Top 8 tricks you must know when using Android app development services

by Endive Software on Oct 11, 2017 / App Development
Top 8 tricks you must know when using Android app development services

The use of smartphones has revolutionized the lives of people around the world. It has changed the perspective of people and their approach towards daily life tasks. With the increasing usage as well as the demand of Android apps, many businesses are finding it quite difficult to remain updated with the pace of these apps and keep themselves on the top at the same time.

However, app owners do understand the inherent importance of Android app development, and they try to get an edge over their existing competitors with their own customized apps in order to keep their customers more engaged and interested in different ways.

The major focal point of Android app developers has been in reducing the app development lifecycle along with timeframe associated with initiation of the idea to the launch of the app. There are many Android app development companies which create apps for Android platform.

We have shared here the top 8 essential factors that are associated with usage of Android app development services.

1. A client generally expects fast tools along with development frameworks which are available in the market to increase the speed of the app-building process. They expect the Android app development services to create apps at a faster rate for their business. The rapid development frameworks are quite useful in delivering consistent value to the consumers with the launch of the app along with faster iterations. Meanwhile, there has been a growing trend when it comes to the response from various businesses as well. So in order to indulge with an Android app development company, make sure that they provide faster execution of app formation as well as deployment.

2. With the recent introduction of cloud technology, it has changed the face of Android app development. There is a large number of technologies which are created every day, and the developers have to think creatively and come up with great ideas in order to integrate as well as sync these ideas on multiple devices. The cloud approach allows the app developers to create responsive apps which adjust themselves with a different range of devices without any change in features, functionalities as well as data. In order to use an Android application development company for developing your app, make sure that they are well-equipped with dealing with cloud technology.

3. When it comes to the security of the app, it remains to be the topmost priority in Android application development. With the increasing number of cases of leaks as well as hacking of private and sensitive information, the security of Android mobile devices has become a paramount requirement. So, in order to deal with any company which specializes in Android application development, make sure that they lay special emphasis on the security aspect.

4. Like every other technology, Wi-Fi is also catching up in the market. It is coming with great benefits as well as features which will make people to fall in love with more data usage. With the increasing use of Wifi, the Android mobile devices are supposed to leverage its different functionalities as well as features of connectivity for improved location-based apps and engage the customers with their mobile devices. If you are going to hire Android developer instead of a company, then make sure that they have the necessary skills to use this technology to best of its capabilities and features.

5. Talking about the recent trends which are targeted towards fitness as well as health, wearable technology instantly comes into the mind. Now many apps would like to align themselves with these wearable devices so that they can increase the productivity as well as efficiency in order to provide a better experience to the consumers. Many businesses are now adopting this technology to get an edge over their competition. In order to lead in the market, make sure that the Android app development company you hire has experience with this technology as your business may require embedding this technology.

6. With the increasing trend of retail e-commerce and online sales through smartphones and other mobile devices by the customers, it has shown a positive growth. Consumers are now shifting themselves towards m-commerce with adapting themselves with the mobile technology. Many people wish to utilize their mobile devices to pay for items rather than using smart cards. People also like to shop online rather than visiting a physical store, and they want to use pay through apps. Thus, all Android app development services are recommended to create mobile apps which can process payments and remove the need for debit/credit card. While engaging with these services, make it certain that they are well-versed with m-commerce as your business may require this technology in recent future, if not in the present.

7. The emerging trend of Internet of Things with its ability to connect as well as integrate different technologies along with various devices, the app development market is changing. Android apps will have to mature and make sure that the use experience is considered to be the topmost priority. With IoT, platforms for consumer engagement which are based on Wifi will certainly connect the users with the right type of apps. So, when it comes to hiring any company that specialized in Android app development, ensure that they are capable of integrating this technology into their apps.

8. There is a huge factor of performance tracking of apps which are available in the market to determine the usability of the app, and this enables in making decisions based on the analytics. The Big data, as well as app analytics, will allow the Android app developers to develop more innovative and intuitive solutions in order to collect data which can provide better insights as well as actionable items which will be able to satisfy the demands of the customers.


With the revolution in the growth of Android application development, there are numerous businesses which have enable different business sectors as well as publishing, travel and even cloud-based services. The mobile apps assist the business to work with more productivity and efficiency, and they are within the budget of almost every business. In order to use an Android app development service, make sure that you consider these important essential tips and get the best possible app for your business.

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