Top app development companies interview: Intersog - Follow up (II)

Published on Sep 06, 2017 in App Development

A year and a half after Intersog’s mobile app development company follow up interview, we got back in touch with the firm and its Head of Marketing, Vik Bogdanov. 2016 was a great year for mobile app developers, and we are sure 2017 and 2018 will be better.

Has the way Intersog works changed in any way in 2017?

In 2017, we keep working with our existing accounts and since the beginning of the year we’ve also won several new deals totaling a 7-digit figure in estimated value (USD). While 2016 was a year of IoT projects for Intersog, this year has brought us some interesting custom development projects in FinTech, eCommerce and insurance domains. We’re exploring Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technologies and are looking forward to gaining first-hand experience with building self-taught software systems for banks, ledgers and FinTech startups. We’ve got a new project where our dev team is converging blockchain and Machine Learning to accelerate in-app data analysis and enable predictive modeling.

We’re seeing a significant increase in Big Data and analytics requests nowadays so we had to hire a Chief Data Scientist in Chicago, United States, to help us better cover this area. More and more businesses turn to Intersog in 2017 to help replace their legacy system and add a Big Data module to their existing applications. Again, to leave a solid footprint in Big Data world, we’ve partnered with Looker, a leading business intelligence software and big data analytics platform that helps companies explore, analyze and share real-time business analytics easily.

What’s the newest technology Intersog has started using to develop the mobile apps?

This year we’ve started using Kotlin on a few Android app development projects and working more with such software bundles as MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js) and MERN (MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js).

And which are Intersog’s mobile app development company newest clients?

One of our newest clients is an Israeli-based money loan company FIDO that uses our offshore team in Ukraine to build a Big Data application. The project is comprised of two parts:

1. Data engineering - right now, FIDO has a lot of data coming from different sources and they need to aggregate it in one place. Instead of having 5-6 different databases (e.g. Amazon, SQL, CRM) and various dashboards for, say, admin or managerial purposes, they want to keep all of their data in one place.

2. Data analysis as part of FIDO's predictive analytics.

Technology stack used for this project is as follows:

RedShift, Python, Amazon Web Services (AWS), dynamodb, s3, kafka, and spark ML, Kinesis.

Another new client is a German multinational engineering and electronics company and one of the world's largest suppliers of automotive components (under NDA). For them we’ve already completed an Android programmed prototype for user feedback collection and analysis. We keep working on the final product now and when released, the application is going to provide an easy to use, low maintenance event capture solution that will comply with the Department of Transportation requirements for logging all trucking driver activity while on duty. On this project we’re using Java, GPS integration, Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL.

How is the 5G going to change the use of mobile apps?

5G will accelerate Internet tremendously and this will help bring remarkable AR and VR experience to the average user. Thanks to the increased bandwidth, virtual will converge more with the real world and we’ll see new trends such as virtual hospitals, offices, schools, etc. And I think the greatest contribution of 5G will be the enablement of the connected world, i.e. IoT and smart everything will finally go mainstream and become our everyday reality.

Does Intersog usually provide the clients with some basic guidelines if they are not mobile app experts?

Of course we do! We actually entice every prospective client to start a relationship with us by attending our face-to-face workshop (onsite or virtually) where our PMs and BAs sit together with the product owners to discuss the future app development project, get as many insights and details as possible, put together a technical requirements specification, project plan, etc.

After the workshop our team does a careful target user research and starts working on a clickable app prototype that can be used for target user feedback or top management/investor’s buy-in. If the client has no internal mobile app development expertise or doesn’t have much technical knowledge, this workshop will help them better understand features they want to see in a product, what it takes to technically deploy them, what methodologies will be used for app dev and why, etc.

Another big advantage of this workshop for the client is to “try us before buy us”, as this workshop will demonstrate our expertise and overall attitude and eliminate any doubts as to whether they should partner with us or a different provider. We have a 95% deal closure rate after the workshop.

Which are the top 3 industries in the mobile app markets right now?

I’d say mobile has penetrated every single industry or niche, but top 3 are definitely finance, retail and health.

Do you have mobile app marketing experts in-house?

We are not an app marketing agency and we're trying to stay away from being a jack-of-all-trades. We’re a mobile app developer company, and our main focus is on delivery of high quality mobile products that undergo full cycle from app ideation to prototype/MVP to full-fledged app release and publishing in the respective app stores. After the release we can keep supporting and maintaining the app for as long as the client wants us to. However, if our client wants us to take care of the app’s promotion, we can definitely help them out by either building a separate app marketing team to do the work or hiring an agency as a subcontractor.

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