Top app development companies interview - MWC18: Railwaymen

Published on Mar 15, 2018 in App Development
Top app development companies interview - MWC18: Railwaymen

A couple of weeks ago, at the Mobile World Congress 2018, we had the chance to talk to Anna Klepacka, PR & Marketing Manager at Railwaymen, a mobile app development company located in Poland. Railwaymen was founded back in 2009 and aims at offering both experience and innovation.

Read on to discover what Anna told us about her company Railwaymen.

What does your mobile app development company do?

At Railwaymen, we digitalize business visions by creating web and mobile applications for our clients.

Where is your company located?

The company is located in Krakow, in Poland.

How many employees does your company have?

We have about 40 people in our team.

What clients have you worked for?

We have a lot of experience in several industries like for example construction, healthcare, Internet of Things… One of our biggest clients is a construction company from San Diego, in the United States. The app is for creating reports and estimating product, and we used AI technology.

Another one is My Sober Roommate and it’s also from the US. It’s used there and in Canada. It’s a web platform and iOS app for sober people. It helps people recover from their addictions. People can find new rooms and apartments with like-minded people, so for example, when they want to stop smoking, they look for a flatmate who’s a non-smoker.

Also, there’s another one in IoT, it’s an application for drivers. While driving, all sites are blocked because of safety. And there’s also another one called Safety Driving for teenagers.

We also help startups, and provide support to them.

What would you say makes your company different from others?

Quality, first of all. We have many testimonials from our clients, and they all say our quality is the best. They worked with other development teams and they returned to us because of our quality and our atmosphere. They say we do more than just work, we are part of the team. We love to make a connection with our client. And of course, we also have a lot of experience and knowledge.

Which technology or platform is the best to develop apps?

We provide web and mobile applications. Web is Ruby on Rails mostly, and mobile is iOS and Android.

What is the next big thing in mobile?

I believe the next big thing in mobile are chatbots and platforms that focus on user needs. Many type of problems are solved by apps, like safety and health issues. Also, for example, apps for older people could be really relevant too.

Can you tell me anything else about your company?

I think our business cases show that we are excellent developers. We have great projects in our portfolio and our quality is the best.

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