Top app development companies interview: PotDrum Digital

Published on Jul 06, 2018 in App Development
Top app development companies interview: PotDrum Digital

Raza Ur Rahman is Co-Founder and Business Development and Strategy head at PotDrum Digital. The company, founded in 2015 by Raza and Tariq H. Janjua currently has 18 employees. Raza has been in business development for a few years and currently runs 4 different tech-based businesses.

Here’s what he had to say about PotDrum and the mobile world:

What does your mobile app development company do?

We are known to be one of the few 'Boutique Agency' termed companies delivering quality IT services to customers around the world. We provide design and development services to both websites and mobile apps. Moreover, we provide digital marketing services and consultancy on how to scale tech projects.

A Boutique Agency is a company that focuses on specialized work for a limited client list. We work with clients that have a unique concept, have a legacy or hold a vision that will change how we do things today. This means we do not have hundreds of clients, but a handful of clients that get our tailored end-to-end services. This is the reason why we have a high customer satisfaction rate and a quality referral leads.

We create Native applications for Web, iOS and Android exceeding expectations because commitment drives our motivation. Our after sales services include but not limited to app marketing, SEO and optimization for app downloads.

What clients have you worked for?

We have serviced leading startups, SMEs and high-growth ventures. Although due to non-disclosure agreements we aren't vocal about many. However, Travoney has been a standout project for us in terms of how it is changing courier services. It is a disruptive startup that has introduced P2P Crowd-Shipping by uniting senders and travellers for fast, secure and hassle-free deliveries.

Our growing clientele comes from logistics, retail, fashion, beauty, insurance, advertising and other industries. We also run back offices of many tech-based companies providing them daily operation services.

Key Clients: Stonyedge, Protect-O, SkyMall, Shield, Careem, Stillman's, Photography Talk, Travoney, Tongo &

If you had to choose one category, what kind of app do you think is your mobile app development company’s speciality?

We specialize in Native app development. We look for ideas that are disruptive in nature and have a long-lasting impact. Currently, we are excited to be developing Tongo, it is an application that uses data around you and gives you instant solutions. Whether you are looking for a handyman or just groceries to your doorstep, everything is near you with Tongo.

What is the average budget of the mobile apps you develop?

Since 2015, our average budget for design and development of a mobile application is $20,000. The price tag includes native-development of both iOS and Android with 3-months free maintenance package.

Do you develop all mobile apps in-house or do you outsource some parts of the process?

We develop all mobile apps in-house. We have a 10-member team that is employed to design and develop native mobile applications on iOS and Android. App development companies outsource projects not only in their current locations, but they also have remote teams in different parts of the world. This often results in a communication gap, untimely delivery of the project, payment issues between the agency and the remote team and most importantly this process affects the client. Therefore, all the work we do is under our professional team of developers that have 20 years of industry experience.

Which would you say are the best mobile apps that your company has developed and why?

We have developed many apps that we are proud of, some have done fantastically well and some are disruptive, taking the industry by storm. One such app is Travoney, it connects travellers with senders for fast, secure and hassle-free deliveries. The courier deliveries through Travoney takes half the time it requires traditional courier companies. It is cost effective and uses a sharing economy model.

Travoney on Google Play Store

Another masterpiece that we are ready to launch this month is Tongo on iOS and Android. The app collects data from the location near you and delivers goods and services at a convenient time. The app will eventually be a hub of big data and will better explain consumer trends and buying habits.

Do you prefer to build mobile apps with native, hybrid or web languages?

We prefer native mobile application development. This helps the mobile app to function faster, creates fewer bugs and doesn't crash when active users increase. The native app development is done separately for each platform making the app interactive and intuitive with greater performance. Overall if one's app requires a better user experience then native development is your go-to choice as the flow is natural and each platform is developed keeping in mind how its user interacts with the device.

However, the downside of native apps is that its cost of development and maintenance is high and not everyone can afford it. Furthermore, native apps take longer to build as each platforms development is done separately from scratch. If you're looking to make an app and can overlook these things then native apps will keep you much happier.

Let’s focus on iOS and Android mobile app development. Which are the Pros and Cons of each platform?

iOS Pros

  • It is comparatively more user-friendly than Android
  • Only Apple uses the iOS system, therefore, it is easy to design, develop and test applications
  • The user interface of iOS is one of its kind and probably the best with fewer bugs and fixes
  • iOS application target market are more valuable and gives you a higher ROI

iOS Cons

  • Apple has strict guidelines making it harder to publish on the App Store
  • More costly to publish on the App Store
  • Fewer Apple devices, giving apps a smaller customer base

Android Pros

  • Android is the market leader with a high count of active users
  • Cheaper and easier to publish on the Play Store
  • Built-in beta testing and staged rollout

Android Cons

  • Android has high device fragmentation making it time-consuming and harder to be responsive on all fronts

Which one will evolve more within the next 5 years?

The year 2018 is marked with 10 years of supply from iOS and Android in the marketplace. Through these magical operating systems, the mobile application has raised the economy in ample ways. However, let’s just face it that Android is more affordable than iOS. Apple’s pricing rates have always topped the charts. Therefore, more people will use Android making it evolve over time. Currently, the mobile apps are more in numbers on Android than iOS. Play Store has over 3.5 million apps whereas, iOS has 2.2 million apps.

Which device is the best in the market right now?

Both iOS and Android devices are great. Samsung leads the way in Android, however, the best device is hands down an iPhone X. It has the best display, a camera that gives natural photos, facial recognition and the fastest phone in town. Unfortunately, a heavy price tag on it means it is not for everyone, but for those who have their hands on it they know its worthwhile!

And which device do you feel more comfortable developing an app for?

Our team is well equipped with iOS and Android development. We have two sets of teams, one that specializes in Andoird Development and the other is iOS development. Therefore, there is no overlap for a developer and for each its side of expertise seems easy. However, it is necessary to point out that because the iOS does not have a lot of devices and has standardised tools it is easy to develop an app on its platform. Whereas, on Android testing becomes a difficulty with a lot of devices running a single OS.

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AppFutura is a lead generation website for us. It is a platform where customers seek quality app development companies giving them the most competitive rates. It is a useful tool for us to connect with clients all over the world.

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