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Published on Jul 13, 2016 in App Development
Anjali Surana – Synsoft Global

Anjali Surana is the CTO and Partner of Synsoft Global. This top mobile app development company, founded in 2005, is located in India, and employs 65 people.

Anjali Surana previously worked with Synergy Computers. That’s where she started her career as a Software Engineer, progressing finally to the position of Team Lead (Microsoft Technologies) until 2005. Synergy started as a product company, mostly building tools for Schools and Institutions. It is here that she learnt everything about product development, from product design and development to marketing and client interaction, on­site deployments and maintenance.

Being a small company, each of them had multiple roles to perform, and that greatly enhanced their learning in many directions. Anjali Surana grew from just developing code, designing optimal databases, to fine tuning products for performance, and finally architecturing software.

Here’s what Anjali Surana had to say about her mobile app development company and the mobile world:

What does your mobile app development company do?

Synsoft Global is a prominent offshore development and design company operating form India. We pride ourselves in offering valuable solutions for various businesses.

The huge surge in the demand for mobile applications is coherent with the rising usage of mobile devices for day­to­day businesses operations as well as for personal convenience. Being at the right place at the right time has proven undoubtedly beneficial for Synsoft. In the past five years, Synsoft has boomed in the mobile application development market, whether native, or cross-platform. Our strength has been in delivering complete solutions as we have a distinct crew for each role: Project Managers and Team Leads, UI and UX Designers, Mobile Technologists, Web Developers, and a devoted team of QA personnel with access to a multitude of devices.

Synsoft’s mobile development expertise encompasses the following:

  • Phone/iPad Application Development using: Objective-C and Swift
  • Google Android Applications (for handheld and tablets) using: Android Studio, Java
  • Windows mobile development
  • Cross Platform Mobile Development using Xamarin (C#), Phone Gap, React Native
  • Titanium
  • Gaming Mobile Apps for iOS and Android using Unity 3D, Cocoa Touch Framework
  • Cocos2D
  • Responsive Web Mobile Development, and rich Frontend development using Angular JS
  • Angular 2, React JS

Our major experiences have been in:

  • Taxi hailing services, including parcel delivery and logistics
  • Location and service based Discovery apps
  • Social Networking apps
  • Coupon and Deal finder apps
  • Kiosk programming in Android
  • iWatch and Android Gear Apps

Which would you say are the best apps you have developed and why?

One of the finest Mobile apps that we have developed is the AutoNCab taxi hailing app. It is not just a mobile app, but includes a complex backend and an administration website.

What started off as a small venture for requesting cabs through an app, soon turned into an elaborate, smooth operator in the e­hailing space! Auto­n­Cab has been rolled out as an Auto-centric service that aims to connect the city’s people to its Auto­rickshaws, through the app.

Synsoft brought together various levels of expertize in Android native development, iOS native development, web server development, UX designing, etc. As the pilot rolled out with minimal features, a very keen response was received, and the app requirements grew deeper gradually evolving the app into an elegant taxi hailing app including advanced features like Promotions in the form of Coupons and Discounts, Payment Gateways and Wallet services like PayTM, Dynamic pricing, and more. The administrative website too developed into advanced features like giving snapshot of the entire service in real time, advanced reporting, notifications, etc.

Another interesting and exciting app developed by us is the Instagram type Photo/Video sharing app. Besides photo and video sharing, friends and groups, following and followers, Image filters and image tagging, it had a Competition mode that acted as an engagement for users to post great pics, and also to vote for the best pic. It was an amazing experience working with the conceptualizers of this idea. At that time, we were new to using Parse as a backend, but that did lead us to achieve another niche expertize that we can now leverage from.

Which apps would you have loved to develop and why?

Snapchat is an app that everyone knows about. As an app developer, I simply love this app! I am intrigued by the unusual concept it brought! And it didn’t stop at that... The small but magical changes brought in regularly keeps the users hooked on. I am also a big fan of the User Experience it brings to the forefront. Although Synsoft keeps getting new and interesting apps to work on, I am sure Snapchat is something most of my team would have loved to work on.

Another app that I would have loved to work on would be one based on the crowdsourced marketplace model. Something like Instacart, with users being connected to personal shoppers who shop for ordered items and deliver them to the customers.

Which are the 5 apps you use the most on a daily basis?

Other than the basic (Mail, Calendar, Google Maps, Skype, Wikipedia Mobile, LinkedIn and Facebook) apps that are inevitable for my daily working, the following are the next level of apps that I use regularly:

  • Ola, Uber – very useful apps for my commutes. Their wallet services make it even easier
  • Big Basket/Grofers – for routine shopping like groceries, etc. Both these apps provide a fast and easy way to shop for daily needs. Since I need to use this app quite frequently I would want it to offer a suitable user experience. And I would say it’s pretty good
  • Amazon, SnapDeal, Flipkart for specific shopping
  • FlipBoard for news of my specific interest
  • BookMyShow which gives me easy access to the entertainment around me, whether in my home town or traveling
  • MakeMyTrip, TripAdvisor – Cannot plan a travel without using these useful apps
  • Pinterest – I am a keen user of Pinterest as it is offers me the best way to save anything visual on the net. So since I am planning to make a new house, I do spend time looking for interesting architectural ideas and pin them into my albums for subsequent use. And this makes it so much easier for me to show my Architect what I like

Which mobile device is the best in the market right now?

I am a total iOS person, and IPhone 6 onwards are the ones I would vouch for.

What kind of device/platform will be the next big thing?

The obvious thing for me to mention here seems to be Wearable Technology like iWatch and Android Gear. Although they are in their nascent stages, it is expected that they will grow into the next big thing. They will probably do everything that a phone does today, and with the IoT evolution, their usage could only be limitless. The ever growing demands on time, on having control over our surroundings, and on our safety, are the prime most factors that drive our evolution today. IoT and Wearable technology may have a long way to tread, but are the probably on their way to help us achieve these factors. So it is obvious that they will be our future.

Why is AppFutura useful to you?

I have just started using AppFutura, and the few things that I liked here are:

  • It defines a very clear cut way to build my company’s profile
  • It offers a visibility package that I can use to my advantage
  • The membership tiers are very wisely defined, and gives many useful reasons to upgrade
  • Project quality is comparatively good
  • Brings many new, possibly untapped geographies to the platform
  • Gives me excellent, and instant support

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