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Published on Jul 18, 2017 in App Development
Shishir Dubey - ChromeInfo Technologies

The last time we interviewed Shishir Dubey, Founder and Managing Director of ChromeInfo Technolgies, was in September 2015.

Here you’ll find the latest news of one of the top mobile app development companies in India, ChromeInfo Technologies.

What great apps has ChromeInfo Techonologies been working on since our last interview?

We have developed a series of Android and iOS apps although the two which stood out for us in term of challenging and utterly gratifying at the same time were iHunt Calls and StanPlus.

iHunt Calls app is one of our most installed and used apps. The idea was to give a platform with sounds to all the hunters to make it easy for them to attract animals and birds while they are on a hunt.

StanPlus app is undoubtedly one of the proud additions in our portfolio. StanPlus is about bringing the time it takes an ambulance to reach the patient in case of emergency to an absolute low. It was an opportunity to work on a project that will help saving lives on time.

Which mobile app has been the biggest development challenge for your mobile app development company?

From the possibility to chat and sending signatures in a low internet coverage area to bringing down the app space within the 20 MB threshold, while the mobile app has all the features in the world; every app comes with their own set of challenges.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed being pushed to do something that haven’t been done before. Our approach, when encountered with an issue was to take hours off to research and study the solutions that the web had to offer, also at times we worked on hit and trial to come at one solution, and it worked.

What do you think will be the biggest smartphone release in 2017?

I think Nokia’s upcoming Android device has all the potential needed to make a smartphone used by the whole world. What works in Nokia’s favor is the strong brand resonance, when people hear Nokia, they attach it with synonyms like trust, innovation, long battery life, quality and an effective support and maintenance backup. We personally cannot wait to design an app on the real estate of Nokia’s new offering.

Besides smartphones, what mobile device do you think is worth having first?

While smartphones are unquestionably the most active devices in a person’s life today, the one I feel is catching it up close are wearables. Though it is true that the industry has seen its share of ups and downs, but it is here to stay. We have seen very high, cut throat competition in the sector with Android and Apple both pitching in with their share of great forces.

By bringing all the comforts of the world on your eyes, ankles and wrists, it would be a good thing for people to invest in wearable technology.

How has the mobile market evolved since our first interview?

Mobile market has been and continue to get flooded by new and upcoming devices, the mobile app world has seen changing guidelines from the industry players – Android and Apple - every now and then. AR and VR have changed the industry 180 degrees and wearables have been crossing the line between web and reality with a much faster pace. Along with this, the coming of IoT has also started changing how we interact with a mobile device. The communication has gotten much smarter now.

Mobile apps evolve too, their features change depending on the device used. What kind of app has a greater future ahead?

Mobile apps evolve at the blink of an eye speed, true that, and there are mobile apps coming up in the market that are different from the usual smartphone platform. I feel that IoT is here to stay. With the world swooning over the possibility of having a smart everything, it’s only a matter of days when one will be able to restock their fridges by sending orders to the grocery store directly from the smart fridge itself.

Is ChromeInfo Technologies adapting to new technologies and devices coming along?

For any company who wishes to stay on top, it has to adapt to the times mobile market is in. So yes, we continue to bring along new technologies and services, with iBeacon, Firebase, React Native, NodeJS and AngularJS being a few of them. We have a handful of clients coming up to us for the cloud services that we offer and to get their mobile apps on the very limited wearable real estate.

What advice would you give to anyone with an app idea who didn’t know how to get started?

You mean besides coming to us? Well I would suggest that anyone who is willing to get their app developed should have a basic ground study done. They should be clear of the factors that every app platform brings along with them. Also, we personally prefer clients who know the image they wish to portray through their mobile apps, because any difference in brand identity – between website and app – can give mix signals.

How has AppFutura helped you?

Since our interview with AppFutura, our number of visitors have continuously increased. Overall, our exposure on the site has been very visibility friendly.

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