Top 7 Facebook Advertising Features You Need to Know

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Oct 11, 2018 in Social Media App Developers Resources
Top 7 Facebook Advertising Features You Need to Know


It is a well-established fact that over a billion users spend hours on Facebook and Messenger. Whether you are selling a particular product or service, there are numerous people utilizing this platform who might become your customer. At least you know that they really exist.

To your benefit, Facebook has made it immensely simple to identify ideal audiences and also incite conversions via aesthetically beautiful and pleasing advertisements.

Having said that, here are top 7 Facebook advertising features a mobile app development company should be using in case it wishes to reach out to your prospective customers.

1. Carousel Ads

Storytelling, as well as visual content, remains to be the most impactful way of advertising and Facebook has certainly found its own way to combine both of these elements with their innovative Carousel Ads. You can think them off as a twisty serving of digital marketing. You can easily utilize Carousel Ads in order to explain the features of the product you intend to sell, showcase the USP of your brand and also highlight any promotion that you are running.

Using this type Facebook ad, you can leverage, headlines, links, up to 10 images or even videos, and a call to action.

2. The Facebook Pixel

You need to know about Facebook Pixel as it helps you in measuring the conversions, optimizing the ads as well as targeting and even gaining insights about the various Facebook users who are visiting your website. Without it, you certainly can’t make total use of insane remarketing of Facebook as well as its lookalike audience features.

In order to implement it, you need to go to Ads Manager, then create a pixel as well as name it, create it and then copy the generated code onto your website to start tracking the various actions of your users.

You can easily track the different actions taken by the user like viewing the content, adding items to shopping car, making a purchase and then use these particular insights in order to move your prospective customers down the funnel and eventually discover as well as advertise to the users who actually share the similar traits with your pre-existing customers. Mobile app development services take full usage of Facebook Pixel to get the insights from their customers.

3. Engagement Ads

Nothing is more valuable to any business than the audience which is most likely to engage with your Facebook post. Facebook allows you to easily reach out to people who comment, react and even share your posts with Engagement Ads. Now, you need to understand that these people are only a small subset of the entire Facebook audience.

Lack of customer interaction can look quite funny to any potential customer who is checking your business post or page. It is probably because only a small section of your followers will eventually see your organic posts owing to the Facebook’s algorithm.

But by spending a little amount of money on engagement ads, you can essentially reach out to your fans. They will certainly react as well as comment on your Facebook posts. You will appear great, and you might win over the people who are visiting your page and also discover the engaging business.

4. Demographic Targeting

Facebook provides impressive demographic targeting possibilities for the advertisers. Location, gender, age, education level, relationship status, life events, work and even political affiliations etc. are provided by Facebook to effectively make your marketing strategy. The most prominent demographic targeting feature which is available to the marketers on Facebook is the financial option. As you are able to ensure that the people who are actually seeing your add can easily afford the products or the services that you are selling, you can certainly bring down the wasted ad spend.

5. Custom Audiences

Remarketing remains to be immensely valuable. People who can view your remarketing ads are more likely to convert as well as engage. Remarketing version of Facebook is Custom Audiences. It allows your ads to get in front of three types of people:

a. Website visitors- The users who have visited the specific pages or your website within a particular period of time.

b. Contact Lists- The users who have shared their phone number or email address with your business. For instance, they have signed up for your business newsletter. You can upload this list to the Facebook.

c. App Users- The users who have actually used your app

Since these people are already aware of your brand, you can use Custom Audiences to push your offers easily and then try to force and influence these people to take appropriate action. This can actually mean downloading an eBook, signing up for something or making an appointment.

6. Lead Ads

Lead Ads are quite cheap as well as very effective. Creating this kind of Facebook Ad is a particularly great solution in case you wish your prospective customers to”

a. Claim discounts or deals.

b. Signup for your email newsletter

c. Receive price estimates.

d. Make appointments.

e. Request a phone call for follow-up.

With the help of Lead Ads, people don’t leave Facebook in order to become a lead which eliminates the stage of site visit from the conversion funnel of yours. The worst thing that you can offer to the people is extremely slow and complicated mobile landing pages which leads to lesser odds of conversion. People that are using their smartphones often don’t wish to type in the required information. They wish to have a solution to their problem instantaneously.

7. Video Ads

Users watch millions of videos on Facebook on a daily basis. The video is the future of Facebook. You should always look to create motivating, inspirational and memorable videos such that people remember you whenever they are actually looking for your products or services. These video ads help in directing the people toward buying from your brand. Video ads are extremely cheap and cost a little amount of your advertising budget.


Marketing on social media remains to be the key factor for the success of any business in the current digital landscape and market situation. Facebook remains to be the most prominent social media network at present. These above-mentioned Facebook advertising features will certainly help a web and mobile development company in reaching out to more customers, building your brand, generating leads and making conversions to drive sales and revenues.

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