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Published on Apr 05, 2017 in App Development

The last time we interviewed OM Software was in the Mobile World Congress 2016. Today we interview the Founder and Managing Director of the mobile app development company OM Software again, Raj Kamal.

Here you'll find the latest news of one of the top mobile app development companies in India.

Your last interview was published in May 2016. What great apps have you been working on since then?

We have been actively working on a variety of cutting-edge technologies when it comes to mobile app development since the commencement of our company. Our mission has always been to help all start-up and established SMEs to turn their mobile initiatives into a reality. We have been working on the following types of apps since our last interview was published:

  • Location-based on-demand services apps
  • Chat app and voice calling apps
  • On-demand video apps
  • m-Commerce application
  • Healthcare/personal fitness apps

Which mobile app has been the biggest development challenge for your mobile app development company?

Being in the mobile app development space for over a decade now, Google Pixel 2 has been the biggest development challenge, beyond doubt! The problems that we had to face in the development of apps using Google Pixel 2 were:

  • To guide the user to get hold of a specific video in a fashion that every key part of the ear is visible in the video.
  • To authenticate a range of conditions to ensure that the video is all the way flawless: finding of proximity, ear and card, validation of light, ISO and EV.
  • To address a great extent of calculations related to X, Y and Z axis to validate against the constant values, which play a critical role in ensuring that the acquired video is just the thing.

We are having a team of highly gifted and experienced mobile app developers who are always geared up to confront any challenges they run across or shoved. It took a copious group action as well as great efforts to get the wished-for results, and the campaigns were very well carried out by the team.

What do you think will be the biggest Smartphone release this year?

Well, it has to be Google Pixel 2, which I largely think will be the biggest smatphone release this year. While Google Pixel 2 is awaiting its release in the market, its potential features have already created quite a lot of buzz amongst the masses. And that is most probably because of some out-of-this-world potential features that are being guessed. A handful of these exceptional features are:

  • More engaging design: considering the design of the phone, it is assumed that it will be better than Samsung S7, (Google Pixel’s competitor). So it can be readily anticipated that the Google Pixel 2 will be better, more stylish and bolder too.
  • More durable finish: Google’s precedent versions, Google Pixel and XL were released with absolutely remarkable finishes that compare matte to gloss, but it is sorry to say that after a few hours, it was evident to observe the hairline scratches on both the Pixel as well as Pixel XL. If this time, Google lacks the option of an out-and-out matte Google Pixel 2, then it will need to ensure a finish that is more durable.
  • Brighter screen: the Google Pixel indubitably features the ultimate display that has impressed users to an unprecedented level. The reason being is that it is so engaging, colourful and vivid. Even then, the con of the display screen is its AMOLED screen is not comparable to its competitors i.e. Samsung S 7 and S7 Edge in terms of brightness. If Google Pixel 2 wants to carve a niche for itself, it certainly needs to have a brighter screen.
  • Faster processor: the Google Pixel is credibly fast, but it is assumed and expected that Google Pixel 2 will need to be relatively faster. In order to assume a leadership over the competitors i.e. Samsung Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7s, naturally, the phone must have a faster processor than them as well as its existing versions.
  • Enhanced battery life: Google Pixel actually had a good battery life, but, sorry to say for Google, it was not the best in class because of the appalling results that came out while a test was conducted to determine the exact battery life. The battery life of Pixel (with 2,770 mAh) lasted impressively for 16hrs 23mins. In the meantime, the battery life of Google Pixel XL boasting 3,450mAh battery lasted for 15 hours and 55 minutes. If the Google Pixel 2 is looking forward to hitting the market outstandingly, it must fix a larger battery into its chassis.

Besides smartphones, what mobile device do you think is worth having first?

I think wearables' are worth having first. Here is why. With the development in technology, all of us are able to enjoy a variety of unprecedented comforts and luxuries that were considered a mere reverie in the past. Most of the self-styled dreams one by one are being fulfilled as technology evolves. Take, for example, mobile devices, particularly smartphones that are the cardinal part of the lifestyle of modern-day people. In fact, wearables are the evolving commodities and are the next wave of mobile communication.

This is because, nowadays, consumers while choosing a specific mobile device also want to include the aspect of human-touch in the apps that are the part of the device. They are more interested in carrying a device, which is replete with apps that can help them offer the desired services in an effortless and convenient fashion. And wearable’s exactly fit this context.

As different types of wearable gadgets are back-to-back launched in the market, there is an influential change in the type of personalization that the app can provide to the consumer. It is easy to observe the observable fact because the device is now much closer to the consumers, as they wear them. The user now has the convenience to get access to the device all the time easily, the manual hassle is gone forever! The actions that they take normally can develop into the input signal for the apps in the device. As the devices and apps become technologically advanced, they will be able to become a part of the wearer’s entire personality.

A variety of international technology companies are doing their utmost to advance wearable technology in a fashion that can turn around our lives that are difficult to imagine even today. A point of time in future is going to turn up when the garments that we put on will come rendered with micro-devices helpful in collecting data and carrying out a variety of other jobs. According to a maximum number of tech analysts, wearable technology is the future.

How has the mobile market evolved since our first interview?

It has been terrific! I think our first interview was conducted two or three years back and within this period, business entrepreneurs and customers have transformed every action to mobile devices and apps, whether they are purchasing food stuff, looking for their favorite eatery, hiring, renting, finding a chauffeur and so on.

A smartphone is a wonderful and a very useful gadget. With this in mind, every industry has turned to using mobile phones and apps as a result of the increasing demand by people of all ages and from different lifestyles. Well-renowned brands such as Reliance, Reddit, Microsoft or Audi have either created new apps or refurbished the old ones recently to keep up with the exiting and evolving trends to assume leadership over the competitors and to meet their customer’s varying demands.

Is OM Software's mobile app development company adapting to new technologies and devices coming along?

Wearable, IoT, car, Tablet or Smartphone apps. Our mobile app development company actively and with interests adapts to new technologies and devices that are coming along. Here is how:

  • We assume leadership over several different international mobile app development companies for successfully developing 1,000+ mobile apps in mobile app stores (iOS, Windows and Android) which are currently used by 10 million+ active users worldwide.
  • Our out-of-this-world portfolio speaks volumes for our accomplishments. We have delivered app development services to several preeminent companies such as Broadnet, TheNextIdea, Nastle, Certrax, MyEmpire, MyPort or ICICI Bank.
  • With offices in India, Dubai, Lebanon and USA, we are a distinguished mobile app development company that gives the service to a worldwide client base.
  • We guide our clients by dint of the comprehensive mobile solutions process to transform their raw app vision into a strategic smartphone app in app stores. Our mobile app product development lifecycle begins with a mobile consulting and is followed by tactical plan, mobile UI/UX design, mobile app development, app testing, launch in app stores, app marketing and app maintenance and support.
  • We are armed with a 150+ masterful app designers and developers who have a mastery of developing apps that are game changing in extent. Also, they actively keep a tab on the evolving trends of mobile industry.
  • We are ISO 9001:2008 and ISM 27001 certified mobile app development company. We are affiliated with international associations like NASSCOM, Silicon Valley, FIEO, TIE and IGDA.
  • We deploy state-of-the-art advanced technologies and strategies to ensure world-class app design, iOS app development, Android development, Windows, web app development, cross platform app development and wearable app development services that help clients in turning out a whopping revenue.
  • We, being premier mobile app developers, are committed to following the high standards of business integrity. Clients’ satisfaction is our topmost concern. To make sure the security and privacy of information, we sign the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with our clients.

What advice would you give to anyone with an app idea who didn’t know how to get started?

This is going to be a very short answer and I hope that it will be helpful and impressive to readers. In my opinion, there are two great alternative ways about this: one is to learn the intricacies of coding or find a technical co-founder to help you deal with the business aspects of the company efficiently. If asked which is a better alternative, I would largely recommend the individual to acquire the learning of code since it will be very challenging for them to operate a tech company particularly when the knowledge about the product/service is too little or nil.

The engineers will hold a high opinion of you more if you fundamentally know how coding is done. I would recommend you to learn Android and iOS, build an archetype of your app and put together a compilation of followers who would be keen to join for beta testing. In the next step, you will want to see if this mobile app is the thing people are searching for.

Ask each of your members to write a concise review of your app to ensure whether it will put any positive effect on their lives. Keep in mind, your key objective of developing this app is to facilitate your customers’ lives. If your early followers appreciated your app, ask them to invite a friend who may also like it. This way, you can gradually but surely begin to build up a micro universe.

How has AppFutura helped you?

AppFutura is a one of a kind platform for all professional mobile app developers and seekers. The highlight of the platform is that it very well streamlines the process of turning up to the right person yet keeping up the option of offering an unparalleled choice to any potential buyer. Their process of fine-tuning and giving personal attention to developers is what has led it to assume leadership over platforms of similar kinds.

We have been hired multiple times. We are really thankful to AppFutura for having such a nice association for such a long time and would love to carry on this relationship forever. Through AppFutura, we are able to acquire the targeted mobile-oriented traffic from small, medium and large sizes of businesses that help us drive astonishing leads for our development business.

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