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Published on Jul 01, 2019 in Web Developers Resources

Winning a huge number of visitors and engaging the target audience is one of the crucial aspects of a web app’s success. Interactive features, SEO-optimized content and excellent functionalities are important elements of an application, but at the same time, the importance of web development solutions can’t be ignored.

So, what exactly is a web app?

Generally, people think that web app is just another term for mobile app, though these two are very much different. 

Mobile apps are downloadable and need to be installed on your mobile’s operating system, hence, OS-dependent. On the other side, web apps are designed to work finely on small and big screen devices with equal perfection. Being mobile-responsive, these apps function like mobile apps but need no downloading.

Benefits of Having a Web app

Designed with a static layout or frequently-updating interface updating in real-time, web apps can serve a larger audience base for you. With such applications, you can reach out to all type of audience, using different devices, without causing any negative impact on the user experience. 

Pros of Using Web Apps for Your Product or Business

  • Easy to develop and deploy
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Accessibility through different devices
  • Updating and maintenance of the app is easy
  • Flexibility and Security is increased
  • Extensible

Cons of Using Web Apps for Your Product or Business

  • These apps need to align for compatibility with more devices than mobile apps, hence increased effort for developers.
  • Keeping an organized record of users, working through different devices and browsers, is a bit tough.
Looking for some inspiration for your own web app?

Read on to know about the features and capabilities of best Web App Development Solutions available out there. At the end of this post, we’ll tell you a few more things about web apps and how to use them for your business. Let us begin with 6 examples of web app designs as the title promises. Here you go:

1. Floor Planner

This intuitive room design web application is designed for real estate agents, interior designers, and homeowners. Floor Planner is an ideal solution for both novice and expert architects. From flawless office developments to lavish homes you can all kind of spaces easily using this software solution. It comes with flash programming technology and multiple options for furniture, objects, wall coverings, and flooring. 

Users can easily determine the exact floor space using graphical props and measurement tools of the web application. Additional features of this software include – 3D view of room designs, Floor planner tutorials, High-resolution images, a wide selection of objects, export file to PDF,  and branding.

2. Asana

Next in line of top Web App Development Solutions is robust project management software -Asana. This work management platform is ideal for managing teams. It allows them to stay updated with the project’s progress and focus on daily tasks, goals, and projects. Asana is ideal for keeping pace with the growth of the business.

Users can structure, organize, and plan work according to their needs and preference. You can even set deadlines and priorities, assign tasks and share details using this software solution. It enables individuals to follow tasks and stay on track through various stages of the project. Asana allows users to keep track of the deadlines, create plans for the visual project and check results and employment performance at every step. Determining risks is easier with this software solution.

3. Google Docs

Google Docs - Web-based software is actually an online word processing program designed to facilitate people with a writing platform in case they don’t have access to a word processor. The best part is that it’s ideal for school, work, and personal reasons. Teachers, students, classmates and colleagues can collaborate with others using Google Docs. 

It is a dynamic software solution enabling users to create documents as and when needed. The biggest part is the drafted documents are automatically saved. You don’t need to ‘hit’ the save button every time you make changes. The documents in Google docs are saved automatically even when there is no internet connection. This means you can easily make the modifications and additions to the content easily.

4. Salesforce CRM

If you have been looking for a marketing or sales software solution then Salesforce CRM will prove out to be an ideal choice. This award-winning application includes separate systems for Marketing, Community Cloud, Analytics, and Service. It sales representatives to leverage the power of automation and use CRM data for highlighting top leads. With this software in use, you can even determine the losses and profits made through the deals.

Being CRM software, Salesforce allows users to save all information related to the customers in one place. You can follow a huge number of leads on integrating Salesforce with your current business system. It is also efficient in increasing the productivity of the sales team members irrespective of their work location. 

Salesforce CRM also has a mobile version for iOS and Android devices. It includes tools like custom reports and dashboards, offering real-time access to data. The software’s Feed First feature allows users to see important information instantly. You will have to customize the application according to your preference. Users can even add more tools and functions to the software as per your need. Territory models, critical reports, and sales forecasts can be created with ease using this platform.

5. Trivago

Trivago is basically a hotel search engine. It has successfully established itself in 55+ countries. Counted among the largest online hotel search websites of the world this platform compares rates from more than 1 million hotels and over 250 hotel booking websites across the globe. The platform features 180+ million hotel ratings with 15 million photos. Trivago attracts 110 million monthly visitors. 

The search tool of this platform scans booking sites for reviews, images, prices, and availability within seconds. When choosing a hotel, users are redirected to one of the partner websites for completing the booking. Trivago has a free app for both Android and iOS. Additionally, the app features interactive maps and accommodations display tool. It allows users to find hotel lying in their close proximity using their current location.

6. Piktochart

Piktochart has earned a huge name and fame as an intuitive infographic solution provider. This cloud-based platform features a number of unique capabilities and that is the major reason for its increasing popularity among the users. It is an easy to use web application that doesn’t require any extensive experience for creating high-end infographics. It is an ideal platform for both novice and seasoned designer. If you have been looking for an application that can help you enhance your creativity then Piktochart will prove out to be your ideal choice.

The amazing features added to the platform allow graphic designers to build professional-class masterpieces. Major features of Piktochart include - functional innovation, design flexibility, high-resolution downloads, ready to use maps, graphics, and charts, and more. You can easily create flawless printable slides, posters, and reports for your presentation using Piktochart. It works perfectly with blogs and social media platforms.

Final Words

Web applications solutions continue to play a vital role in the overall success of online businesses. They help enhance the user experience while increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes and systems. So, deploy it intelligently and it’ll definitely be a great help for your business.

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