Top App Developers Interview: Coding Brains Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Published on Jul 22, 2019 in App Development

Top App Developers Interview: Coding Brains Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Abhishek Tripathi is the CEO at Coding Brains Software Solutions. The company, founded in 2014 in India by himself, has more than 70 employees. Here’s what Mr. Tripathi had to say about his company.

Tell us a little bit about your previous work:

  • Research prospective accounts in targeted markets, pursue leads and follow through to a successful agreement
  • Understand the target markets, including industry, company, project, company contacts and which market strategies can be used to attract clients
  • Collaborate with design and sales teams to ensure that requirements are met
  • Maintain relationships with current clients and identify new prospects within the area you have been assigned
  • Possess a strong understanding of our products, our competition in the industry and positioning
  • Follow the latest industry developments and stay up-to-date on corporate competitors

What does your mobile app development company do? Give a general explanation of what your company does and what makes it different from other companies.

Following are the services our company provides :

  • Software Development
  • Website Designing and Development.
  • Mobile Application(Android/iOS) Development.
  • Consulting
  • Dedicated Developers
  • Cloud Computing.

Coding Brains is a company that provides value to clients by combining our experience with our commitment to deliver quality service to our customers. Our strength is directly derived from highly skilled and experienced professionals. Our core focus always remains on transparent communication between the client and the team members which helps in ensuring a clear understanding of the requirements.

What makes it different from other companies :

Why Work with us:

  1. Quality Tested Work and Daily Reporting via Email and Chat.
  2. Very Organized work culture with Project Management Tools and Code versioning tools GIT.
  3. Top Rated Company by Clutch, Up work, Extract, Good firms.
  4. Working U.S Time Zone 8:00 AM PST to 6:00 PM PST and available to talk on Phone.

If you had to choose one category, what kind of app do you think is your mobile app development company’s specialty? Give us some examples.

We have covered almost all the domain of mobile application(Android/iOS) development, but if you ask our company’s specialty I would like to say e-commerce application.

What is the average budget of the mobile apps you develop?

The average budget of our mobile apps we develop is 15,000 USD - 20,000 UD.

Do you develop all mobile apps in-house or do you outsource some parts of the process? Tell us the Pros and Cons

We develop all mobile applications in-house. Building an in-house team has the benefits — guaranteed availability, a better understanding of corporate culture and business, but the disadvantages — high costs, the time needed for recruitment, onboarding and getting to know the team.

    Which would you say are the best mobile apps that your company has developed and why? The ones you feel are your best work or have a bigger influence on the users.

    Kix Square. An e-Commerce app built on a swift that makes searching for the most sought after Sneakers or apparel easily. Kix-

    Square makes Online Shopping and selling a Smooth & Confident Experience

    13 Cabs. Australia’s smartest taxi app puts Australia’s largest fleet of cabs at your fingertips, every time, everywhere. The 13cabs app makes it easy to book, track, pay – and be on your way! With a few taps, you can.

    Townske. A react native app, Townske is here to help you easily find authentic places to visit in your own city or whilst traveling.

    Kix square is the one out of three best applications which have a bigger influence on the users.

    Do you prefer to build mobile apps with native, hybrid or web languages? Why?

    We prefer mobile apps with native, as it has its own advantages :

    1. Native app is better when you want to keep Apps UI very much static (Animations or slight theme based UI customization is considered as static here) while in hybrid you if content is controlled on web-server then UI can be changed and Application need not go through app store process and not needed to download new version of app for new changes.
    2. Native is faster as compared to Hybrid apps in most cases.
    3. Native Apps are more secure if security is a major concern.
    4. Many device specific feature you won't get in Hybrid apps.

    Let’s focus on iOS and Android mobile app development. Which are the Pros and Cons of each platform?

    Android Pros

    • Quicker to release or you can say that Minimum Viable Product
    • It has a wider install base because of the broader population of users of android
    • It is easier to develop with existing hardware
    • It is open to ideas and there are absolutely no restrictions to develop

    Android Cons

    • Just like the device it has fragmented OS also. There are a lot of users on a range of OS but to avoid that you could choose not to support older versions iOS

    iOS Pros

    • Its products are premium and have a selective set of people to sell to
    • With only small hardware, it could easily be developed
    • As compared to android, quality is much higher

    iOS Cons

    • Vital fixes with the app can be delayed for several days as it requires approval from Apple which takes usually longer than on Playstore

    Which one will evolve more within the next 5 years?

    It’s really a nice question, and at the same time hard to give you the answer! But we can surmise based on the projects of some companies like, Google, for example. They do have an operating system, but for how long it will survive? Practically no one knows. But they have plans to bring various products ranging from daily use to delicate research. Not only that, they will tie all the devices with a single yet efficient operating system that will be way better than Android. Yes, they will be developing this most-used OS until they make a shift to something new, more innovative. What Microsoft did skipping Windows 9 can be an example. This story is also true for other giants as well as some emerging companies. They believe in the survival of the fittest, but they also know not every one of them is going to survive, and this is the long shot, and the best part of this game!

    Let’s see, ha?

    Which device is the best in the market right now? The one you feel is a must have and why.

    Well, to be honest, every region and the business have its own demand, but in the future, the iOS 13 and Android latest versions will be ruling the market.

    And which device do you feel more comfortable developing an app for? Why?

    We are a full-fledged technical company, and our team holds the expertise in building the apps for any type of device be it Android, iOS, Windows or Tablets as well.

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