Top app development companies interview: Konstant Infosolutions – Follow up (IV)

Published on Dec 26, 2017 in App Development
Top app development companies interview: Konstant Infosolutions – Follow up (IV)

As we do every year, we have interviewed the Co-Founder and CEO of Konstant Infosolutions, Vipin Jain. There are lots of news Konstant and Vipin want to share with us since our last mobile app development companies interview in 2016. One of them: in the continuous process of multiplying Konstant Infosolutions workforce, they have hired more certified and experienced IT professionals as the clients’ demand for projects is on the rise. They have now 170 employees. Konstant Infosolutions has also opened a new office in Los Altos, California.

Soaring in at the top spot in mobile app development and web development services, Vipin Jain is proud to serve 2,500 clients globally with his team of app developers, designers, quality analysts, project managers and marketing experts. As the CEO, his role is to help define and execute a vision for the company as Konstant navigates the exciting waters of latest technologies. Vipin is also in direct touch with the clients and employees, providing the best piece of business and technical advice.

Tell us about the apps your mobile app development company has developed in 2017.

2017 has been a year of big shots for us. We have received projects from the world’s top-notch brands including Volkswagen, United Nations, Wonder Cement, Reliance ADA and many more. Some of the transformative apps that we’ve delivered are:

  • Volkswagen: enterprise magazine app for their employees.
  • Wonder Cement: B2B enterprise app for cement order management and monitoring activities of business partners, retailers and dealers.
  • Rawbank: banking application for users to access their bank account on their smartphones, manage finances and investments.
  • Zulo: on-demand transport and logistics native iOS and native Android app. Zulo is the Uber of logistics.

There are many other impressive apps that you can check out at Konstant’s portfolio page.

What type of apps are Konstant Infosolutions specialty?

Konstant specializes in both native iOS and Android app development. We are doing equally well in hybrid or cross platform app development with hands-on experience in the front-line tech bundle including NativeScript and React Native. Our supreme on-demand app solutions are also our client’s favorite. We’ve delivered many successful on-demand applications across multiple industries and domains.

Does Konstant Infosolutions offer any new app development or app marketing services?

Yes, we have recently got a team ready for developing the most native-like experiences with our cross platform app development services using NativeScript and React Native. In fact, one of the biggest strengths that we have at Konstant is to embrace every new technology and trend in the mobile market. We are also moving around cognitive, cloud, AI and Machine Learning. We are becoming the champion of business as we use technologies that are powerful to change the business of today.

Our new app development services also cover IoT app development, wearable app development, iBeacon technology, immersive and user-centric on-demand solutions, solving some of the world’s greatest business problems as well as simplifying it for the real-time users.

Please, tell us the Pros and Cons of iOS and Android OS.

Fortunately, Konstant has been doing amazing in the industry for 14 years, and it has been a decade in mobile app development. So, we have ardent love towards both iOS and Android app development.

I personally believe both are doing remarkably well. The only thing that’s concerning to app development companies like us or, for that matter, to the owners of the app is that iOS has strict rules and guidelines while Android is easy on approving the application. Where iOS requires 4-6 days to review and approve of an app deployment, Android does it in a quick 4-6 hours. Hence, deploying and launching an iOS app is more challenging than an Android one.

On your last interview in 2016 you mentioned that one of the biggest app development challenges Konstant faced was developing Ear Acquisition app. What about the challenges you have faced in 2017?

One of the biggest challenges that I remember for the year 2017 was to work on few app modules like Newsfeed, Calendar app, Social connect with internal members of the world’s largest technical professional organization.This was a backbreaking project for us as we had to maintain the coding standards defined by the company.

While most reputed mobile app development companies in the world find it difficult to match its coding standards, we had performed code-refactoring and adopted a more centralized approach to creating the app solutions.

You also mentioned that iPhone 7 was the biggest release that year. What do you think is the best mobile device released in 2017?

Our love for iPhone is the same. iPhone X this year was a breakthrough. But yes, we are inclined towards Android and its new Google Pixel 2 that is sharp, minimal and sport one of the finest mobile cameras on the market (as claimed by the company). On Google Pixel 2, you can find the company’s new object-recognition tool built-in and it’s the first phone ever to fully support this platform. Google is also working on its ARCore framework with some new AR stickers. And yes, Google’s software updates are unmatched among Android device makers.

There’s this one thing very stimulating about iPhone X: its gorgeous, big OLED screen (which is missing in the Pixel 2). Face ID is also working fine for Apple users and the company is continuously in the news on making the face recognition better.

How would you evaluate and rate your experience on AppFutura for the past 3 years?

It has been aces. AppFutura has helped us promote ourselves better with every new interview the AppFutura team has published. To stand out among the hundreds of mobile app development companies listed and ranked by AppFutura, we’ve been picking up the tab with expert teamwork and exceptional app development process. And AppFutura has always recognized our differentiated services for global clients, empowering us to become one of the world’s top offshore app development companies. We sincerely wish to build this partnership stronger in the years to come.

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