Top 5 app marketing myths needed to be debunked

by Techugo on Sep 07, 2017 / Mobile App Marketing
Top 5 app marketing myths needed to be debunked

When a mobile app concept is originated, it simply does not suffice to app development process only, but there are other factors that also need to be considered to make the app successful. App marketing is one of the most significant factors taken into account in order to make the app successful and get the attention of targeted users.

When a mobile app is marketed, there are certain barriers and limitations that can easily be handled with expertise, but there are some myths related to app marketing that don’t require any expertise to handle, but the simple awareness to overcome the myths bouquet. App marketing is the prime driving force for your app, and you can never win the battle of competition unless these myths are eradicated fully to provide a clean ground for your mobile app to grow further.

One of the best methodologies you can imbibe within your mobile app marketing game is by removing the obstacles of marketing myths and understand what is relevant for your mobile app success.


Many business owners usually feel extremely proud to announce their mobile app’s OS and they misunderstand the popularity of Android and iOS and start considering the number of users on Android and iOS platforms enough to make their app successful.

This is a myth that makes people believe that respective OS for their mobile app is a perfect marketing source and the popularity of the OS can lead to major success for their mobile apps. This is a serious mistake because the popularity of an OS is an added advantage to your app success, but expecting your mobile app to gain the success only through the OS popularity is a blunder.


I know everything around us has gone simply digital and people love to access the information on a digital platform, but yet the market for event marketing has not gone dimmed and still people from different industries vertical love to attend the events and read print media. So not giving a shot to print and event marketing is a disbelief you need to get rid of, you need to approach your users with the way they prefer.


First of all, understand one fact: a mobile app is a mobile app, it has nothing to do with its size and they have one single aim behind their development that is to promote your business. So your app marketing does not get affected by the size of your business, and with the correct set of app marketing strategies, you need to hit the targeted audience. Your mobile app works as an interaction platform to communicate with your users and your app marketing helps you reach those users, so do not limit your app marketing strategies on the basis of the size of your business.


The first time I heard this I could not control my laughter and thought it was a sarcastic comment passed in an awe of debunking the myths, but the sooner I realized nobody else shared my laugh, I controlled myself. But here I am free to address this myth that makes people believe that mobile apps are meant for the younger people and need to be developed according to their taste only, this is a myth. A mobile app is for everyone, regardless of their profession or age, so you need to plan your app marketing strategies accordingly, this planning will give you an edge over your competitors and you can gain the attention of your targeted users more efficiently.


Many people find some truth in this myth and admit it, but for me, it is a pure myth since every marketing channel is a hard goal to achieve and need complete focus and certain rules to be followed, so blaming only the mobile app marketing is fictitious and bears no reality within it. The only difference is that here you need to be more specific with your approach and need to ask certain questions before opting for a particular genre of app marketing, such as: how this app marketing strategy is capable to translate my customer’s needs? How can it empathize more with users? Is it the only strategy to reach my audience? And last, but not least, how will this strategy add value to my customer relationship?

Once you get appropriate answers to these questions, you win the battle and you know the way to reach out to your targeted audience in an effective way.

Today’s era is a digital era, and we all love to access the different services at our fingertips, but unless these services make an entry in your search result, your business will never gain the benefits. Top mobile app development companies like Techugo need to be well-equipped with the app marketing strategies and the process involved with them so your mobile app can fulfill the aim it is carved for.

The app marketing is a serious business that only a few mobile app development companies like Techugo integrate successfully into the mobile app development process. So pick a perfect mobile app development company that can integrate the healthy marketing strategies according to your user's requirements and can help you get an edge over your competitors.

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