Top app development companies interview: Mobulous Technologies – Follow up (II)

Published on Jul 06, 2016 in App Development
Anil Sharma - Mobulous

After 10 months, we got back in touch with Anil Sharma, CEO of Mobulous Technologies based in India. 2015 was a great year for mobile app developers, and we are sure 2016 will be even better. Let’s see if things have changed for Mobulous Technologies’ app development company.

Do you see an increase in clients asking for wearable devices apps?

Wearable devices are actually increasing the market scope for enterprises and that’s why clients are focusing more on Wearable devices app and in order to meet up their requirements and expectations even developers are focusing on developing wearable apps along with smartphone apps. These apps can improve organizations efficiency and competency.

Soon Mobulous is also going to adopt this marketing strategy and initiate one of our social messaging app Lolmess on the wearable device.

In the upcoming years, do you have any plans to change the way Mobulous works? What are the main new things you are working on?

Since, last year we have worked on several apps and adopted certain strategies and methodologies in order to achieve more accurate result. We have implemented several new features in Chat application and also worked on database services to enhance the performance of app and user-experience. We have also integrated new and unique features on different apps in the domain of Marketing, Social messaging, Real-estate etc.

We have got a great expertise in Xmpp based chat Apps integrating peer to peer chat, Voip Audio calls and Video Calls. We have worked on beacons and now expanding in IoT (internet of things).

How will you improve your app development strategy?

To get a positive response from customer-end it is necessary that app should work according to customer expectation. This is the reason we work very closely with our clients and have different channels to communicate with them. We share the contact details of developers so that the client can get in touch with them for better interaction.

We are further working on ideas to implement for a better connection with the client like we have started creating a detailed LLD (Low-level Design Document) with UI screen for the better understanding of Developer.

We have included Automation testing as a good post development strategy, engaging in more test devices for compatibility testing for Android and Ios.

Now each App Launched by Mobulous is tested on all the Ios versions from Ios 8 and above (including on all the available Iphone and Ipads). For Android we test on all the Android versions starting from 4.0( 50 major devices), introducing Automation in testing has helped us save a lot of man hours and helped our QA team to test seamlessly in parallel based on the test cases on multiple devices and multiple versions

What’s the newest technology you have started using for app development? How has it changed your work?

Mobulous have been working on new OS version and software launched by Google and Apple. In Android, we have been working with Android Studio 2.1 and in iOS Swift 3. New Technology, off course, enhances app functionality. As in Android Studio, we get better code completion with material designing ability. In Swift 3 technology, Date type is easier to use and are much faster than previous releases and have script language which makes coding easier.

What will be the next big thing on mobile devices this year?

Release of iOS 10 with seamless advance feature.

When a client hires you, do you usually give recommendations or do you follow what the client asks?

Exchanging skills and knowledge is always the best part to create something innovative. We do give our recommendation to our clients and follow their expectations to increase the satisfaction rate and achieve a great service.

Our initial approach is to first listen up to the client's requirement whatever he needs and then suggest better options available in the market in order to make his product the best one, dependence whether he wants to implement that in the first stage or in the further stages of development.

Do you think that 3D touch on smarpthones is a good idea?

According to user Interface 3D touch looks promising. Quick action with just sensitivity makes the interaction much simpler.

The best part of having 3D touch on smartphone is that it will increase efficiency, provide more concise Interface & can read your mind in a better way.

Will you develop any app for smarthome or healthcare industry?

Mobulous have already created Map My Doctor and Jiyo India app in the field of healthcare Industry.

Smart home app is actually a great idea to collaborate different home components which interact together seamlessly and controlled remotely. We will definitely look forward for developing this kind of apps in future.

Tell us a little bit about how AppFutura has helped you since you are a user of the platform.

AppFutura is a global platform which helps us out in getting better visibility and business. The platform let us connect the client to get mobile app projects and create competency among different app development companies.

Go to their AppFutura mobile app development company profile to get more information about Mobulous Technologies.

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