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Published on Jan 18, 2017 in App Development
Prateek Saxena and AppInventiv's team

Prateek Saxena is the Managing Director of AppInventiv. This top mobile app development company was founded in 2015 by himself, Sudeep Srivastava, Peeyush Singh and Dileep Gupta. The company is located in Noida, India. The mobile app development company employs more than 150 mobile app developers and IT professionals.

Prateek Saxena is a visionary technologist and a passionate IT professional. His pursuit of passion lies in establishing long-term relationships with clients and additionally helping them achieve their business objectives through implementation of result-oriented mobility solutions.

The Managing Director of AppInventiv had previously worked for some of the world's largest IT companies where he worked very closely with large enterprises to understand their mobility needs and provide technical solution.

He also worked for few years with a mobility based startup and helped them double their revenues within a short span of time and mentored more than 100 startups and entrepreneurs worldwide in planning their mobility roadmap. His extensive experience with mobility coupled with sound business skills has helped AppInventiv getting on board with 150 clients globally while establishing some strategic long term relationships with startups and a few fortune 500 companies.

His continuous efforts to empower small and mid-sized businesses' has not only shaped client’s dreams in reality but has also remained the true driving force behind AppInventiv’s rapid growth in a very short timeframe. During the whole journey, Prateek has successfully conceived, designed, developed and implemented business and mobility solutions for companies in global sphere.

Here’s what Prateek Saxena has to say about his mobile app development company AppInventiv and the mobile world:

What does your mobile app development company do?

AppInventiv is a full service, design and development company offering end to end technology solutions for mobile and web platforms. Being early adapters of latest technology, our prime focus is around leveraging disruptive technologies like AR/VR, AI, Bots, IoT, wearables or beacons to build smart and innovative mobility solutions. We specialize in providing technical and UI/UX consultancy including prototyping,product development, QA, launch and maintenance of the app.

We are a team of more than 150 creative experts with hands on experience with industry best practises and lean development approach that utilizes Scrum framework. The framework is just exceptional to track real time app progress, introduce app changes instantly, early problem identification and improve the overall productivity. Our team includes UI/UX consultants, creative designers, native frontend and backend developers, QA experts, project managers, domain experts and technical architects who collectively work on developing intelligent mobility solutions driving high user engagement.

Our consistent performance and high client satisfaction index has helped us earn top ranks across multiple directories and mobile app marketplaces like AppFutura, where we have been Top Ranked. We have worked on a range of verticals including healthcare, travel, hospitality, locations based and on-demand services. We offer customized solutions based upon clients requirements backed up with extensive research and technology innovation thereby ensuring high clients' satisfaction. Being technology/mobility experts, we constantly update ourselves with the latest mobility trends and technology innovations that enable us to offer long term scalable and robust mobility solutions to our clients.

What clients have you worked for?

Tech Mahindra, NCR, Sony BMG, Government of India, DigiVive, PwC and many more startups and enterprises.

If you had to choose one category, what kind of app do you think is your mobile app development company’s specialty?

We have done extensive work across multiple business vettcials and possess sound skill set, knowledge and successful case studies with varrious clients from different domains. However if we had to choose one catgegory, we would comfortably choose healthcare as one of our key speciality as we have been quite fortunate to get multiple opportunities and deliver some life changing work examples in healthcare domain.

In one of the projects, we have developed the EMR for the doctors showcasing the complete health reports of their patients. To ensure the security of the data we have understanding of the compliances associated with health based apps such as HIPAA or HL7. We have also integrated the services of Amazon and TrueVault which are HIPAA Complaint databases.

What is the average budget of the mobile apps you develop?

Our client base includes startups, mid size companies and large enterprises. The budgets typically depends upon scope and complexity of project requirement and varies from less than 15K USD for simple apps to 200K USD for complex mobility solutions and platforms. We can comfortably say the average budget range is around 30K-50K USD for the mobile apps we develop.

Do you develop all mobile apps in-house or do you outsource some parts of the process?

We practice in-house mobile app development. The pros of developing apps in-house is that we are updated in real time about status of the entire development scenario. Unlike outsourcing the job, in-house development ensures that we have complete control of all development phases that further provides room to introducing changes in the development phase if required by the clients. Finding such an outsourcing partner who carries similar vision and dedication is probably a difficult task and we may not be comfortable in positioning our credibility at risk.

Which would you say are the best mobile apps that your company has developed and why?

We have developed close to 200 apps across mutiple domains for startups and enterprises. Few apps which make us proud of our work are:

  • NextGtv: with close to around 25 Million downloads across all platforms, nextGtv is India’s best video entertainment and live TV app providing more than 130 live TV channels, 2,500 movies, 10,000 hours of VOD and much more from various genre of content.
  • mPOS: it is the nextgen SDK for payment integration. It has been designed for both iOS and Android OS and also supports unified commerce integration. The app also includes the perks associated with cross platform app development, and thus it has also got the benefits of languages such as C++, Java, Objective C and more. With mPOS, enterprise-level interaction becomes smoother.
  • SONIPHI: this is a voice analysis app that reveals your body’s health, well-being and mood in real time through the use of dynamic voice analysis to help you achieve optimal vitality. The app records your voice and gather data which is then synthesised by the app using proprietary technology and shares immediate and personalized information derived from voice data across a variety of reports.
  • iHearU: it is an amazing app for the people searching for quieter places. The GPS enabled app will help you find a place where you can sit quietly to chat over a business plan or delve in a serious discussion with your loved ones. The mobile app has been developed with a crowd-sourcing tool that matches with the level of noise that suits user’s level perfectly.

Do you prefer to build mobile apps with native, hybrid or web languages?

We prefer building applications with native language. There are a number of advantages to writing apps in this way: they offer the fastest, most reliable, intutive and most responsive experience to users and can tap into the wider functionality of the device, including the camera, compass, accelerometer, notifications and swipe gestures. They can also work offline.

Let’s focus on iOS and Android mobile app development. Which are the Pros and Cons of each platform?

iOS offers premium products and with a defined lucrative target audience as user base. As device fragmentation is limited, iOS apps are comparatively easier to develop and test across limited devices, thereby offering high performance apps which are also optimised to work smoothly across all devices. With strict quality approval gate, it's difficult to publish a bad app to the App Store. However, due to platform limitations, it restricts developers in exploring the platform beyond the stated guidelines like using private API’s and limited cross app controls.

With Android, device fragmentation is high as it supports wide variety of devices across all price range which has been critical reason for rise in popularity of android devices. It also allows apps to be accessed by large user base across the globe. Being an open source platform, it also provides extensive opportunity for developers to explore platform capabilities. However, with a large number of supported devices, mobile app developers find it a challenge to build and test apps that support a variety of devices and often experience compatibility issues.

Which one will evolve more within the next 5 years?

Android is open-source and provides immense opportunities for developers to explore the potential, while Apple is backed by great combination rock solid hardware clubbed with highly interactive and user intuitive software. As the technology is evolving, both of these operating systems will emerge extensively in future.

Which device is the best in the market right now? The one you feel is a must have

I thoroughly love Apple products, I have been using iPhone and Macbook for a long time. I feel iPhone 7 is one of the best devices in market right now.

And which device do you feel more comfortable developing an app for?

Though we do possess extensive experience across both platforms, but given a choice, we’ll opt for iOS, primary reason being limited device fragmentation which enables developers to build and test apps across all devices and offer high performance apps with less compatibility issues compared to Android.

Moreover, the majority of our clients are based out of geographies like US and ANZ which have high iOS user base.

Why is AppFutura useful to you?

AppFutura has been a significant contributor to our growth. Being one of the most credible marketplaces in mobility domain, it offers great visibility to top performing mobile app development companies. Platform subscription plans are defined intelligently and it also offers great support and prompt project related communication. We also share common synergies as our vision to become the world’s best mobile app development company is in sync with AppFutura’s vision to become the world's best mobile app marketplace and directory. Both companies operate at niche and share common vision.

In terms of business we have observed that we get more serious and credible clients and technology driven work when we compare it to other marketplace Through our consistent high performance to leverage client satisfaction, we have managed to retain the top rank that has additionally given us a chance to serve even a larger client base globally through AppFutura. We are extremely satisfied and thankful to AppFutura's team for helping companies like us.

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