Top app development companies interview: Dev Technosys

Published on May 11, 2018 in App Development
Top app development companies interview: Dev Technosys

We talked again to Yash Sharma, Business Head at Dev Technosys. Dev Technosys was founded in India back in 2010 by Tarun Nagar.

Let’s see how this mobile app development company has changed during the past year.

How has your company evolved during this past year?

Dev Technosys has evolved in many directions this past year, as they say; “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Following the same strategy, we brought about many changes to assemble ourselves to break new grounds. Following which, we have been ranked World’s Top Leaders of IT, we enthusiastically participated and owned the convention of GITEX 37th Technology event on Global Scale, opened our sales office in the USA and we are about to inaugurate soon in Singapore and Dubai.

Our achievements are a real manifesto of how Dev Technosys has taken a wide leap regarding technology, customer relationship management, and resources.

Tell us about the apps your mobile app development company has developed in 2017.

Dev Technosys is one of the most trusted Mobile App Development Companies on the Global Landscape. Our Mobile Solutions are one of the most exploited services and have been one of the driving forces for our success. All the evidence points to our extensive knowledge and expertise in the forte. Our technological knowledge and high technical expertise have resulted in deepening the trust that our clients show us each year.

Talking about how we have grown regarding our Mobile App development services in the year 2017, in a word we can say ‘a lot’. In sync with the outburst, Dev Technosys has evolved profusely this past year. We are excited to announce that the Dev Technosys core team now comprises of 100+ efficient developers and designers each seasoned and hand-picked to provide visually stunning and robust web and mobile app development. This past year we have delivered high-end Mobile Apps for various mobile app development platforms including Android and iOS. Some of the most popular and high-ranking mobile apps are WardExpress – an exceptional and easy-to-use app providing flower ordering and delivery services, MetKnow - an advent in social media, it is a flashcard quiz app synced with SM, BeThereBeauty, which is a web and mobile app for on-demand beauty services; Tready, which is a coupons and deals generation app and let's not forget Ihsanman, a social media platform for hearing impaired people, among many others. All these mobile apps are exemplary of Modern App development needs and trends. We can say our Mobile App Development in 2017 has been innovating, modern and aspiring in every niche.

What type of apps are Dev Technosys specialty right now?

2017 has been a deciding year for many industries, and for us it has been very profitable and a learning experience. With the advent and gross demand of automating jobs in many industry technologies such as machine learning, IoT and other evolved, other technologies such as on-demand app development, and AR/VR have been instrumental in enriching the users experience.

As of Dev Technosys, we are visionary technophiles magically ready to take on modern technology challenges. Our advanced infrastructure and high-ending technical know-how enabled us to deliver incredible current mobile app development solutions. Today, we are offering our services in every niche, from Live Quiz Apps such as Trivia to on-demand app development, as we have numerous Mobile App Development Solutions that are helping enterprises grow and excel in their business skyline. Some other solutions we provide are Enterprise Mobile Apps, Business Apps, On-demand App Solutions, IoT Applications, wearable apps and many more. Our services stretch in every niche of technology.

Does Dev Technosys offer any new app development or app marketing services?

We are currently working on unleashing the real potential of many technical regimes. For instance, Cross-platform Mobile App Development, Machine learning Technology, IoT, Wearable and much more. Some technology that we are currently focusing upon is React Native, iBeacon Technology, Indoor Mapping, etc.

What is the best device on the market right now? And why?

Technology has become a crucial part of our life, it has crossed the divide and is now an inevitable part of our professional as well as personal experience. Technology is coming around as a way to make things much easier for developing in diverse business aspects, automating our work, providing us more efficiency and accuracy, and much more. Some of the best examples available in the market are Chromecast, Speech Recognition, and Smart Locks.

How would you evaluate and rate your experience on AppFutura for the last years?

Our experience with AppFutura has been fascinating. With AppFutura, we have been able to achieve more than we anticipated. Our partnership with an amazing platform as AppFutura has provided us with a way to broadcast our services, solutions, our vision for technology on the global landscape. Thus, AppFutura has helped us in maintaining our business credibility, helped us in unlocking untapped global markets, and we've also gained benefits of added visibility and much more. In short, it has been a fantastic journey where we gained and learned a lot of global technology market.

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