Development and operations. Let’s see if things have changed for Prismetric’s app development company.

Will the way Prismetric works change in any way in 2017?

In the present year, we will strive to make our method even superior and customer centric. At regular intervals, we analyze our work and its methods to the core before making any changes to it and will continue with this formula in 2017 also. We are mainly working on Augmented and Virtual Reality, Internet of Things (IoT). It is the foresightedness of our mobile app development team that helps us be at the top of all technological advances happening around the world.

What’s the newest technology your mobile app development company has started using to develop your apps?

Though there are no changes to the current mobile app development process overall, we are currently developing solutions that include the latest technologies such as IoT, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to name a few of them. Now, the inclusion of new technologies has added a tinge of brightness to our mobile app development process We are now making ardent efforts in bringing the new age technologies to the fore and actively working on projects related to them.

And which are your newest clients?

GLYD, Pairchute, Yeeb or Herois are some of our newest clients. The new entrants belong to a wide range of genres like travelling, e-commerce, productivity, etc. When they came to us with their ideas, our expert team analyzed their need and guided them about all the possibilities with their concerned apps. Moreover, our mobile app development experts do include them in the discussions about the process of mobile app development and dully take their inputs as and when needed.

As we work on a varied range of mobile apps since many years in the industry, we guide our clients to the best of our knowledge while providing them a better insight about the functionality and possibilities.

Have you developed a mobile app with the 3D Touch feature?

3D touch will make the usage of mobile apps even more immersive. It is a feature that will rely on the pressure from your finger and a combination of a built-in-software or hardware on the smartphone. It will provide deeper interaction and immersive ways to engage the users for long. Also, the 3D touch app feature will be quicker in response and will be able to handle multi functions simultaneously.

How is the 5G going to change the use of mobile apps?

5G will provide the speed that will change the scenario of mobile apps and technology. It will provide lasting battery life, high speed wireless connectivity and quick reaction time on mobile apps. In addition, it will provide added security immersive functionalities to mobile apps. The 5G network will bring in benefits such as security, reliability, speed and energy to mobile apps and will allow them to expand to the unforeseen markets.

5G will also open the doors to the new age technologies such as IoT, AI and other technologies of similar caliber.

Do you usually provide the clients with some basic guidelines if they are not mobile app experts?

Yes, we do provide an overall advice to our clients who come to us irrespective of the mobile app knowledge. We listen to their ideas and concepts and further ask them questions to have a clear understanding in order to get a more detailed idea about the app. Then our expert team checks for viability of the idea or the concept and once clarified we form a skeleton of the app according to the inputs by the client and then notify them about the do’s and don’ts of the mobile app, its functionality and its future add-on features.

Which are the top 3 industries in the mobile app markets right now?

According to the present scenario, the top three industries in mobile app would be IoT, e-commerce and mobile payments. We have developed an e-commerce app named Yeeb which is a user-friendly app designed to fulfill the shopping needs of the customers. Yeeb helps buyers and customers to meet at one place with its user-friendly design, fluid methods and authentic features. Its design and features carefully suited to the need of consumers in a particular region. Furthermore, we have done core research and development in prospects related to IoT off late because of the wide-spread usage the technology has mustered up within such a short interval of time.

Do you have mobile app marketing experts in-house?

Yes, we do have an in-house mobile app marketing team. Our experts look into every aspect of mobile app development and thus are well versed with the aspects of the app that can be marketed to the targeted audience. We stick to the core fundamentals i.e. starting from ASO, analyzing on a regular basis and including social media to the best for a wider reach.

Which is the best mobile App Store Optimization strategy?

The best App Store Optimization strategy would be the utilizing the keywords constraint one can put in the content description of the app to make it easily discoverable. Also you should look at the breakdown according to the signs and signals and the trends of the particular App Store.

For example, the mobile app should always be marketed according to the App Store and the targeted audience. In addition to this, put synchronized screenshots and a video related to your app which show it full functioning in a proper order providing an overview of the flow of the process. This technique will get your customer interested in your mobile app which could lead them to downloading it.

Have you received any prize or certification within the last year?

Last year we got certifications and memberships from NASSCOM and GESIA, the honorary bodies that define companies following a standard set of rules and believe in providing the best services to the clients.

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