Top App Developers Interview Follow Up: Konstant Infosolutions

Gerard Escaich
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Published on Mar 12, 2019 in App Development
Top App Developers Interview Follow Up: Konstant Infosolutions

As we interviewed Manish Jain, MD, and Co-founder, Konstant Infosolutions, he shared his philosophy for success. Talking about productive disruption, he asserts that the organization that gets larger seeks stability, and to some extent, they thrive on it. Further, he avows that core systems have to go off without a hitch. Clients need to be served and prospects need to be sold on existing services. A company's positioning and value proposition must be balanced out with the strengths of having a stable and profitable core. Knowing just the right time to trigger or hint about marking the change, can not only be incredibly helpful but as well as energizing to the company. Blazing a new trail, here are some thoughts that were discussed in the boardroom:

Tell us about the apps your mobile app development company has developed in 2018.

Some of our prominent projects in the previous year were - ZAmericanEnglish, Alrawi, Illicocash (Rawbank), Oyraa, NexD, Streeter, Veeza etc.

What type of apps does Konstant Infosolutions’ specialize in?

Konstant specializes in providing the following app solutions:

  • On-demand app solution
  • Chat messenger/Beacon Solutions
  • Classified/Directory App Solution
  • Mobile/Web App Development
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Cloud Services/Internet of Things

Our experts have been working on the following programming languages:

  • Programming Languages for Android Development – Java, Kotlin
  • Programming Languages for iOS Development – Swift, Cordova, Objective C
  • Web Development – Core PHP, Node.js, Angular.js, Python, React Native, React.js, ASP.NET, PHP Frameworks
  • Hybrid Development - Xamarin, Ionic, Flutter, Native, Native Script, Wordpress, HTML5, CSS3, PhoneGap (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • E-Commerce Development - Joomla, WordPress, JavaScript, Drupal

We have created apps for various industries and this list of ever expanding:

  • Real Estate and Property
  • On-Demand Solutions
  • Social Networking
  • Food and Restaurant
  • Banking, Finance, and Insurance
  • Education and eLearning
  • E-Commerce, Retail, and B2B
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Healthcare and Finance
  • Transport and Automotive
  • Gaming and Leisure
  • Directory and Organization
  • Event and Tickets

Does Konstant Infosolutions offer any new app development or app marketing services?

Yes, we offer services on React Native App Development and extensive SEO and ASO for apps.

What was the biggest app development challenge that Konstant faced in 2018? Were you able to overcome the challenges that you faced the previous year?

ZAmericanEnglish is one of our popular applications on AppStore. The beta version averaged more than 10,000 daily downloads upon its release; it now has close to 90,000 active users. The team genuinely cares about delivering a quality solution in a cost-effective manner. Deliverables are timely and contribute to the brand’s profitability. We faced an issue with chat service provided by Firebase; to implement this we adopted a third-party called ChatSDK for Firebase. This SDK was consuming too much bandwidth which resulted in huge billing for our client. So after checking the anatomy of the SDK and mining possible solutions, we contacted ChatSDK team and we sorted out the issue together. After this consumption of bandwidth had significant change and we were able to reduce the billing for the client.

What do you think is the best mobile device released in 2018?

iPhone XS Max (Performance and computation power is key to any hardware device, and this device seamlessly delivers it.)

Any service or product launched in 2018 that was a breakthrough for your mobile app development services?

Expanding Amazon Web Services (AWS) into core areas like ML, NLU, and NLP was quite useful for us.

How would you approach change as a premier global app development company?

There are a host of external and internal factors that affect our strategic planning. External factors include - Political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, ecological and legal variables. Internal factors include - Organization culture, human resource, organization structure, physical assets, profit, and cash flows and management

Konstant has framed its strategies to match up the internal environment with an external one. These keep changing according to the requirements of the upcoming clients and the trends in the market.

Additional points that we consider:

  • We keep updating our technology portfolio.
  • Try to reduce our time to deliver (throughput)
  • Actively participate in the discussions and offer valuable inputs.
  • We strive hard to build the actual features and functionalities that are required.
  • We do not let price drive us.
  • We build apps for different operating systems.
  • We involve 200% with the company that requires the app to be developed.
  • We keep track of whether clients are genuinely interested in our services.
  • We follow agile method, apply the latest project management tools and ensure that the project progress is meeting their expectations.

What are your strengths and challenges in the upcoming year?

We will polish our development approach in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Augmented Reality technologies and in programming languages, Kotlin, Swift, React Native, Angular, Python, Node.js etc.

Flutter, DevOps etc. will continue to be challenging for us.

What was your journey like to get where you are?

Rough like a sapphire stone turning into a diamond.

What do you hope to accomplish within the next year?

We hope to accomplish DevOps in the upcoming year.

Tell us about a project that forced you to be innovative and creative?

Almost every project that we have been involved in has been a twister as we had to devise strategies to handle the tasks. We have been involved in a lot of creative thinking and doing that led us to be more productive. It helped us to solve problems strategically, implement solutions, develop strategies, and cut on costs. This has particularly helped us handle problems at work and brought about positive innovation.

How would you evaluate and rate your experience on AppFutura for the past 3 years?

Appfutura has helped us navigate business buying decisions with confidence. We have felt even stronger, going by the process. It has given us a podium to showcase our top services and solutions across industries and find the right resource for our business.

Check Konstant Infosolutions profile on AppFutura to know more about the company and how to contact them.

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