Top app development companies interview - MWC18: Indus Net Technologies

Published on Mar 16, 2018 in App Development
Top app development companies interview - MWC18: Indus Net Technologies

We spoke again to Abhishek Rungta at the Mobile World Congress 2018. He's the CEO & Founder of Indus Net Technologies. As we told you last year, this mobile app development company is located in India and has over twenty years of experience.

Read on to find out what has changed about Indus Net Technologies this past year:

What would you say makes your company different from others?

When we work as an enterprise app development company, we face challenges of scalability, security and we ensure the app is developed in a pretty fashion but also matching the large enterprise in terms of mechanism and processes, something which is quite complex because they expect the system to be decided and to move ahead. However, our creative process is very different, we cannot define the timeline or the budget on day one.

We’ve mastered the art of working in this innovative way where we can actually help large enterprises use the iterative development cycle and create new products.

From last year, how has the company changed?

We have grown a lot in IoT development and analytics. I think IoT is now the flavour of business (insurance, energy, resources, utilities). We are using sensors from these industries and providing insights as a service to companies around the world.

Which technology or platform is the best to develop apps?

We are getting more and more requirements on HTML5.

Do you prefer to build mobile apps with native, hybrid or web languages?

All three have got different purposes. Native development has certain requirements like high experience requirements, and you can have hybrid where is mostly extracting data from the web; but hybrid is more useful, whereas web… The differences between hybrid and mobile web are reducing.

Let’s focus on iOS and Android mobile app development. What do you prefer?

Android for sure, more and more people are using Android, as it is open-sourced and it gives us much more control over the phone and allows us to do a lot more innovation. iOS users campaign more, they intend to pay more for the device and for a better customer segment. And the product you create for iOS has a higher probability of generating money than Android.

Tell us more about the apps you’ve been developing this last year.

We have been working with banking apps and insurance apps. We also did a lot of apps for IoT devices, especially in the manufacturing sector (predictive alerts, predictive maintenance, etc).

What is the next big thing in mobile?

Integration of mobile with IoT devices and data analytics, and the insights that you get from that.

Which device is the best in the market right now?

My favorite is OnePlus 5.

Anything more you want to tell us about the company?

The company has done great, we have grown this last year, we have added lots of mid-to-large enterprise clients and we have migrated into special ideas like Energy Analytics. These are very scalable products that we are making for our clients and we’re experimenting a lot of products for them.

We’re around 750 employees, very similar to last year. But our revenue has gone up by 15% to 20%. We’ve improved productivity and quality, despite the number of employees still being the same.

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