Top 7 mobile apps that interrupted the functioning of industry

Anshul Sharma
Anshul Sharma, CEO & Business Head at Fluper Limited
Published on Sep 05, 2017 in App Development
Top 7 mobile apps that interrupted the functioning of industry
“In 2020, there will be a widespread belief that the World Wide Web is less important and useful than in the past and apps are the dominant factor in people’s lives”. - PewResearch InternetProject

It may seem like a broken record that the world has undergone a massive transformation with the inundation of mobile apps. But the memories are still vivid when iPhone made its first appearance which ensured the beginning of smart devices. The massive influx from the intersection of smart apps with smart devices conveyed a bigger switch than even the internet.

Although many businesses have already made their online presence via a website, mobile apps have revolutionised the psyche of people, it has been pretty much mandatory for businesses to get mobile app development services in order to reinforce the brand and recapture the attention of more users. Especially when we are leading in an on-demand economy, without mobile apps, the survival would be miserable.

There are some industries that have certainly impacted the functioning of the mobile apps.


Those who were born millennials don’t know about the ultimate essence of getting dressed up and rushed to the restaurant. Now the doorstep food delivery has gained popularity among consumers all over the world. With the entry of apps like Zomato, the restaurant and food delivery industry has been disrupted.

From a directory of places serving food to online or phone call orders. These mobile apps have certainly restructured the food tech industry, now you can even track orders in real-time.


FinTech is the short term for financial technology, and it has brought something which has disrupted the functioning of the traditional banking model. FinTech has enhanced how to manage money, organise finances, store wealth as well as transmitting money.

The list of industries disrupted by financial technology has been innumerable. PayPal has been the dominant as far as new digital environment is concerned. It has managed to show us companies crowd funding and raising money through bringing digital currencies in use.

Paytm app has streamlined from recharging mobile to paying friends. It just needs a login and complete the transaction. The ease provided by Paytm has taken a virtual path and redefined the payments in the online world. It is an app for money-wielding millennials with its clean design that has earned the trust of its users with no commission.


Uber has restructured the definition of transportation and has pioneered a new way that has attracted a large number of startups and investors, while is a serious competition to the traditional transportation model of taxi and transportation.

With an incredible customer service, Uber has become the pioneer with on-demand cab aggregator economy which has resolved the problems of the cab industry. It has also transformed the way drivers and passengers interact. What has gained immense popularity is the ride-sharing feature, transforming the concept of conventional cab industry. Uber has erased public transportation even with its affordable cost structure.


With the advent of the telecom industry, it has adversely interrupted a wide variety of mobile apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, WeChat and Facebook Messenger. The dynamics of SMS services have left the industry in miserable condition. The creativity of mobile app development by enabling voice calls has disrupted the industry.


The changing customer preferences and rapid digitization have generated a huge demand for highly scalable business apps since they prioritise convenience.

The introduction of retail apps has entirely changed the concept of customer engagement with the increase of customer loyalty, spending and engagement. The advent of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have brought dynamic shopping experiences, personalised services and initiation of Customer Relationship Management and transformed the entire retail experience.


Even healthcare has tremendously gone through a radical change, for example, with the way patients and doctors interact. Like First Opinion enables people to talk to doctors in order to get answer to all the health queries. It has equivalently brought drastic change with medical representatives and medical device representatives. The mobile app has changed the pattern from paper-centric industry to intuitive apps in order to eliminate the time-consuming paper documents.

Simple app ideas have enabled to track fitness and chronic diseases of the patients. It has ended up with real-time visibility greater efficiency, increased productivity, enhanced accuracy and greater efficiency.


B2B mobile apps are quite arduous but applications target the functioning of other businesses. As days go by, these B2B mobile apps are slowly gaining the traction in each app store.

At the beginning of the B2B history, email was considered to be the most powerful tool, but the importance of mobility has intensified to simplify the business needs such as presentations, creating documents, etc.


This is a time where mobile apps have been proliferating to bring radical changes into the future. More and more industries are investing a considerable share to bring the concept of mobile apps. Innovative mobile app ideas have rightly clicked, to get the desired result that truly disrupts the functioning of the industries that are still away from the mobile apps.

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